GS1 Standards in hospitals – Ways to increase patient safety

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GS1 is a global, neutral standards organisation providing a common language for the automatic identification of products, locations, assets, patients, etc. GS1 Standards can guarantee the uniqueness of an identified entity and an automatic capture using barcodes or RFID.

Many healthcare providers around the world (including Australia) are leveraging GS1 Standards across a range of critical healthcare processes today, including Positive Patient Identification, Bedside Scanning, Medication Management, Theatre Management, Patient Level Costing, Recall Management and Traceability, amongst many others.

ACT Health started implementing a broad standards framework based on GS1 standards in 2016, focussing on those areas that ensure positive patient identification, care provider identification and reduction of wrong blood in tube incidents. Recently eHealth NSW also recognised GS1 Standards to be used to enable an automatic identification system around NSW Health, with an initial focus on patient identification, staff identification and use within closed-loop medication management.

Join us for this webinar to hear more about ways to increase patient safety and supply chain efficiency using GS1 standards and real-life examples across Australia and around the globe.

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