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Indian Clubs and Traditional Mace (gada) Workshop

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Firepower Kettlebell Gym

Rainton View

West Rainton


United Kingdom

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A unique 1-day INDIAN CLUBS ACADEMY Workshop at the Firepower Gym Master the Fundamentals of Indian Clubs and Traditional Mace Training

About this Event

This event has been POSTPONED, due to the spread of COVID-19.

To be RESCHEDULED, dates to be determined, subject to the spread and control of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.


Presented by...

Paul Taras Wolkowinski and Kelly Manzone

Hosted by Paul Gray - Firepower Gym


Master the Fundamentals of Indian Clubs, and the Traditional Mace (gada).

  • Learn how to swing Indian Clubs for exercise.
  • Discover the fundamentals of the Mace (gada) training.


Circular training and bodyweight exercises compliment everyday lifestyle movements. Also, enhancing other training modalities. Like for example MMA, overhead sports like Kettlebells, Rock Climbing, Ball Sports etc.

Improved posture, coordination, shoulder and core strength, fitness and sports performance. Also, these are excellent tools for injury rehabilitation and range of motion recovery.

Our workshop will provide safe and quality instruction.


Your ticket price includes one pair of wooden Indian Clubs weighing 500gms.

You can UPGRADE the weight of your Indian Clubs to 2lbs as an add on purchase.

Indian Clubs made by Stableford's.

The Early Bird ticket offer expires on the 31st January 2020.

How to Start

A common concern people have is, where to START?

Paul and Kelly are ready to help you with a 2-day workshop that will introduce you to the fundamentals.

Who should Attend?

This workshop is for newcomers, enthusiasts, fitness professionals. Plus those seeking to incorporate these restorative and historic tools into regular practice.

Current Relevance

Indian Clubs and the Traditional Mace (gada) are historic arts. Collectively they have current relevance and pair well with various sports, as a warmup and strength recovery tool.

Physical and Mental

These ancient exercise methods are both physically and mentally engaging. A healthy challenge to both mind and body.

Come and Learn

Put yourself in the expert hands of Paul Taras Wolkowinski and Kelly Manzone. Come and learn how to swing Indian Clubs and the Traditional Mace (gada).

You will learn…

Indian Clubs

  • Grips and Grip Changing
  • Body Positions
  • Commands
  • Thoracic Transverse Mobilisation for Indian Clubs
  • One Arm Front Circles and Hand Changing
  • One Arm Front and Back Circles (heart shapes) with Hand Changing
  • Two Arm Front Circles Inward, Outward and Parallel
  • Two Arm Front and Back Parallel Circles (heart shapes)
  • Beginner Mistakes

Mace (gada)

  • How to safely lift a Gada (mace) and set it down on the floor
  • Understand the Two Basic Grips, Grip Changes and their uses
  • Thoracic Transverse Mobilisation for the Gada (mace)
  • The front Rack Position and Maintaining Balance
  • How to use Triceps Extensions
  • How to use Skin Grip and Pressure
  • The ever-changing Pivot Points of a Gada (mace)
  • How to avoid Tracking mistakes during a swing
  • The Push and Pull Technique
  • Traditional 360°s
  • Traditional 10-2’s
  • Technique for one arm swings
  • Beginner Mistakes
  • … And much, much, more.
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Firepower Kettlebell Gym

Rainton View

West Rainton


United Kingdom

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