Happy Hour Wine Show
Happy Hour Wine Show

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Happy Hour Wine Show

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Restaurant Hubert

15 Bligh Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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Fancy spending an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon drinking great Aussie wine, having a few laughs and spending time with your friends? Well we would love you to join us for Happy Hour!

Happy hour is a show about the wonderful world of wine and the science of booze. 

We film 3 Episodes on Sunday November 6th @ Restaurant Hubert

It’s got all the things you love about wine (i.e. alcohol), without any of the bullshit. Our show is filmed in front of a live studio audience, which is why we need you! 

It's all about wine and LOLs. 

  • You will receive pre show drinks, and we may even interview you for the show! 

  • Once seated in the audience you will receive the same wines the panel are tasting, so you can join in the competition between our experts and comedians, and tell us what you think. 

  • At the end of the show we invite you onto the stage to join our panel and enjoy one last drink!

There are three shows you can choose from:

Episode 1 @ 12.30PM
Judging a Book by It's Cover
In this episode we cover all the reasons you choose wine. Is it label? Price? The medals on the bottle? We discuss why spending more doesn't necessarily mean you will enjoy a wine more. In this episode we will taste inexpensive to expensive wines to determine if price does indeed have a taste. 

Episode 2 @ 2:30PM
The nose knows
In this episode we deep dive into your nose. Illuiminate how the olfactory system works and how you can use your own skills to get the most out out your wine experience. In this episode we will give the panel and audience different aromas to smell and see if they can match them to some delicious aromatic Australian red and white wines. 

Episode 3 @ 4:30PM
What's tongue got to do with it?
Now we know how much work the nose it doing, what about the tongue? Did you know the tongue map is completely incorrect? In this episode we look inside your mouth and show how this whole experience of nose and mouth combines together to become what you know as flavour. In this episode we taste delicious Australian whites and reds that hit all the key flavour and sensory cues. 

We have an incredible range of wine experts and comedians joining us for this fun journey. 

In the world of wine we have:
Corrina Wright- Oliver's Taranga
Samantha Connew- Chair of Royal Sydney Wine Show & Founder/Head Winemaker at Stargazer Wines
Samantha Payne- Guardian Wine Writer & Consultant Sommelier
Dr Alex Russell PhD- Researcher in Sensory Science
to name a few

Our Comedic partners are just as awesome:
Greta Jackson- Standup, Active wear lover, writer & one of the stars of Wham Bam Thankyou M'am
Liam Seymour- Comedian & Actor
Bianca Dye- Radio host, comedian & journalist

And many more we are not yet allowed to name!

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Restaurant Hubert

15 Bligh Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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