Love What You Create Writer's Workshop (Sydney)
$307.47 – $368.97
Love What You Create Writer's Workshop (Sydney)

Love What You Create Writer's Workshop (Sydney)

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The Little Space - co-working space, meeting space and event space - Bondi Junction, Sydney

384 Oxford Street


Bondi Junction, NSW 2022


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It's with so much excitement that I announce my Love What You Create Writing Workshop tour

During February and March 2017, I’ll be holding full-day writing, creativity and business-building workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

At this one-day workshop, you'll learn how to:

Use writing as a tool in your business (think: books, blogs, courses, meditations and more)

Tune into your creativity and honour your muse

Become a prolific writer and creator, without burning out in the process

Build your business with ease and flow, intuition and feminine energy

Release creative fears, procrastination, comparison and perfectionism

Turn your work into something beautiful that you add to your business (think: the behind-the-scenes workings of getting your products out there)

This workshop is for you if:

You work for yourself and run your own business in industries related to health, wellness, spirituality, business, design or creativity, or some kind of service-based business with roots in heart-based practice, or you have a blog that you want to expand (perhaps into a business)

You work for someone else in industries related to health, wellness, spirituality, business, design or creativity, or some kind of service-based business with roots in heart-based practice, and want to branch out and begin creating and expanding your own body of work

♢ You love writing and creating, and you want to use writing as a tool to build your business

You’re wanting to expand your offerings into online courses, meditations, books and more but you have no idea how

You have an idea of what you want to write and create in your business in 2017, and want to invest your time and energy into these new projects

You want to build your business in 2017 with ease and flow, alignment and devotion

You know you have so much you want to create but feel stuck in perfectionism, fear, comparison and procrastination

You often feel overwhelmed because you have a million ideas you want to work on all at once (or you jump around from project to project) and you know it’s time to get some clarity on what to work on first

You really want to step into your role and purpose as a writer, creative and business owner; someone who uses words and creativity to build their business

You have a high level of self-responsibility and you’re willing to sit down and do the work

You know you’re ready for the next step in your business, and you really want to clear blocks so you can grow, expand and become more visible

You want to open up to making 2017 a beautiful year for your business and you’d love a helping hand in doing so

This workshop isn't for you if:

You don’t want to use writing as a tool to build your business or blog

You don’t want to build your body of work

You’re looking for a specific copywriting workshop to build your copywriting skills

You aren’t passionate about writing, creativity and building your body of work to build your business—and your empire

You aren’t sure you’re willing to invest in yourself or your business at this time

You don’t feel called to use your words to build your business

At this workshop, you will:

Sit down and actually… write. You'll leave having started (or continued to work on) your next thing: a book? eBook? eCourse? Meditation album? A collection of new blog posts? What do you create in 2017? Let’s get started on it at this workshop

Start loving what you create. You’ll clear comparison, perfectionism and procrastination and just start creating

Learn how to write a book, from the proposal phase, to the outline, to sitting down and writing it! I’ll be coming off the back of writing my second book in two years, so I’m bringing real-world knowledge and personal experience to this

Get really clear on how to build your business with more flow, and less force

Energetically clear blocks that may be holding you back from feeling really confident about your creativity and building your business

Set clear and beautiful goals for what you’re wanting to create, receive and attract in your business in 2017, and then clear any stress or blocks around these goals

Give yourself permission to call yourself a writer (ah, finally!)

After this workshop, you will:

Have started (or continued to work on) your next writing or creative project, after having brainstormed it at the workshop and received personalised feedback and advice from me too

Have set your writing, creative and business goals for 2017, gotten clear on why you feel drawn to these goals, and cleared any stress or blocks around them

Have a really clear idea of what you'll be creating over the next few months (without being rigid in your expectations or goals)

Have a much deeper understanding of how to write and create your next thing (book, ebook, ecourse, project etc.) with creative clarity, freedom and joy, instead of always feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared or not good enough

Have met a whole bunch of other wonderful women, who will cheer you on and support you in your writing, creative and business endeavours

Know that your work is good enough and feel so much more confident about releasing it into the world

Feel so much more confident in how to fully and truly express yourself using your own voice

Know that you can open up to finding your own inspiration and step fully onto your own writing, creative and business journey (comparisonitis, be gone!)

Feel safe, steady and secure in building your business with words and heart, ease-filled-diligence and devotion, and a lot of flow

And holy moly, so much more

Included in your ticket price is:

A full day of workshopping, clearing blocks, aligning your energy, writing, creativity and building your business

A beautiful worksheet to help you do just that, and more

Healthy snacks and treats for morning and afternoon tea (I’m not including lunch but will offer suggestions for surrounding cafes. This way we all get a creative break at lunchtime which is so important for creativity and energy)

Access to the exclusive Love What You Create Facebook group, which will be open for 6 weeks past the date of the final workshop. This will be a space for you to share your work, your wins and your progress, and to receive support and guidance from each other if you need. (I’ll be in there too, of course, but it won’t be about me giving personalised feedback on all your work—this space is more about community and connection with other creatives)

A digital copy of my Breathe & Receive chakra-cleansing meditation album, valued at $18.99 (to be emailed to you after the workshop)

Plus, you’ll receive a 15% off coupon code for any course in my Heartfelt Harmony Society (to be emailed to you after the workshop, valid for 2 weeks)

I embrace and embody what I'll be teaching you. Here's the proof:

I've built a beautiful, supportive and abundant business over almost 6 years, from starting out as a nutritionist and beginning my practice just a month after graduating, to expanding into naturopathy, kinesiology, coaching and supporting other creatives, entrepreneurs and healers in their businesses

I won an international publishing deal with Hay House and wrote the first draft of my 60,000 word book, You Are Enough, in 6 weeks, in mid-2015. I've just started writing my second book too

I wrote 100,000+ words for the courses and guides in my Heartfelt Harmony Society in just over a month back in early 2015

I've been creating beautiful and successful digital products since 2012, from ebooks to meal plans, ecourses to multi-media guides, meditations and more

I've written for national and international publications such as Collective Hub, CLEO, Body + Soul, Women’s Fitness, Prevention, Nature & Health, Gourmet Traveller and Dolly, and for websites such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Guru,,, Sporteluxe, marie claire and

I've spoken at events and workshops around Australia for a variety of companies such as Barre Body, New Balance, LinkedIn, Morgan Stanley and Eat Fit Food, as well as a multi-city workshop and book tour for my own book

I am the first one to put my hand up and say I'm a perfectionist, but I don't let that stop me from doing the work and putting it out there

I know how to honour my muse, and be a prolific writer, without burning myself out in the process

I cleared my own comparison that was holding me back from doing my best work and now I honour my own voice in my writing, in my work, and in my business

Most importantly though, I absolutely love my business, and I love sitting down to create and expand my body of work. I want to teach you how you can create a business and body of work that makes you happy, too

"I absolutely loved the whole workshop; connecting with beautiful people, learning some really useful tips and releasing some blocked energy. I now feel enlightened inspired, more capable and confident. This workshop is an investment into every part of you. It's worth every cent and more. Creativity is such a beautiful thing that needs nurturing from time to time. Thank you." – Ally McManus

“I booked into this workshop because I needed help unblocking negative thoughts about my creativity, and wanted to meet like-minded people. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop, and I left feeling inspired, positive and happy. The content was amazing, useful and really practical. My advice? Hurry up and book in!” – Janelle Lorenzini

“I loved the workshop! I left feeling so inspired, grounded and calm. The content was so good, helpful and really practical. The vibe of the day was really beautiful, feminine and inspiring. It was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday.” – Alana

“The best part about the workshop was hearing Cassie’s personal experience and wisdom about how to overcome perfectionism and overwhelm, and I also loved the workbook and exercises. I feel very clear on what I need to do, and very inspired and empowered to go and do it. The workshop had a beautiful, safe and uplifting vibe. It’s the gentle nudge you need to trust your creativity.” – Elyse Santilli

I'm so excited about this workshop tour, and I hope you’ll join me

Start the year feeling clear, aligned and purposeful, and let 2017 be the year you truly love what you create.


Cass x

Refund policy

Please note I’m unable to offer refunds for change of mind so please be really clear you’re available for the workshop before purchasing. You may transfer your ticket to someone else if you’re unable to make the event. By purchasing your ticket, you’re agreeing to this refund policy.

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Date and Time


The Little Space - co-working space, meeting space and event space - Bondi Junction, Sydney

384 Oxford Street


Bondi Junction, NSW 2022


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