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A mixed media exhibition by four experienced artists

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28 May - 18 June 2021

Artists: Dr Melanie Cooper, Audrey Emery and Lizzy Emery

The word illumination describes a source of light in darkness. It also suggests a state of awareness, insight, perception and understanding. Illumination, as both word and concept, conjures a sense of joy, hope, resilience and transformation; through darkness we can discover light. In this exhibition, Illumination, light is explored as the key way in which we understand what it means to be illuminated.

Through the artwork in this exhibition artists Melanie Cooper, Audrey Emery and Lizzy Emery explore the concept of illumination through different interpretations of its meaning, focusing on the representation of light in nature and its correspondence with the mind. The exhibition brings attention to the concept of light’s illumination through an exploration in different materials including drawing, painting, textiles and paper cutting. In Illumination the artists weave together their different stories of light to create an exhibition which celebrates and uplifts what it means to feel the presence of illumination in one’s life.

Illumination brings together the voices of three artists moved to share their experiences of nature’s light. In this exhibition the artists hope to draw attention to the transformative power that can be found in nature’s light as a source for inspiring illumination. The artists present for the audience a narrative exploration of how nature can be a place to discover our own capacity for joy, hope and compassion for others. How might we find in the light of nature our own source of illumination that lives within us all? Illumination aims to explore this question with viewers, and for viewers to contemplate their own light within.

Exhibition concludes on 18 June at 4 pm.

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