Heal Your Deepest Pain - with Unconditional Love - Free Intro

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The Leela Centre

Level 2, 113-115 Oxford st

Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


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- Do you have some form of emotional, physical or spiritual pain that you've been looking to heal, perhaps even after years or decades of healing/therapy?

- Do you resonate with unconditional love, and know deep down we're here to live in joy, bliss, fun, and freedom?

- Have you tried many healing modalities and methods, but feel you need to go deeper?

- Would you like to be able to easily transform and heal even the deepest pain, fear or sense of disconnection within you, and open to your most ecstatic, joyful, and unconditionally loving potential?


You have the power to heal anything.

You can create the change you really want in your emotions, relationships, health, or any area of life, and return day by day to the joy and bliss that is the natural state of our spirit!

The power within us all to heal anything is unconditional love.

In bringing the specific consciousness of unconditional love to our the deepest emotions and pain.

For unconditional love is who we are, and the deepest source of all healing and creation.


Many people have spoken and taught of love throughout the ages. But few have actually learned to apply it to consciously and intentionally heal our deepest pain.

Unconditional Love Healing is a process and understanding of healing that emerged from our own deep journeys. It empowers you to literally heal anything, including your deepest pain or blocks, through the power of unconditional love.

Where you may have felt blocked or stuck for decades, this process can help you literally dissolve those blocks through the energy and consciousness of love, creating rapid, deep and unlimited transformation.

Unconditional Love Healing empowers you to make direct and total transformation to any issue or area of your life including:

♥ - Emotional & Mental health issues/pain
♥ - Physical health & chronic illness
♥ - Relationships, family, and self-love
♥ - Sexuality & Creative Power
♥ - Money and Abundance
♥ - Holistic Spiritual Growth & Realisation

Often healing is very rapid. Most profoundly, it provides a way to easily, simply and clearly heal any issue through love in a methodical, intentional way. This sets you free to live without fear or limitation, to embody your full potential as spiritual being.

In this special free introductory workshop we'll be sharing how through experiencing abuse, illness, psychosis, stress and all kinds of trauma we came to experience the power of unconditional love to heal, and how you can apply this to heal whatever challenges you may be facing in your own lives.

We'll be introducing some very powerful principles you can use for yourself at home, and also how we teach these principles in our upcoming Deep Emotional Healing Training, and in our 1 on 1 healing work.


While entry is free, seats in the room is limited so you must register online via eventbrite to reserve your space:


DATE: Wednesday December 19th
TIME: 6.45-9.15pm
LOCATION: The Leela Centre, Level 2, 113-115 Oxford st, Darlinghurst.

Entry to the building is right on the Corner of Oxford & Crown st, next to the Sandoitchi cafe.



Lora was abducted, raped and had a ‘death experience’ as a three year old, which was profoundly spiritual as well as traumatic. After further trauma and abuse followed through her childhood, she hit her ‘saturn return’ in her late twenties and went into a five month trauma induced psychosis as all the trauma of her childhood which had been repressed came up to the surface of her consciousness.

In this time of great trauma and intensity, Lora knew instinctively that everything she was experiencing needed simply to be loved and allowed to move through her body, and the experience eventually healed with no medication or Western treatment.

Shortly after this Lora met Simon. Simon had already developed the core Unconditional Love Healing process through his years of deep work as a spiritual healer. They soon recognised in each other a shared passion and embodiment of unconditional love, and an awareness of what was happening on earth at this time.

After first choosing a corporate career in business, Simon had been guided by emotional and physical challenges into the path of spiritual healing, where he first connected with and experienced the power of unconditional love. It took years however to understand and discover how to actually fully apply this power for healing, and this learning became the roots of Unconditional Love Healing as they teach it today.

In addition to teaching Unconditional Love Healing and working with clients around the world, Simon & Lora run The Leela Centre in Sydney, home to the most cutting edge spiritual and transformational work in alignment with love & freedom, and teach Tantra workshops as part of Tantric Connections.


"Unconditional love healing has truly and profoundly changed my life. Since my first big shift in my one on one with Simon, the vibration of me and the relationships in my life has changed incredibly. I feel more "myself" than I've ever felt before. I feel more at peace and in love with my life and who I am. The first change I noticed was with my father. We connected on a deeper level and everything I've ever wanted from him was given to me in one conversation on the phone with him...and that was because I no longer made him responsible for how I felt and who I was. I saw him in his truth and loved him for that because I allowed love to fill that part of me first." - Fenda

"Since I live out of Sydney, Simon worked with me over the phone for a chronic lung condition. After the third session, lung tests showed improvements in function that could be measured. That was good reassurance for my for the doctor, but what I loved was being able to do so many more things - only realising afterwards that I'd been active at a level I would not have even thought of before. The really amazing thing is that it all seemed quite normal."- Julie

"I had a shift around extreme anxiety and depression, and I walked away from a session free from the pain and suffering of this. Much love guys – This is the most powerful course on earth ♥." - Michael

"I'd experienced a trail of disastrous relationships over many years, and I was starting to wonder if I'd ever meet a man I could have a healthy loving relationship with. After some sessions with Simon I am now in a healthy, loving, respectful relationship with a man who is treating me better than I've ever been treated before. We are blissfully happy and now living together! I'm amazed at how quickly things can shift and change can take place!" Kirsty

"I have done a lot of healing modalities and they haven’t dealt with my root issues like Unconditional Love Healing has. I feel like I can be my authentic self free from worry and resistance. Like being born again." -Martin
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Date and Time


The Leela Centre

Level 2, 113-115 Oxford st

Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


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