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Integral Embodiment Leadership Retreat

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Blueys Beach

Blueys Beach, NSW 2428


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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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A Five Day Intensive Journey Focused on Integral Embodiment

How much intimacy and connection do you experience in and with Life?

How empowered and effective do you feel responding to the challenges that we each individually and together collectively face on personal, interpersonal, organizational, national, and global levels?

Our view is that you are here - in and as Life - to bring the warmth in your heart and the creativity in your mind to one or more of the myriad of challenges that humanity faces.

To not only experience a fulfilling and satisfying life - but to also make your own modest contribution towards our collective human evolution.

Our view is that your true work here is beauty: That you are here to leave this world a little more beautiful than you found it.

This retreat will increase your capacity to create results that you care about by focusing on strengthening what many ancient cultures recognized as the three fundamental centres of intelligence in our bodies: (1) the Heart, (2) the Hara or Belly, and (3) the Head.

For nearly all of us, one or more of these centres are not fully on-line. And as a result the quality of our presence and the effectiveness of our efforts in the world are compromised.

The opportunity of this retreat is to work on inner skills which will help you experience deeper intimacy, connectedness and fulfillment (Heart), to bring more of your power (Hara), and to have greater awareness and clarity (Head), in the everyday moments of your life:

(1) Heart: In the opening act of this retreat we will explore how we can become more connected and intimate with ourself and others. Through more accurate feeling-access to our own and others’ inner worlds we connect more deeply and fully to all aspects of our lives.

(2) Hara: In the second act of this workshop we engage in a fun and challenging embodied process designed to bring each of our Hara centres more fully on-line. The intended outcome is that we each leave the retreat more able to bring our full creative power to each moment of our lives.

(3) Head: Our capacity to see clearly - to relate to our direct experience with lucidity and precision - arises from the third of the three body centres. When we are more present, we see more deeply into life and things become easier. A flowstate naturally arises in our experience. Our efforts come with more ease and have greater impact. Therefore, in the third act of this retreat, we focus on cultivating clarity and lucidity in relationship to our own minds.

Add together a powerful and centred Hara, a connected heart, and a clear and lucid intuitive centre in the head, and you have a strong foundation for powerful action that not only is more effective in conventional terms, but also has a playful and lively undercurrent of transformation contained within it.

Growing our Individual and Collective Human Potential

In this retreat you will be initiated into the developmental life practice of Action Inquiry.

Action Inquiry (AI) is a way of being and doing that originated in the life work of Dr William Torbert. It synthesizes ancient wisdom with fresh currently-still-emerging thinking from management theory.

AI bridges and brings together multiple paradoxes. It asks us to be - at the same time - both more active and more receptive. It contains both raw simplicity and nuanced complexity. And it demands that we live more fully in the moment, while at the same time staying ever mindful of our larger goals and intentions which span multiple time horizons and may bridge different contexts.

The practice of Action Inquiry is not just about increasing your effectiveness in the world. As you will experience firsthand if you choose to join us, AI is also a door beckoning you to step into and embody a developmental update in your way of being in your everyday life.

Ultimately, engaging, activating and integrating the three centres of your body, while important, is only the foundational beginning of a much larger journey of Action Inquiry: A journey that will

  • demand your own continuing psychological maturation
  • invite you to join an emerging global network of embodied Integral professionals
  • support you in making the contribution to the positive evolution of human culture that you are here to make

Retreat Venue

Blueys Beach is a picturesque beachside village, 3 hours north of Sydney (by car). Participants will have ample time, before the daily program starts and during the lunch break, to walk and swim on beautiful Blueys Beach. Newcastle is the closest airport, 1 hour and 20 minutes by car.

Your Investment includes four full days & two half days of in-depth tuition, five nights in a luxury home in a beautiful coastal village, and three nourishing meals a day, including tea and refreshments.

Payment plans are available. Please email leigh.reis@gmail.com


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There are two separate houses available, both in the village of Blueys Beach. The main activities of the retreat will occur in the beach-front house. The second accommodation option is located within walking distance from the Beach House / place of tuition. Prices are scaled according to selection of rooms.

Accommodation options are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. If you have preferences around accommodation type or cost - then the sooner you register the better - because you will have more chance of getting what you want.

All of the pictures on this web page were taken from the beach-front house around which this retreat will be centered.

Cultivating a Fertile Learning Environment: To optimize the depth and intimacy of the experience, this retreat will be limited to 12 participants. To help create a balanced learning environment - as part of our commitment to blending safety and challenge - we will do our best to have an equal number of men and women participating.

Refund policy: If circumstances change and you need to cancel up to 30 days before the retreat begins, 75% of your ticket fee will be refunded. Less than 30 days before the retreat - no refund provided. Any tuition balanced owed at the time you withdraw will be immediately payable.

If, under unforseen circumstances, the organisers are required to cancel, the full cost of the retreat will be refunded. Where arrangements for transport etc. have already been made, the organisers take no responsibility for these costs.


"It is difficult to overstate how profound this retreat has been. My heart is blown wide open, I am easing into new levels of personal power. I am able to appreciate the interconnectedness of people and systems and hold multiple perspectives with increased clarity. Furthermore, my awareness has expanded such that I am often able to hold these together simultaneously in my perception gracefully whilst interacting with others in personal and professional contexts"

"This has been a respectful, exploratory and transformative experience. The balance of mind / body learning has created the space to lean into the unknown in a supported and, at the same time, challenging way. The setting, being so close to and in nature, is for me the ground of everything and has made nature a part of the experience in a way that was both subtle and sacred. The food was wonderful and completely supported the process. I am grateful to the group, to Jesse and Leigh. This retreat came at exactly the right time for me."

"A delicious and sensuous exploration of felt sense and the language we use around our experience of reality. A deep dive into the structure of my mind, as described by Integral body of knowledge. Personal development in a group context: was held beautifully by Jesse. I walk away with simple tools for further development."

"I loved the holding... It felt feminine: allowing us to sit constantly in the unknown felt like an invitation to the mystery. The thread that kept us together and the cohesion of the group was the embodiment. All very beautifully woven together. I feel changed; more than changed: I feel transformed. This retreat ... with the old structures of my being in a way that now there is room for a new and integrated "me" to emerge."

"Jesse is the Young Fool who has discovered Action Inquiry in his bones (hara), his blood (heart), and his breath (mind). Outdoing the Old Master, he has honed the design of this workshop and disciplined the spontaneity of his responsiveness to participants... to a point where alchemical experiences occur often. Beware." - The Old Master (aka Bill Torbert)

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Date and Time


Blueys Beach

Blueys Beach, NSW 2428


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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