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This two-day workshop is designed to teach students the fundamental layout, design and construction methods used to present a personal creative portfolio at a professional standard and equips students with the skills and confidence to present their portfolio of creative work.

This workshop is offered to support students in Year 12 or applying for further education in design and creative industries. This workshop is suitable for students, working professionals and those with a keen interest in design.

Having your own design portfolio is essential to showcase your creativity and talent especially when applying at any design institution or alternatively with a prospective employer within industry. Having a portfolio is a great way to increase your social media and online presence within the design areas. If you’re considering studying further with Whitehouse it can be used to meet the creative entry requirements and assist with Bonus ATAR points should you need them after completing Year 12.

Classes will commence each day at 10am and conclude at 3:30pm with a one hour lunch break.

Please Note: This workshop recommends for you to have at least 5-8 individual pieces of creative work (e.g illustration, moodboards, photography) to assist with creating your portfolio in this short course.

If you currently do not have any creative work, come and join one of our other 5-day workshops leading up to our Portfolio Development Workshop. This will provide you with ample creative work to assist in putting together your creative portfolio. Our 5-day design workshops specialise in Fashion illustration, Interior Illustration or Photography & Creative direction.


Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia

Since 1988 Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia has prepared students for careers within the design industry. Specialising in Fashion Design, Creative Direction & Styling and Interior Design, Whitehouse Institute has evolved continuously to offer a range of programs from workshops through to vocational educational courses and also higher education degrees. 
Whitehouse Institute has long been considered a leader in design education within Australia. With campuses in both central Sydney and the Melbourne CBD, Whitehouse is able to provide our students with the unique opportunity to experience both major cities. 
Whitehouse Institute is proud to offer an introduction to design and life at Whitehouse through our Winter Holiday Workshops listed below. 

How to create a Design Portfolio | Summer Holiday Workshop (2 Days, Sydney Campus) at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia

2 Short Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia