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Learning Moments - interactive workshops for parents and professionals (5 w...

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182 Graham St

182 Graham Street

Wonthaggi, VIC 3995


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This series of workshops is aimed at (grand) parents, carers and professionals who want to learn more about how different evidence based modalities can help promote child development.

Each session focusses on one specific theme and through discussion and interactive group work we will cover content and strategies around how we can impact on child development to aim for the best learning outcomes, improve child-participation and overall wellbeing.


We will come together in an atmosphere of openness and confidentiality.

This session is open to (grand)parents and carers of all ages, genders and cultures.

Rainbows and Owls wants to promote an INCLUSIVE and DIVERSE practice in all their sessions, therapies, events and workshops for ALL participants.

"LEARNING MOMENTS" - Interactive Workshops 5 sessions

This is a series of 5 sessions which will all revolve around different evidence-based modalities.

  1. LEARNING through PRETEND PLAY - 19/04/2017
  2. The impact of MOVEMENT on LEARNING - 17/05/2017
  3. How STRESS impacts on LEARNING - 31/05/2017
  4. Supporting LEARNING with POSITIVITY - 14/06/2017
  5. LEARNING through CREATIVITY - 28/06/2017

We will be using a variety of techniques and tools to explore these themes together.

We will also think about how what we talked about and learnt can be applied in our own home real-life situations.

Expect to be at ease, have fun and at the same time challenge yourself to look beyond your own experiences.

This is an overview of some of the many topics we will be learning about in this 5-week series:

  • LEARNING through PRETEND PLAY - 19/04/2017

We will learn more about pretend play, what it entails and how it also impacts on language, social interaction, and emotional integration of the child’s experiences. Pretend Play is the highest form of play and we can support Pretend Play Skills to improve children's social skills, language skills and literacy / numeracy skills!

  • The impact of MOVEMENT on LEARNING - 17/05/2017

We will learn more about how movement impacts on learning. Children tend to not move enough during their days and lots of children show signs that this impacts negatively on their learning outcomes and participation in the classroom / at home. Movement supports Learning, activates the brain and helps increase levels of engagement in learning activities and overall motivation to learn!

  • How STRESS impacts on LEARNING - 31/05/2017

Stress and Anxiety are on the rise in children and teens at the moment. Their sense of wellbeing is often challenged to a degree that impacts negatively on their learning. Decreasing stress and improving overall wellbeing needs to be a priority to improve learning outcomes: a relaxed child is better at learning!

  • Supporting LEARNING with POSITIVITY - 14/06/2017

Social Media and the Media in general tend to emphasize news with a negative outcome. Children can be highly affected by this negative outlook on life, often without realizing it. Teaching parents, educators and children about how they can look for the positives and how this impacts on their overall development can be crucial to support overall wellbeing and better learning outcomes! It can also aid in achieving higher attendance rates at schools and can result in less incidences of bullying.

  • LEARNING through CREATIVITY - 28/06/2017

Creativity, Problem Solving and Planning are names Key Skill Areas of the future! Being Creative in how you teach and interact with children will keep Learning FUN, for yourself and the child. Teaching kids to be creative, to solve problems and to plan will help them in their daily lives and school careers. These are skills that will remain important in adult life too! We will look at Creative ways to teach, learn and engage in life skills! Creativity is not just about "being creative" as in creating artworks. Creativity can be seen as an attitude in life that can help individuals tackle life's every day problems!

You can book tickets per session. There are 8 tickets available per session. Book a ticket by clicking on your desired date and filling out your details.

A 1 hour session costs $30.00 (+ $2.34 booking fee) and needs to be paid upon booking.

There is also an option to purchase tickets for the whole 5-week series which costs $150.00 (+ $7.74 booking fee).

Price includes use of materials & tools + handouts with info.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance after attending each session / the whole series.

Booking a spot for the sessions implies that you commit to attending the session promply and in a timely manner, especially seeing that you will be part of a group.

There are no refunds available once payment has been made.

In case you have turned ill and have missed 1 or more sessions due to illness (medical certificate), in agreement with Rainbows and Owls, there can be an option to transfer the unattended sessions to a later date, when the series is offered again at a later time.

If you have missed out on booking a spot for these sessions, you can still express your interest and you will be contacted once another series will be planned.

For schools and services that are interested in these sessions - Yes! We can offer these series or one that is tailored to your clients' / students' specific needs at your school or service!

For questions and info, please contact Soetkin Beerten - Occupational Therapist on:

(m) 0476 559 020

(mail) contact@rainbowsandowls.com.au

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Date and Time


182 Graham St

182 Graham Street

Wonthaggi, VIC 3995


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