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Soul Space Brisbane

23 Parker Street

Newmarket, QLD 4051


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Women this is JUST for you!

D i s c o v e r
t h e
p l e a s u r e
y o u
A R E .

Pleasure Education for women.

This half-day workshop is the sex ed you'll wish you were given a loooong time ago... Somehow, some where along the line, we got it sooo wrong. Time to set the record straight and create the relationship with our selves that in all ways, across all dimensions feels sooooo RIGHT!

In a room full of sisters equally radiant in worth beauty and wisdom, (yes that most definietly includeds you!) the hidden world of "private parts" and all that comes with it will be revealed.

No more living in the dark frustrated and disconnected. Or numb, faking it, bored, unwell, upset, unsatisfyed.


Pleasure is the stuff you are made of, its up to you to find your way into the felt sense awareness of that. YES Im saying YOUR pleasure is YOUR responsibility (not your lovers!)

Im going to go so far as to say your pleasure is the CURE ALL pill your looking for! How can I say that... because your pleasure is your experience of the life force you ARE. Find a way to tap that and you will forever be connected to the source of your own personal endless spring of SPARKLE! (And by sparkle I mean your health, your wellbeing!)

♥ ♥ ♥

At this gathering we throw open the doors to the infinte mystery of the universe between our thighs. Together we uncover the current beliefs governing our relationship to this universe and begin together to create a whole new story of appreciation, understanding, connection, forgiveness and empowerment.

How will the event unfold and what should you expect?

You can expect...


To learn a whole heap or a handful of things you didnt know about your own anatomy.

To meet your edges and the oportunity to soften them offering you more space to be who you deeply want to be.

To meet and connect with incredible women and hear their stories, to share your wisdom and stories IF you feel to.

To explore different rituals/practices to connect to your body, to nurture and nourish your self as a healthy sensual sexual being. (no nudity or anything too exposing... take home tips for that work!)

To move your body in ways that help to embody and ground what we learn/experience together.

To laugh.

To potentially cry.

To leave feeling empowered and nourished by good company, juicy conversation, sensual movement, and a deepened reverence for your self.

How will the day unfold?

We start at 11 with a welcoming ceremony.

We will move in and out of information sharing, movement practises and group work.

We will finish our day with a deeply restorative practice, and a closing ritual.

In the middle there we'll have a break to drink tea and share some food together.


A word from me, your presenter, as to what this is and what it means for me;

This workshop is immensely exciting and a touch nerve racking for me to present. Becasue I value its message so much. It is also a fresh production, this will be the first long edition (after one short taster workshop happening in August in Armidale) which means it is bound to be brimming with both creativity and vulnerability. The honesty of that and the potential for magic in that gets me rather giddy.

I've been working with women for a number of years now, through birth-work/doula services, yoga teaching, women's circles, massage and now Yoni Mapping Therapy. Sisterhood really is my bag! And this, this is the slumber-party vibe workshop that I feel will allow us all to drop into that comfy sisterhood space where we best share our vulnerability, our playfulness and our support for each other. It always feels like a dream come true to hang out with women, talk about 'real stuff' and call it work. But this really is deep medicine and unfortunately a lot of us dont have access to this kind of information and interaction in our daily life, hence why theres a market for it. In my opinion it is just so valuable to keep offering these kinds of oportunities for us to meet ourselves in more and more genuine and deeper more subtle ways.

So excited is an understandment, nervous is a given, but well equipt for the job is certain.

I look forward to UNLEASHING this project with YOU!


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Date and Time


Soul Space Brisbane

23 Parker Street

Newmarket, QLD 4051


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