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Love Over Fear Webinar

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Tell me do you…

Spend time on yourself, eat all the ‘right’ foods, and exercise, but still don’t get the results you desire?

Never have enough time in the day?

Feel tired and lack energy?

Have trouble sleeping?

Have trouble getting out of bed in the morning?

Have low self-esteem?

Lack motivation and direction?

Feel a pressure to perform?

Experience depression, anxiety or stress?

Feel you have a negative mindset?

Have trouble digesting food?

Have trouble making the best food choices for you?

Feel confused when it comes to what to eat, how much and when?

Feel bloated?

Feel you are carrying extra weight?

If this all sounds familiar, trust me you are not alone.

And I totally get it – learning to love ourselves, food and exercise is not something we are taught at school or by society.

It’s often comparison and fear-based. In fact, we as humans are conditioned to think negatively. There may be years of negative conditioning and beliefs we are not even aware of.

So many women start exercising and dieting, only to realise it doesn’t work. They think that food makes you fat, and exercise takes away the fat from the food we put into our bodies… Sound familiar?

If so I would LOVE you to JOIN ME:

Wednesday September 28th at 8pm for a 45 minute online session* on how YOU can choose Love when it comes to you, your body, food and exercise.

During this 45 minute session I will:

- Cover off on some practical tips for you to take away, that are right for YOU, and that will help YOU fall in love with YOU, FOOD and EXERCISE, once again, or for once and for all.

- Share how I have changed my relationship with myself, food and exercise from a place of fear to one of love, in the hope that you too can take some pearls of wisdom to help you on your journey.

- PLUS I have an exciting bonus for attendees.

* Conference link to follow in the registration email. Registration essential and limited, so get in quick.

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