JumpStart360: Sept. Find out how to get any business back on track fast!

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Caloundra Chamber of Commerce & Industry Boardroom

74 Bulcock Street

Caloundra, QLD 4551


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JumpStart360, September 2020. Business owners need to get back on track and growing fast. Join us for this FREE event to JumpStart now.

About this Event

JumpStart360, JumpStart2020. Business owners are going to need to get back on track fast.

Get ready to restart, kickstart, reboot or JumpStart your business. Businesses need to get back on track as fast as possible and as soon as possible and its easier than you think. Just get these four key drivers right and any business will grow faster.

  • Attract customers better
  • Retain them longer
  • Increase the average spend and frequency
  • And ensure that cashflow and cash reserves grow faster.

JumpStart360 and find out how to attract, convert and keep more clients this year and ensure a stronger cash flow than ever. Build any business easier, simpler, faster, better for the rest of 2020 and head into a stronger 2021.

Mybusinessnow and the Business360 program are the most common sense and simple, straight forward way to build and grow any business. Simple, easy, quick. Eliminate the overwhelm and uncomplicate real business growth.

There are 4 reasons that businesses dont grow.

  • They miss fundamental basic attraction opportunities
  • They have no selling skills, dont know how to convert or basic selling structure
  • They have no service experience process. No followup, engagament or experience.
  • They dont have the cash flow, to grow, thats needed to market and promote a business.

Find out how easy it could be to really grow any business, by simply getting the sales and service systems of the business right, that 99% of businesses miss.

JumpStart360 is one of our business growth workshops as part of Mybusinessnow and the Business360 program and will show you how to get sales happening faster and easier, hold onto the clients longer and grow any business better

This 90 minute workshop is broken into four key areas:

  • The fundamentals of customer attraction, awareness and interest.
  • Sales, conversion, connection, processes and strategies to grow.
  • Service experience, energy and engagment, creates long term customers.
  • And planning and strategising to achieve real cash flow to grow.

Mybusinessnow is a business growth training and support program that shows business owners and their teams how easy it could be to get a dramatically better result from any business over the next 12 to 24 months and grow in 2020. At this event, you'll find out:

  • What holds all businesses back in getting the results they want.
  • What the eight key drivers are that effect business performance.
  • What the potential effect they have on the businesses result.

Regardless of whether your business has been performing well throughout the last couple of months, or gone through some serious challenges if you want to get the best result you possibly can, its critical to know what the fundamentals are, that every business needs to grow and what currently 99% of businesses miss. Maybe thats why 92.3% of new businesses last less than three years according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (ABS) Get them even partly right and businesses grow.

Running and building a business has never been more difficult than it currently is.

  • More competition than ever before with both online and offline businesses continuing to open.
  • The discount market through daily deals converting shoppers into "deal hunters" and destroying loyal customers.
  • The ROI on marketing and advertising getting lower and harder to get even some result.
  • Let alone having to go through a business environment that we are currently experiencing.

Yet nothing changes and why would it, if business owners and their teams don't know what they don't know, or do nothing different. And if nothing changes, a business could be in same position, or worse, in 12 months!

Building a better business shouldn't be complicated or overwehlming and it's not, if you know what to do and its simply about getting the three most important drivers of attraction, sales and service, right and ensuring your cash flow grows.

Sales and service systems and strategies are where 99% of business miss the mark.

  • How to achieve regular consistant weekly, monthly and yearly growth with new clients
  • What it takes to retain those clients and turn them into long term valuable clients
  • And the difference that can all mean to the results of any business.

You'll go away with more key business growth ideas from this workshop on how to sell, service and retain better, than youll probably know what to do with but implement those ideas (or even one or two) and your business will grow this year. JumpStart360, is exactly what every business needs.

We will send you a confirmation email link once you've booked to confirm details and get to know a little more about you and your business prior to the day.

It's never too early (or late) to get your business on track for a great year. I look forward to seeing you there.

Here's what some of our past workshop attendees have had to say about Mybusinessnow and the Business360 program.

Janie Grant: Identity Clothing & Ditto Dancewear.

Even though I have been in business for thirty years I found the Mybusinessnow presentations showed there is always something new to learn and a different perspective brings light to old challenges. The presentations are short and sharp and Erwin presents clearly and with passion. I am looking forward to implementing easy to follow strategies to allow my business to grow to the next level.

Graham Leatham: Bookkeeping Ipswich

Strongly recommend business owners attending. It's astounding how many of the simple things which we should be doing that we don't do, simply because we get caught up working in our business and not on our business. Mybusinessnow cuts to the chase.

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Date and Time


Caloundra Chamber of Commerce & Industry Boardroom

74 Bulcock Street

Caloundra, QLD 4551


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