Heartfulness  Meditation Free online Classes(Melbourne)

Heartfulness Meditation Free online Classes(Melbourne)

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Free online meditation sessions by Heartfulness Institute in Melbourne.

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Free online meditation sessions by Heartfulness Institute in Melbourne. Experience the inner beauty & learn the techniques with our Heartfulness trained trainers. There are many health benefits of meditation like relief from stress, anxiety, improved sleep and many other benefits.

Following your heart is just a need like breathing but nobody can tell you how. The heart supplies blood to the organs and pumps the bad blood to lungs to purify it, but it is through meditation that we can feel it and realise that all the emotions and intuitions come from here. The Heartfulness meditation helps you balance the connection with the heart and brain. It is our heart that controls our emotions and deeds. The spiritual practices known as ‘Samadhi’ helps us to become one with everything we do by merging with the totality of existence. The practice of spirituality and stillness through Yogic transmission meditation we will be able to achieve consciousness and become one with what was in the beginning.

The stillness of our heart that we reach through Yogic Transmission allows us to feel the force within us. The offering of life-force, which is Yogic terminology for Pranahuti, helps us to achieve a profound state of grace which can be imagined as the sunshine that flows everywhere in the universe. A person of Yogic calibre will be able to utilise the grace for evolution, transformation and enlightenment in life. Frequency, which is the most scientific element of life and a proven fact in medicine can be experienced through meditation. The person who is transmitting prana has to dwell in Infinite Source to attain constant rejuvenation. We will be able to indulge in the meditation practises from anywhere as it is all about time and space. The free meditation for stress will give you contentment and guidance to take control of short temperament and stay peaceful and calm. The purpose of spiritual practices is to bring a change in our lives and avoid the repercussions from the pains in our life. Meditation brings us a special feeling to face the modern-day challenges of stress, depression and loneliness and raises us to another dimension where we feel something above and beyond our life. The regular practice of Heartfulness meditation in the early morning before breakfast with our eyes closed and let it be we will be able to overcome our psychological issues.

The meditation practices is to adapt our hearts to bring a transformation in our life. People from various walks of life share their experiences with a unique way of Heartfulness meditation. The meditation practise led by a certified trainer is free of fees or charges, whether in person, online or via our Apps.




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