Love Earth Empowerment Call - August 2017

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This is a call - via - International numbers available

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Conference Call - August 31st - 10am AEST (Thursday), 5pm PST & 8pm EST (Weds)

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ― Jane Goodall

If you are unable to make the live call, a recording will be available to those who have registered.

How's your relationship to the Earth?

Do you sometimes despair about the damage that's being wreaked upon the Earth by careless humans? Are you disheartened by the never-ending stream of petitions in your inbox? Do you feel powerless in the face of corporate greed, societal apathy and corrupt government?

Would you like to tap into your own wisdom and take empowered action that is from your heart and soul, that's totally aligned with who you are and your values?

This call is for you!

Why a Love Earth Empowerment Call?

These calls were created to meet the needs of those experiencing grief, powerlessness, despair, numbing out and anxiety in the face of the apparent ceaseless denegration of our environment by corporations, governments, society and individuals. They are based on the premise that creation is alive and responding to our relationship to it.

When we come together, we end the isolation that accompanies those feelings.

When we come together and get firmly rooted in our truth, everything changes.


The calls are designed to help you shift beyond woundedness, reaction and paralysis around the state of the planet, into an empowered, grounded relationship with our Earth. They are also an experiment - what will happen if we shift our awareness and engage with the Earth from an empowered place?

I will take you through a deeply empowering process that will relieves difficult feelings, and connects you to your own deeper wisdom so that you can take action that feels true to you, empowering and Earth-sustaining.

"Thank you so much Pollyanna, what a positive and inspirational process." Nell Azuri, participant in the first Love Earth call.

Call Format

The format of the call is:

- a short introduction

- a process designed to help identify and soothe difficult emotions relating to the state of the planet. We will then shift into an empowered space and look at what true action there is to take.

- sharing - sharing what we receive from this process ends isolation, and creates accountability.

How: We will gather using - you will be able to access the call via your telehpone with a dial-in number for your country. Normal carrier rates apply. All details are provided after registration.

Your Donation

These calls are offered by donation (you choose the amount) with funds going to

TreeSisters are a global network of women committed to reforesting the tropics in 10 years through feminine leadership and empowerment. Your donation will plant trees where they are most needed. It is a passion of mine that we interweave self-care and Earth-care. So whilst you are creating empowering internal shifts, you are also putting trees in the ground!Please note that Eventbrite adds a small fee to your donation.

Please note: this call is not any kind of therapy. I am a coach, writer and very passionate Earthlover, not a therapist. In participating, you accept complete responsiblity for any decisions you may make as a result of what is shared on the call.

tapping into your genius, decision making from your authentic core, transforming your life

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Date and Time


This is a call - via - International numbers available

Refund Policy

No Refunds

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