Kundalini-Cacao Alchemy
$52.20 – $62.65
Kundalini-Cacao Alchemy

Kundalini-Cacao Alchemy

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Abraham Mott Centre

15A Argyle Place

Millers Point, NSW 2000


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We are SO EXCITED to bring the next round of this delicious heart-opening practise to the shores of Sydney!

This special evening is an opportunity to weave the deliciously heart-opening essence of Cacao with the activating energy of Kundalini Dance, helping you to align body, mind & soul and bringing you home to ABSOLUTE BLISS! 

The harmony between Cacao and Kundalini is weaved powerfully throughout the world in Ceremony, and we offer it to our Sydney tribe for October's very powerful Black Moon, with great love and reverence.

It is a Black Moon on the Monday, meaning that it is the 2nd New Moon in the month of Oct... our Journey on Saturday night is the perfect time to harness the intention-setting power of the New Moon's frequency to clean-out our energies and stand in our sovereign empowerment & readiness to live / create as the shining beings we truly are.

It is our intention that our work of the evening culminates in experiences for everyone of LIMITLESS POWER, FREEDOM, FULL SELF-EXPRESSION & ABUNDANT JOYFULNESS.

Cacao has been used for centuries in different cultures as a tool to facilitate a reflective & meditative experience that focuses on the heart-space. Due to the active medicinal properties of Cacao, it is possible to experience a state of heightened awareness, which opens us to deeper-stored emotional densities that are ready to be seen, felt & released. 

When we sit with Cacao in Ceremony, with the intention to open to ourselves & our own vulnerability, Cacao has the potential to create a profound yet gentle inner experience of heart transformation. To help activate this opening, Petra has sourced the highest Ceremonial-grade Guatemalan Cacao possible. 

Petra will hold us as we call in the energies of change in Sacred Ceremony, working with the powerful beat of the medicine drum as we Journey to our own deep rhythm with the euphoria-inducing properties of this very beautiful plant medicine.

Kundalini Dance is a guided, sacred, tantric, shamanic dance journey, using movement, sound, breath-work, & partner exercises. We use these energy tools for transformation, purification and spiritual activation. 
We journey through the chakra's, unblocking all that’s not serving. In this Kundalini-Cacao journey we will explore the Base, Sacral, Solar and Heart Chakra's. 
A safe, encouraging space is created to help open you up, overcome fears & clear emotional blockages, as a tribe. The dance gets you experiencing deeper levels of love and intimacy, with or without a partner. Get ready for uninhibited expression, self discovery and fun. 
Kundalini Dance is the dance of WHOLENESS, blending the Masculine and Feminine Energies within. 

Kundalini is the life force energy, awake within the body or lying dormant at the base of the spine. If awoken through practices like dance, breathwork, meditation, intimacy, dream states, yoga or Ceremony, suddenly new, exciting evolutionary possibilities open up for your life. It feels like an instant life upgrade - more energy, confidence and magic on all levels.

Last Alchemy we were joined by the precious energy of Prabhu, who played hang and graced us with his light dance and being. Prabhu has since passed into the realm of Love....we send his energy so much deep gratitude for the light he continously shone ... and blessings for what now is.
For this round of Alchemy, we will again be joined by Sound Practitioner Steve Mazabow & his partner Vanessa Forbes ... together they weave magical soundscapes & vibrations using the powerful essences of Multiple Black Hemp Didgeridoos, the angelic voice of Vanessa is INCREDIBLE, they play the mystical Mayan Temple Drone Flute, HANG Drum and weave Asachan Sound Sculptures. Their music takes the listener on their own inner journeys to distant lands and ancient landscapes providing the exquisite experience of feeling the warm waves of sound & vibrant energy coursing through their systems.

We have been reuniting with our beloved, high vibe, Peru, Bali & Vancouver destinations, sharing our medicines abroad, and return now to Sydney with lots of fresh energy and passionate soul fire.....to share with you all! 

DATE: Saturday October 29 

TIME: 5pm - 10pm 

VENUE: Abraham Mott Hall, 17 Argyle Pl, Millers Point (The Rocks - a big, beautiful space to dance as large and big as you like!)

EARLY BIRD - $49 before Oct 20

TICKETS: Pre-purchased through Eventbrite: 

WHAT TO BRING: Warm shawl, blanket, water, yoga mat and your readiness to sound, dance and step into your highest, most loving, fullest being!!

LIMIT - 88 people for Ceremony

** Please note: 
If you are currently being treated for depression, Cacao may not be the medicine for you. The tryptophan and monoamino oxidase inhibitors of the Cacao are a bad mix with anti-depressant medicine. Can cause severe migraine, or worse. Please get in contact with Petra to discuss if this is a consideration for you.

If you have any questions on the Ceremonial process contact Petra on 0401 107 187. For more information on Kundalini contact Hayley on 0420 648 602. 


Petra brings a grounded sense of vitality & presence to her group-work practices, opening the way for people to experience their own personal enlivened truth. Driven by a desire for all beings to walk in their full essential Self in co-creative flow with our unseen supporters, she creates a deliciously ripe yet safe container for people to explore whatever holds them back from their fullness, in this moment. With 20 years on the healing path, her practice combines earth-based Ceremonial methodology, esoteric mind/heart-centred meditations, metaphysical causality and grounded practical reality, all which guide to align the whole being so one is empowered to walk the Soul’s essence. Petra brings the qualities of sweetness & strength to her Cacao Ceremonies, the online workshop space she facilitates, her individual sessions and the pilgrimages she leads around the world. She has studied the Science of Psychology at Uni, holds a Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy, specialises in neural re-wiring & has a compulsive tendency to do cartwheels and handstands whenever she’s in a park.

Hayley Melrose is a Medicine Woman, Visionary Photographer, Stone Healer and Kundalini Dance Pioneer, from Sydney, Australia. She's on an evolutionary path of Self Love, Passion and Purpose. She's the real deal... honest, fiery, creative, and bursting with life force. She loves what she does so much that it shines through and inspires all who know her. She activates and energizes people in such a deep yet playful way. People naturally feel free to express anything and open up, in sessions with Hayley. There is an instant familiarity, a knowing, such trust, and encouragement. Whether it be Soul Photography, Kundalini Dance or Stone Healing, each experience is very special and transformational. Her dedication to the path, being a clear channel, giving everything her all, makes her very unique. She is juicy embodied Empowerment Leader, activating fellow Soul Tribe, to step up, live their dream, and own it all!

"The Cacao-Kundalini Ceremony facilitated by Petra & Hayley was a truly unique, deep and enjoyable process. Both Petra and Hayley combined their specific skills sets to create a wonderful, transformational experience that days after, I am still experiencing the benefits from. Their depth of knowledge, sacredness, dedication and humor resonated throughout the space, ensuring the night was one to remember." Alisdair

"Thank you for hosting Saturday night. That was amazing and so profound for me, especially in the days that have followed. I am able to get in touch with myself on a much deeper and profound level. I am in the middle of some challenging healing at the moment and Sat night couldn't have come a more beneficial time. Thanks for your gifts. Love and light." Mitchell

"Enormous thank you Petra & Hayley. The space has helped me to open up to love and accept myself, moving and listening, to really accept my inner self. I am inspired and invigorated xo." Annalie

"Thank you - a deep awakening into a journey of self discovery, in a space of safety, fun, and inspiration xo." Hannah 
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Date and Time

Abraham Mott Centre

15A Argyle Place

Millers Point, NSW 2000


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