Higher Heart Activation - Living in a Higher Consciousness Flow
Higher Heart Activation - Living in a Higher Consciousness Flow

Higher Heart Activation - Living in a Higher Consciousness Flow

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TBA - within 5km radias Sydney

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The awakening and evolution of humanity is occurring now. This is an intense time as the lower ego nature is being integrated while each person is opening up to their soul nature. Although the intensity exists, a path of least resistance is available for each and everyone of us.

As you step through your awakening & remembrance emergence are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in heavy emotions or energies that feel like you can’t see the woods from the trees?

Do you experience doubt on what is your next step on the awakening path or feel resistance in taking the necessary steps forward?

Are you at a point where there is no turning back? The days of being ignorant and unconscious to what is unfolding in your life and the planet can’t be ignored. Life is calling you deeper into your awakening.

Join Nicolas and Makeda as we journey with you on a higher heart activation experience. The purpose of this journey is to open you up to higher levels of consciousness through frequencies and codes of light that activate a deepened sense of remembrance and awakening.

Connecting you to the Divine Heart of the Mother (earth) and Universal Consciousness to assist with the alchemic process of soul manifestation.

What this does for you is you can perceive new realities that have more grace and ease within them. The struggle, the hardship, the battle can be over right now. With the activation of the higher heart; you can be in any environment and not be negatively affected by the circumstance.

Connecting and anchoring your higher heart to the divine heart of Mother Earth and the Creator will ensure that you are fulling grounded to hear the voice of your intuition and higher self.

If you are living life from the mind you will be experiencing the yoyo effects of life. It will feel like you are at the mercy of what is happening in your external environment which creates a sense of powerlessness, hopelessness and helplessness. This way of existence isn’t necessary anymore – a new way is here for humanity.

In this workshop we will be sharing with you:

// Bringing awareness to some of the ego programs, associations and identities that is keeping you in a survival & reactive state of reality.
// Creating a space where as a group; we can release and let go of these emotions, energies and mental constructs
// Bring in light codes that will initiate a higher heart activation
// Integrate this into your physical body, emotional and mental bodies.
// Connecting and Anchoring to Divine Earth Heart and Heart of Universal Consciousness
// Learn how to practically navigate your life with your intuition and wisdom AND feel the difference in your body when you are experiencing life through the heart vs. the mind
// Tools and Techniques to assist you in your awakening journey moving forward.


Date: Thursday, 15th December from 6:30 to 9:30pm
Investment: $44 + booking fee
Venue: TBA with 5km of Sydney

Learn a little bit about the 2 facilitators

From a young age, Makeda has had a innate knowing that she was connected to more then just what she could physically see. Having seen, spoken to and influenced by spirit from as long as she can remember, she started learning about metaphysical and esoteric ideas in early adolescence.

An expert Spiritual Psychotherapist and Psychic Medium, Makeda has been practicing for over 10 years and has been featured in books and national television. Guided by her Ancestral guides of Zulu and Xhosa decent, she carries a strong Shamanic lineage through both her maternal and paternal lines. She is able to recognize energy, blocks and patterns which is limiting to life and her readings focus on the present and potential futures that are determined by the choice of her client.

Her ability to "tune in" to different dimensions of consciousness allows her to be a vessel of healing messages and words of inspiration. As a healer, Makeda removes and transmutes lower vibrational energies that have gathered in or around a space or client due to sensitivities, thought processes or environment.Due to her fine tuned skill and solid groundedness, Makeda provides the bridge between the ethereal energetic realms and physicality.

Nicolas Perrin is an intuitive transformational coach/healer/facilitator that creates spaces in higher levels of consciousness to assist people in their awakening journeys. Nicolas is passionate in assisting humanity to awaken and for each person to remember their soul divine plan. Nicolas works in a multi dimensional way assisting people to integrate the various levels of their being (ego self/mind, energy bodies and soul nature) to exist in a coherent way. To feel clear about life purpose and vision while stepping into the unknown with trust and divine power. Nicolas guides people to be sovereign, empowered, loving, divinely connected and to feel confident in stepping into new realities of possibility.

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TBA - within 5km radias Sydney

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