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South Australia and Queensland

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Leadership Tango Retreat

5 Days Residential | CPD 39 hours | $3,695

$3,695 standard fee (incl. GST)

$3,495 early bird price

$3,295 super early bird price

2017 Dates: VICTOR HARBOR Sep 7-11

Or 6 month Payment Plan $708 per month (Total $4,248)

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All people who are influencing others, are practicing leadership, regardless of their job title.

Leadership is about vision, focus and relationships. And every person in a leadership position reaches toward wisdom, is expected to have wisdom, and wants to be wise, even though it is not always easy to articulate what wisdom is or how one develops it. Humans have had the intuitive sense of the need for wisdom and virtue for millennia, especially in leadership.

As a leader you also have much expected of you. Not only do you ave the privilege of influencing others, you can also feel extremely naked, alone, and very vulnerable when there are no rules to guide you, and often no real idea about how you might gain new knowledge that will help you. Few things are more difficult, anxiety arousing and humiliating than for you as a leader to have moments where you just do not know what to do.

And, there is no rule book for life let alone leadership. As a leader you want to use your discernment and wisdom continually to decide how to best act in a given state of affairs. Mindfulness is one of the most powerful, albeit challenging, practices for developing wisdom in leadership. Mindfulness is simple, just not easy.

What is a Leadership Tango Retreat?

This retreat combines mindfulness meditation, leadership theory, and Argentine tango as both medium and metaphor for leadership and followship to help you nurture sufficient moment to moment clarity, courage and conviction to cultivate visionary, wise leadership.

Who is this for?

If you want to be a leader who is mindful and inspired, and you enjoy learning in an exciting, innovative and mindful way, then you will enjoy this retreat.

You will

You will explore exercises that clarify and support your life vision, so that you maintain the right balance in your life, love and leadership.

You will practice meditations that help you deal with strong reactive emotions so you don’t lose time and energy and have more time and energy for what matters.

You will learn mindfulness concepts that help you cultivate an abiding orientation in yourself and your organisation toward wise action, wise leadership, giving you great satisfaction.

You will develop new ways of seeing challenges that help you to be more than a great technician in your field, and instead be adaptive, wise and influential which ultimately will help your people and organisations flourish.

Presenter: Liana Taylor, MPsych (Clin) Mindfulness Specialist, the leading provider of applied mindfulness training to professionals across Australia.

You can attend this retreat in one of two ways:
  • 1. As an individual, stand alone retreat, or
  • 2. You can register for one of the certification programs.

This retreat is part of the Master Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness Certification Program, Level 2. There is one other retreat within Level 2: Silent Retreat

Each of the certification programs: Practitioner Level 1, Master Practitioner Level 2 and International Trainer Level 3, includes bonuses that are not available otherwise, including:

  • Sanity Prevails Masterclass series, study module, peer supervision and assessment for Master Practitioner
  • Mindful Leadership Masterclass series, study module, peer supervision and assessment for International Trainer

The Practitioner Level 1 certification training gives you the foundation upon which the Master Practitioner Level 2 and International Trainer Level 3, learning and skill development are layered. In Levels 2 & 3 you further deepen and extend your experience and understanding built upon what you learn in Level 1, and you also learn to teach.

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Please note that retreats are run subject to enrolments meeting minimum numbers.

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Ph: 08 8272 0046 | mind@theaiam.com.au | www.theaiam.com.au

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South Australia and Queensland

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