Introduction to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & DCPs - BTI Workshop 1

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757 Ann Street

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Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


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Refund Policy

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Features & Benefits

  • The ONLY Live, in-person, professional blockchain training course in Australia.

  • Our course curriculum contains a total of 160hrs of content, delivered in-person.

  • Training material with workshop exercises is also provided.

  • Each session is recorded and recordings are provided to students.

  • You will participate in live workshops on how to set up, secure & store cryptocurrencies & tokenised assets on the blockchain.

  • You will meet & connect with individuals, executives, investors, entrepreneurs & people from all walks who are interested in participating & learning more about these exciting new technologies

  • Be ready to participate securely, safely & intelligently in the blockchain space & on the crypto markets.

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Course Overview

This workshop is “Part 1” of our 4 part non-technical Blockchain training curriculum.

BTI runs workshops every 2 - 4 weeks, around the country, to help people understand how to interact, participate & get involved in this exciting new space.

This workshop was designed to help people with little to no background in blockchains, cryptocurrency or decentralised exchange protocols.

It’s a beginners class which runs for approximately 90min and in attending, you'll learn the following:

  • The history of Money.

  • How has money & exchange evolved;

  • How society has evolved with & because of money?

  • What is a Blockchain?

  • What is a decentralised consensus protocol?

  • What is a Cryptocurrency?

  • How are they different?

  • How do they all work?

  • Basic principles of Safety & security

  • What’s an ICO?

  • How do I get involved?

By the time you finish the course, you will have a practical foundation-level of knowledge which you can then use to do your own further study, or leverage into our more advanced courses (listed below).

There are a number of preparations you need to make before you come on the day.

These will be outlined in the welcome email & on your ticket, once you’ve purchased it.

You will also be required to bring the following on the day of the event:

  • Laptop

  • Smartphone

  • Notebook

We look forward to seeing you there.

Training Provider

Blockchain Training Institute:


Tutor / Workshop Host

Aleksandar Svetski

Having been involved with financial markets since 2007, Aleksandar was first introduced to Bitcoin & Blockchains in 2012.

Since that time, hes been directly involved with cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, decentralised consensus protocols and public blockchains as either a founder, advisor, speaker, writer or researcher.

Aleksandar is the founder of the Blockchain Training Institute, is working on integrating cryptocurrency mining farms & solar power plants and is developing Australia’s first 0% exchange fee platform for cryptocurrencies & tokenised assets.





Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is one of the most profound technological developments since the internet, and although it’s seen massive growth in recent years, we’re still in the early stages.

Blockchain transactions are secure, immutable, hacker-proof, protect privacy, and more importantly they are the ideal underlying technology for decentralised consensus protocols (DCPs) to be developed upon.

These DCPs are creating what’s now being called “Web3.0” where communication, information and “value” can be transacted, exchanged & transferred all in the one place.

The majority of the world sat back & watched as the internet transformed the world. It was once the home of hackers, crooks & weirdos - and today it’s the backbone of society.

Blockchain & Decentralised Consensus Protocols are the next wave, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Why the Blockchain Training Institute?

Founded by Aleksandar Svetski, BTI has one core mission:

To educate the public on the fundamentals of the blockchain technology, and to help people navigate and understand the applications built upon it, most notably smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and tokenised assets.

Real Education is our primary objective.

We’re not here to sell you “get rich quick” courses or sign you up to multi-level marketing schemes such as BitConnect, USI Tech or others like that.

As a BTI alumni, you will have a fundamental understanding of WHAT blockchain technology can do, in all of its forms, whether centralised, distributed, or decentralised.

Armed with this knowledge, you can choose how you will participate in the largest economic transformation since the internet. Will you be a business leader, a thought leader, a developer, an investor, an early adopter, a facilitator, an implementer?

The options are endless, and most importantly, the choice is yours.

Our Workshops are ideal for

Anyone who wants to understand more about what the blockchain is, how applications such as cryptocurrencies are transforming the way we transact, exchange & communicate and how in the process of all this technological evolution we are also re-engineering our governance models.

The Blockchain is just one piece of a much broader pie, and by participating in our workshops you will have a front row seat to the greatest societal transformation since the internet.

If any of the following fit what you’re currently working on, you should strongly consider attending one or more of the workshop swe have on offer:

  • Banking/Finance

  • Software & IT

  • Legals

  • Accounting

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Entrepreneurs looking to be involved in the a blockchain or crypto space

  • CEO's, Boards, and Senior VP's

  • Corporate Executives

  • Government Executives looking to better understand Blockchain opportunities

  • Students - High school or University

  • Business Consultants and Professional Service Providers


This is our introductory course, so there are no prerequisites. You should just be able to operate a computer & a smartphone.

If you’d like to come to this course for 50% off the retail price, you can book in to come to the next workshop in the curriculum which can be found on this link:


If you book in for that, you will receive a 50% discount code for this introductory course!

If you also purchase our Deep Dive weekend course, or any of our investment courses, you will receive this introductory workshop for free.

What will you learn in this course

In this course you will learn to:

  • Define Blockchain & Decentralised Exchange Protocol Technology, in your own words

  • Understand the implications of of each technology and how it could potentially impact your business and industry.

  • Have intelligent conversations about Blockchain Technology & cryptocurrencies with your customers, co-workers, business colleagues and friends

  • Have a sound understanding of where blockchain is going, what it does, and how to prepare for & participate in it

You'll have a broader understanding of:

  • The history of Money.

  • How has money & exchange evolved;

  • How society has evolved with & because of money?

  • What is a Blockchain?

  • What is a decentralised consensus protocol?

  • What is a Cryptocurrency?

  • How are they different?

  • How do they all work?

  • How do I get involved?

Refund Policy

  1. We don’t offer refunds for cancellations less than 30 days from the workshop date.

  2. If for any reason you were not able to attend the workshop or it is cancelled / rescheduled, the payment can be applied towards any future course by BTI.

Referral & Alumni Programs

If you find our courses valuable, and you think that spreading the word about blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies is important, we’d like to say “thankyou”.

We’ve created a referral and an alumni program so if you refer a friend to our courses or continue studying with us, you’ll receive discounts & even cash.

Referral Program

Refer friends, family or even strangers!

1. 10% cash back:

10% of the value of any course purchased by someone you refer will be credited to a bank account of your choice with 7 days of the course completion date.

2. 20% BTI course credit:

20% of the value of any course purchased by someone you refer will be credited toward a future course or workshop you would like to attend.

Alumni Program

If you’ve attended any of our previous courses, please email us direct to receive a complimentary 10% discount on any course or workshop you’re looking to attend next*

*Alumni discounts cannot be used in conjunction with referral credits or cash back.

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Date and Time


Valley Iconic

757 Ann Street

Level 5

Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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