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Intersect Flinders St

167 Flinders Street

Adelaide, SA 5000


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Leading in Complexity

In a global environment that’s perpetually changing, so must we.

As were all aware, big changes have been happening in the world.

A perfect, and continuing storm of rapid technological development, generational and social change, and industry disruption has catapulted all organisations—public, private and not-for-profit—into an incredibly unpredictable environment

Not surprisingly, a recent study by IBM of 1500 Global CEOs highlighted the escalation of complexityas the single biggest challenge confronting them.

So how are organisations to respond?

Introducing a new adaptivemodel of leadership.

Clearly, mastery of traditional management knowledge and technical skills no longer guarantees todays leaders either personal or organisational success. Whats required is not only a new way to act, but a new way to think.

The Uncharted Leadership Institutes multi-module Leading in Complexity program provides just that. Conducted over three short months, and based on latest research, this program of workshops and group coaching will introduce you to a new, adaptive approach to leadership perfectly suited to our increasingly interdependent and ambiguous future.

Highly manageable program structure.

3 x 9am-1pm WORKSHOPS (6 February, 27 February & 20 March)*

3 x 9am -12pm GROUP COACHING SESSIONS (13 February, 6 March and 27 March)*

*Please note you will need to attend all Workshops and all Group Coaching sessions.

Comprehensive evidence-based understanding and skills development.

Presented in a highly engaging, practical and experiential format, the Leading in Complexity half-day workshops will provide participants with a comprehensive, evidence-based grounding in all three key aspects of the topic—foundational understanding, advanced skills development, and real-world application.

Workshop 1: Foundations

  • Explore the new leadership capabilities and mindset you need to be more effective in a fast-changing world.
  • Learn how to make better decisions in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) operating environments.
  • Be introduced to a more effective way to understand and work with complex challenge

Workshop 2: Critical skills

  • Be introduced to practical tools you can use to hone your skills of observation and interpretation.
  • Acquire tools to observe objectively the actions, behaviours and patterns of others, and identify their impact.
  • Become more aware of automatic responses—yours and others’—triggered by specific situations and how these can inhibit effective decision-making.
  • Learn how to consider multiple viewpoints and generate multiple interpretations and options.

Workshop 3: Taking action

  • Identify the difference between the simple, complicated and complex aspects of problems and how to respond appropriately in each situation.
  • Understand the concept of work avoidance, and how to recognise it.
  • Explore tools and techniques to take action and make process on complex challenges.
  • Learn how to design and implement ‘safe to fail’ experiments to aid progress in complex situations.

Insights embedded by group coaching and reflection.

The programs three group coaching sessions will provide a wide range of organisational and personal benefits. With all participants bringing and sharing their unique personal and professional backgrounds and outlooks, each will develop a deep awareness of, and respect for, the otherscontribution and value.

This increased trust and connection will lead to a collaborative cohort of leaders, each will develop a deep awareness of and respect for the views and contributions of other people, both within and beyond the program. In addition, these sessions will also help to achieve the following individual outcomes:

  • Personal accountability—by providing a safe, judgement-free environment for regular individual, departmental and organisational progress checks.
  • Beliefs and assumptions testedby providing a constructive forum for robust discussion of leadership issues, and the practical impact of different approaches.
  • Learning embedded and skills transferred—through active reflection, sharing of insights, and clarification of concepts and ideas.

About the Uncharted Leadership Institute.

With bases in Melbourne and Adelaide, the Uncharted Leadership Institute was formed by Andrew Stevens and award-winning author Diana Renner specifically to help leaders and organisations operate more effectively in complex environments.

Providing a combination of consulting, education and research services, we’re passionate about the role that management and leadership development plays in making organisations, communities and even societies more productive, more human and more successful.

We believe great leadership is about successfully navigating the uncharted waters beyond the edge of current competence and would consider it our privilege to help you do so. To learn more, visit:

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Date and Time


Intersect Flinders St

167 Flinders Street

Adelaide, SA 5000


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