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Earth Ed

Olympic Avenue

Mount Clear, VIC 3350


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Come along to Earth Ed and experience this unique Student Scientific and Leadership Program for Gifted and Talented students. During this program students explore the question "If we could no longer sustain life on Earth could we lead humanity to a sustainable and safe future and live under a dome? Or is there an alternative solution?"

Once enrolled, students receive a kit introducing them to this scientific conundrum and are allocated an expert role that they will adopt and use to conduct their investigation on the day.

Taking on this expert role, participating students will investigate up to six areas of scientific inquiry with a mixed group of students supported by expert facilitators. Through hands on and engaging experiments, data gathering and analysis the students are empowered to argue a response to the scientific conundrum that was posed at the beginning of the day.

The main activities that occur in this workshop are:

  • Engaging presentation: to set the scene and pose the scientific conundrum.

  • Become an expert: participating students take on an expert role working with other experts from the same field they explore the conundrum posed for the day and their role to solve it.

  • Solve the problem: student 'experts' are mixed to represent interdisciplinary approach to solving the conundrum. Each expert must argue their case and together the group works on a potential solution to the conundrum

  • Presentation: each group will put together an original presentation, which puts their case together to present to all students.

Schools nominate up to 8 Gifted and Talented students (from Years 8-11).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I register?

A: Registration for all workshops can be made through the Eventbrite webpage.

  1. Search for the title of the workshop you are interested in using the webpage’s search function. i.e. type in Life on Mars, Life Under the Dome, Life after an Apocalypse or Noah’s Ark.

  2. Click on the workshop. This takes you to the description page and click on the green Register button

  3. If you are not already an EventBrite user you will need to register. To do this you will need an email address and to create your own password.

  4. You will be asked to join or create a group. This refers to the teacher and the group of students they will be bringing to the workshop. To do this put in your school name and create a new group.

  5. You will need to select the number of tickets you require. There is provision for up to 8 students and two teachers. Once selected hit the Checkout button.

  6. Populate the Your Information section with the lead teacher’s details.

  7. To register each student use Registration 1 Student/Teacher Details through to Registration 8 Student/Teacher Details and use Registration 9 and 10 to register the teachers attending the workshop. If this information is not yet available follow the instructions on the page.

  8. Hit the Complete Registration button. A registration confirmation email will be sent at the time of registering.

Q. When will I hear whether my school has been accepted in one of the workshops?

A: Schools will be notified of the status of their registration at the time of registering via email. Where workshops are fully booked schools may be put on a waiting list.

Q. When do I get my Workshop Information Kit?

A: Successful schools who book 10 working days or more before the event will be sent a Program Kit that;

  • Provides background learning for students to explore prior to attending the workshop; and

  • Outlines details about the venue and other housekeeping information.

Q. Are the workshops free for my school? How much do the workshops cost?

A: Workshops are free for state government run schools and there is a nominal fee of $15 per student for independent and catholic schools.

Q. Can I bring more than 8 students?

A: There is provision for each school to bring only 8 students. This provides opportunities for a broad number of schools to attend and is integral to the design of the program, which encourages collaboration between students from other schools. This may be reviewed in the circumstance that a workshop is not fully booked. If you are interested in bringing additional students please email to register your interest.

Q. What if I am interested in bringing students to more than one workshop?

A: There is provision for each school to attend only one workshop, providing opportunities for a broad number of schools to participate. This may be reviewed in the circumstance that a workshop is not fully booked. If you are interested in your students attending an additional workshop please email to register your interest.

Q. What year levels can I bring?

A: The workshops are designed for students in Year 8 through to Year 11. This gives students the opportunity to work with a range of ages. Students in Year 7 are not eligible to attend.

Q. Do the students I bring have to all be from the same year level?

A: No. Students do not have to be from the same year level. Teachers can bring a combination of 8 students from Years 8 to 11.

Q. What do students have to bring with them?

A: Students should bring

  • Their own lunch/morning tea

  • Water

  • Weather appropriate clothing, as there may be outside activities

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Date and Time


Earth Ed

Olympic Avenue

Mount Clear, VIC 3350


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