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A Collaborative Forum supporting contractors and business leaders who can add real value to the lives of high-income earners.

About this event

PURPOSE: A Collaborative Forum supporting contractors and business leaders who can add real value to the lives of high-income earners.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership of this Forum will be by invitation only and will be restricted to professionals with a commitment to excellence and a proven track record in the supply of quality product and services.

· Target group size: 8 - 12 members.

TARGET AUDIENCE: High income earners who work as PAYG or contractors in the digital space. $200k+ plus per annum.

The focus of the Forum is to teach them to grow their personal wealth, their prospects, their personal branding and to upskill them in all areas of life.

MEETINGS: The Group meets 4 times a year for public events. These are 2½ hours.

And 1-2 times a month for planning meetings. Typically, 1 hour each.

· There are 2½ hour public Zoom Forum attended by members and invited guests. It is possible these Forums will move off Zoom into face-to-face events (when circumstances permit).

· Each member is expected to invite their clients and prospective clients to the Forums (where they see it will add value to them – this is a relationship building exercise, not a selling exercise).

· The agenda of each public Forum will include an expert, guest speaker with (i) content that is educational, impactful, and inspiring to members and guests, (ii) a Think Tank and a (iii) key learnings review.

· Forums will be promoted by BBG to our database and by members via LinkedIn and email to their existing clients.

· The objective is to have a minimum of 10 – 15 guests at each Forum.

· The BBG forums follow the mandate that business only happens when prospects “Know, Like & Trust” (KLT) you. The format of the Forums; the (i) Think Tank sessions and the (ii) key learnings review provides an opportunity for that to occur with the guests (prospective clients) in a non-threatening environment.

BENEFITS: Members are expected to derive several benefits as follows:

1. Business process improvement. You get to scale-up in your personal and professional development.

2. Generation of warm introductions and referrals based on KLT.

3. Creation of a “virtual firm” of expert professionals (allowing members to “dance on a bigger stage”).

4. Problem solving (virtual advisory board).

5. Build your circle of influence in the industry.

6. A refined lead nurturing process (cultivate your prospects by inviting them to a forum rather than nagging them to buy).


· 5th April

· 7th June

· 2nd August

· 4th Oct

TOPICS (these are not separate events):

· The future of work - how will you stay relevant?

· How will AI drive your future employment opportunities?

· Mindset (leadership), Resilience, updating their soft and hard skillset.

· Personal branding (LinkedIn) to increase your level of influence.

· What to do and when to do it - take advantage of your increased salary.

· TRIANGLE - wealth creation and wealth management.

· Property vs crypto vs shares.

· Next property boom – how to get ready now.


§ National Gala Forum (9th Dec 2021). A learning and social event for members of all Forums.

§ IT Professional Development Forum Prospective Members’ planning meeting (8th Feb 2022). It is important you attend this meeting to hear how this group will increase your circle of influence with the target audience… and to give your input.

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