Halloween Haunted House Walkthrough 2022 - A FREE

Halloween Haunted House Walkthrough 2022 - A FREE

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After a 2+ year hiatus, we are BACK!! Welcome to Craigieburn Halloween Haunted House

About this event

Craigieburn Halloween Haunted House 2022

Starting in 2014, our love for all things Halloween got the better of us. Since then, we have run a completely free event for families to enjoy Halloween in Craigieburn. Each year the crowds are increasing and our visitors love what we do, offering a unique and free community event.

We bring the American style 'haunts' to life in Australia, converting our garage and backyard into a haunted house walk through, with animated props, actors & sound/lighting effects, providing a unique experience for all ages.  

Join us for Halloween and walk through our scary Haunted House. This year, the event will be held on Halloween night, Monday 31st October. 

- Free Entry.

- Free Lollies for children brave enough to enter.

- Live video cameras recording your screams;

         (To be shared publicly on our Facebook page, post event)

- Live actors, sound, lighting, smoke and prop effects.


Our goal is to make sure everyone enjoys the experience gets a good scare and has a good laugh – but to do this, we need all our patrons to abide by the rules – nothing stupid, just common sense!

- Ticket registration is required.

- Groups size of MAX 4 people allowed to enter at any one time.

- Guests 16 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult. 

- We have the right to refuse entry.

- You WILL be recorded (video and audio) while inside the attraction. 

- Once you enter, there is NO turning back!

You will NOT be allowed to enter any of the attractions if you suffer from or have any of these conditions …

- Recent surgery or illness

- Heart disorders / pacemakers /high blood pressure

- Seizures / epilepsy / dizziness / motion sickness / asthma or any other type of physical or mental issues

- Pre-existing limb or body injuries

- Pregnancy

- Neck or back disorders

- Under the influence of Alcohol, Medication or Drugs

- No photography of any kind including video or the use of mobile phones (It spoils the fun!)

- No bare feet (‘Closed in shoes’ must be worn)

- No loose items

- No running, pushing or pulling

* Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated

* Sharp or dangerous objects are prohibited

Enter at your own risk. No persons or parties associated with this event are responsible for any occurrences that may result from your entrance. You will be exposed to many different uneven surfaces that may cause you to trip.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes), cigarette lighters, and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Police are aware of the event and intoxicated guests will be removed and reported. Do not carry children in your arms through the attraction. You will be exposed to strobe lights, loud noises, scary/horror scenes, intense visual effects, and theatrical fog that may affect those with or without asthma. At any time you may be asked to leave for inappropriate behaviour or violations explained above. By registering for a ticket and entering the haunted attraction/property you agree to all of the above and take full responsibility for ALL of your actions whether intentional or accidental. Craigieburn Haunted House and any of their affiliates may not be held responsible in any case.


While in the attraction, you will experience loud sounds, extremely low visibility, small and confined spaces, flashing lights, fog, special effects and be startled. You should reconsider entering if you have heart problems, epilepsy, prone to seizures, neck/back issues, a sensitivity to smoke or are pregnant. 



We take safety very seriously. Do not touch any of our props, sets, actors, performers or other personnel, do not touch our actors and they will not touch you!

- Be prepared for unintentional or accidental contact either by an actor or props inside this ‘dark environment’ …this does not allow you to re-act in any such manner as to cause harm to our actors or performers!

- We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who is acting in an unsafe manner!

- Security will be available throughout this event to deal with any dangerous, unruly or abusive behaviour

- You will be asked to leave the premises and police will intervene if necessary

- Not adhering to these conditions or abiding by written instructions (signage) or verbal directions given by any of our staff or crew could lead to serious injury or death

- You will assume all risks including bumping into things in the dark…all care is taken but no responsibility.

RISK WARNING: Participation in the even may involve a significant risk of feeling scared, frightened, anxious, disoriented or confused which may then cause you to suffer a personal injury including the possibility of serious injuries, permanent disability or death. All participants who engage in such services do so at their own risk.


What is the address?

This is a closed event as we can only handle a certain number of people given the time we are open. Therefore, the address will not be provided publicly.  When you order your tickets, the event address will be stated on the Ticket.  Therefore, it's important that you provide a VALID email address should we need to contact you.

Is there an age limit to enter the event?

There is no defined age limit, although the attraction is designed to scare, so we highly advise parental discretion before entering, particularly for children under the age of 10yrs.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The location has very limited parking available as it held in a Court.  If you can walk, we recommend you park further away and walk to the event. 

What can/can't I bring to the event?

We encourage you to dress up, although for the safety of others, please do not bring any weapons, alcohol, food and drink or large objects.  We also ask that you refrain from "trick or treating" in the street, due to the large number of people expected.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

If you need to contact us, you can either email us directly at craigieburnhaunt@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/craigieburnhalloween.  Please note that on the day of the event, we will not be able to respond to any enquires as we will be busily preparing for the night.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, you will need to present ALL tickets on the night to enter.  We recommend downloading the EventBrite app.

Why are you recording the event?

The event is recorded for several reasons;1. For the safety of everyone involved to monitor behaviour inside the attraction.2. To record your screams and reactions to scares, which are then used to create our video coverage that is shared on our Facebook page, post event.

Will the actors touch me?

We have a “no touch” policy – you don’t touch us, we don’t touch you. Unfortunately, due to the very dim lighting inside the haunt, you may occasionally come into accidental contact with one of our staff. Our monsters will not grab or maul you, however, you may be touched by some of our props.

What is a 'Haunted House Walkthrough'?

Haunted House Walkthroughs are popular all over the US and Europe at Halloween. At Craigieburn Halloween Haunted House, you will experience a terrifying and unique event and we promise to scare you out of your mind! If you enjoy being scared, this is the event for you!

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