Guinness World Record - Most amount of people dressed as a garden gnome

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Manly State School

63 Ernest Street

Manly, QLD 4179


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We need 480 people to break the Guinness World Record for the most amount of people Dressed as a garden gnome. Join us in our attempt.

About this Event

Help us break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the most amount of people dressed as a garden gnome.

Details on what to wear, can be found on our website and on the eventbrite website (Details up on Monday)

VOLUNTEERS TO BE A STEWARD: read the end section. We need volunteers to help count and act as official stewards

Please read:

We must adhere to the GWR guidelines of what to wear:

Largest gathering of people dressed as

garden gnomes.

Record definition;

• This record is for the greatest number of people wearing full garden gnome costumes.

• This record is to be attempted by a team of unlimited size.

• This record is measured by the number of participants correctly wearing garden gnome


• For the purposes of the record, a garden gnome is defined as a figurine of a small

humanoid creature, usually wearing a pointy hat, produced for the purpose of ornamentation, typically on gardens or on lawns.


Rules for Largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes;

1. A full male gnome costume consists of the following:

• collared shirt and vest OR brightly coloured tunic and belt OR pair of overalls

• Beard

• Pointed hat

• Boots

2. A full female gnome costume consists of the following:

• solid-coloured or patterned dress with apron OR shirt and skirt with suspenders OR pair of overalls

• Pointed hat

• Boots

3. Any participants not dressed in the full costume must be discounted from the final total.


Rules for 'Largest gathering of (single venue)' records

Please make sure you follow ALL these rules:

a. The attempt must take place at a single location; in a gymnasium, educational establishment, conference or exhibition hall or some similar, public outdoor area.

b. The attempt must take place in a restricted area with entrances and exits clearly marked and controlled.

c. Indoor attempts must take place in a room designated for the attempt and outdoor attempts must be secured with fences or other physical barriers.

d. All participants must be in position simultaneously and remain so for a minimum of 5 minutes, unless stated otherwise in the specific guidelines.

e. A loud start and finish signal recognised by all participants must be used.

Guinness World Records Largest gathering of people dressed as garden gnomes 20 October 2019

f. Either the two independent witness or two experienced timekeepers (e.g. from a local athletics club) must time the attempt with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 seconds.

g. A formal final check of all costumes must be completed as participants enter the attempt area. This should be personally completed by the independent witnesses or they should directly observe it.

h. All participants must remain in full costume for the entirety of the attempt.

i. Where applicable all costumes must be complete and clearly recognisable as the character or costume designated for the record set out in the specific guidelines, at the discretion of the independent witnesses and Guinness World Records any costume deemed unsuitable will be disqualified from the final total.

j. At least one of the witnesses must have sufficient knowledge of the character/person/animal being portrayed and what they are supposed to look like. This expertise must be expressed in their witness statement.

k. For instances where the record attempt is not for portraying a character/person/animal, appropriate documentation must be provided that proves that each participant achieves the guideline specific parameters.





clearly delineated area assigned to that steward. This can be done by positioning participants in a clearly marked areas or another method pre-approved by Guinness World Records.

For every 50 participants there must be one designated steward.

Stewards must not come from the organisation holding the record attempt.

Each steward must be allocated a specific group of participants who are to be positioned in a

m. Each steward must supervise their group during the attempt to ensure they are in complete costume both prior to the start of the attempt and throughout until the finish signal is sounded.

n. Each steward must monitor if anybody in their group is either not in complete costume, leaves the area or removes parts of their required costume.

o. The steward must note any participants who need to be deducted from the final total either for not being in correct costume as stipulated in the record guidelines or removing their costume or for leaving the allocated area.

p. If the total number of disqualified participants exceeds 10% of the final total the attempt will be disqualified.


q. Where the attempt has less than 5000 participants it must be overseen and verified by at least two independent witnesses.

r. Where the attempt has 5000 or

Date and Time


Manly State School

63 Ernest Street

Manly, QLD 4179


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