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Ideating with Synthetic Biology

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How can we redesign naturally occurring outcomes to solve some of society's biggest problems?

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Synthetic Biology has recently become a key focus for Australia. $30 million dollars has been allocated to supporting infrastructure and programs to get Australia up to par with the rest of the globe in this exciting field. Around the world, synthetic biology is taking the life sciences to another level in areas like medicine, bio materials, bio fuels, and much more.

Synthetic biologists aim to engineer living cells to do something useful ie treat diseases like cancer, detect toxins in the environment, produce materials , the list goes on. DNA, the molecular code unique to all life on earth, can now be used like building blocks to create biological solutions to almost any problem. This is primarily due to leaps made in bioinformatics and DNA synthesis enabling us to make cells respond to stimuli in new and exciting ways.

If terraforming another planet with engineered bacteria, goats that make spider silk, or mustard flowers that can change the colour of their petals to detect landmines sounds interesting, then don't miss out on this webinar.

This event will provide information and resources for educators in years 9-12 on synthetic biology. From online games, international competitions, as well as an introduction into the world that is synthetic biology.


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