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Influencing and Persuasion Skills - 1 Day Course - Melbourne

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Level 7, 31 Queen Street

Melbourne, Vic 3000


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Persuasion and influence are both ways of bringing about change in the behaviour of others. While persuasion requires you to communicate, influence works silently. This course will give you the skills to present your case persuasively and an understanding of how the psychology influence works, so people are motivated on their own to do what you want them to do.

This course is ideal for

Anyone wanting to develop influencing skills and persuade workplace interactions up, down and across organisations through effective communication, psychology and relationships.

What you will learn

  • Recognise the difference between influencing and persuading to use the right skill at the right time.

  • Understand and develop your influencing and persuading styles.

  • Understand the essential elements of high quality, persuasive and influential communication.

  • Influence and persuade people with different communication preferences in a range of situations.

  • Find common ground, connect emotionally and deal with rejection when persuading others.

Topics covered in this training course

Influence and persuasion
Understand and develop your style in these core life skills that you already use each and every day, mostly without even realising!

Influence vs persuasion
Recognise the differences between influencing and persuasion and most appropriate times to use both approaches to change the behaviour of others.

Do's and don'ts
Learn about common mistakes people make and practical, positive ways you can immediately improve your influencing and persuading skills.

The lens of understanding
This tool will help you identify others' intents and tailor your communication more effectively to influence or persuade them.

What's your style
Most of us tend to have a favoured influencing and persuading style. Identify your style and opportunities to flex and develop it.

Communication preferences
Learn about the four main communication preferences and how to effectively influence and persuade those with different styles.

Choosing words of influence
Learn to select the best words to influence and persuade people with different intents and communication preferences.

Influence and persuading tools
Look at a range of tools to present your case more persuasively and how to use them in different situations.

Influencing up, down and across organisations
Understand the importance of assertive persuasion and influence between direct reports, peers and management to improve operations in today's business landscape.

Elements of persuasion
Understand and apply four critical elements of persuasion to improve your success rate.

Techniques for resistance
No matter how well you can influence or persuade, there will be times when you get a 'no' or a 'not right now' response. Learn techniques to overcome rejection and focus on the positives to find solutions.

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Level 7, 31 Queen Street

Melbourne, Vic 3000


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