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Monash University Conference Centre (CBD)

Level 7, 30 Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000


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Google Analytics Training - Melbourne

Our training courses aren't like everyone else's.

Our training is all about chasing the spark, taking you to the "aha!" moment where the value, benefit and power of web analytics suddenly hits.

Who We Are

Data Runs Deep is a web analytics training and consulting firm based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find out about us here.

Our Google Analytics training course is designed to tick a lot of boxes:

  • Practical. Our trainers work with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager day in, day out. They know what works.
  • Open. Instead of just telling you whats you can do, we show you how to do it. We keep no secrets.
  • Fun. Stuffy learning environments aren't as good for learning as free and fluid workshops and exercises.

Our course mixes deep-dive sessions with structured exercises and workshops, with shorter need-to-know modules that download best practice directly into your brain.

No other Google Analytics training course is more actionable, more fun, and more BS-free. These courses are imitated by others. These are the courses that Google sends their own staff and direct clients on.

How To Book

You can purchase tickets here on Eventbrite.

If no tickets are currently available, you can still pay by invoice. Email us on and we'll get you sorted.

What People Say

I really enjoyed it. Very relaxed and I enjoyed the open forum, so people could share their business' particular challenges, solutions, tools, and approaches. - Melbourne, Feb 2018

It was genuinely the best training course I've ever attended - Melbourne, Dec 2017

I really liked it. The case studies and real life scenarios made it a lot easier to navigate and understand the material that was being presented to us. The material was easy to follow and understand, and our trainer was a wealth of knowledge. All round a wonderful course that I'm highly recommending to my fellow colleagues! - Sydney, Nov 2016

Training was great, I've taken heaps of useful information back to the team and we've already started implementing changes. - Melbourne, Nov 2016

I found the course incredibly illuminating, as I had a very superficial understanding of what Analytics is capable of, before completing this training. - Melbourne, May 2017

You can grab more attendee testimonials under the Want More Info box on this page of our website.

Training Course Schedule

Day One - Google Analytics Fundamentals (Not A Beginners Course!)

Google Analytics Fundamentals courses are a dime a dozen -- because teaching easy stuff is easy.

That's why we're going beyond easy stuff and covering areas that we think are the real fundamentals: measurement strategy, analysis techniques, and visualisation.

  • Morning Session 1: Web Analytics Concepts
  • Morning Session 2: Analytics Measurement Strategy
  • Afternoon Session 1: Analysis Methods, Techniques and Realisation
  • Afternoon Session 2: Reporting & Visualisation

Day One is designed for anyone that needs a grounding in the hands-off skills around web analytics. We work through measurement strategies in awesome group exercises.

We set up Goals, we configure funnels, and we segment our users. We look at models for reporting and visualisation, and we make it fun.

Day Two - Advanced & Applied Googe Analytics

Day Two plants attendees at the heart of a major web analytics pain point -- effective campaign management and reporting.

We introduce a tried and tested model to make campaign reporting a breeze, and back it up with a set of hands-on exercises and workshops.

  • Morning Session 1: Setting up Google Analytics Properly
  • Morning Session 2: Campaign Tracking In Google Analytics
  • Afternoon Session 1: Attribution Modelling and Campaign Reporting
  • Afternoon Session 2: The Google Analytics API and Other Add-Ons Tools To Help Get The Job Done

Day Two is designed for people that like to get their hands a bit dirty.

No development or technical knowledge is required. (There are some tecchy bits, but it's okay to zone out now and again if it all gets too much. We're human too.)

We go out for a couple of drinks after Day Two for some informal networking and to wind-down a bit.

Day Three - Google Data Studio

You know your data’s great and you know there is a story to be told in the numbers you’ve collected, now it’s time to tell that story.

Our Google Data Studio Training will help you turn raw data in to easy to understand, easy to share, interactive, automated reports.

  • Morning Session 1: Setting up a report, connecting to your data
  • Morning Session 2: Creating charts and filter controls
  • Morning Session 3: Principles of data visualisation
  • Afternoon Session 1: Creating custom fields and calculated metrics
  • Afternoon Session 2: Combining multiple data sources into one report
  • Afternoon Session 3: Sharing/distributing reports

This session is ideal for anyone who wants to spend more time on insights, and less time copying numbers into spreadsheets.

We will set up interactive report templates using key data sources like Google Analytics, AdWords and Youtube that you can start using and sharing right away.

Hang on -- Who should attend this?
This is intended for folk that have completed Day One (probably) and Day Two (definitely), or that already know their way confidently around Google Analytics and have exposure to the GA API.

Day Four - Google Tag Manager

The final day of our training course takes in the heady and heavy aspects of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, working through the theory and practice of an advanced custom implementation.

Event Tracking, Form Tracking, Google Tag Manager best practice and funky custom tracking is all included. It's amazing.

  • Morning Session 1: The what and why's of Google Tag Manager
  • Morning Session 2: Setup and basic page tagging
  • Morning Session 3: Tracking where the visitors are clicking
  • Afternoon Session 1: Getting more specific with triggering tags
  • Afternoon Session 2: dataLayer and form tracking
  • Afternoon Session 3: Implementing more advanced third-party tracking pixels

This Day presupposes some technical knowledge, but you don't need to be a coder to understand everything -- the true value in advanced web analytics is knowing what's possible, not just in how to build it.
We give away a lot of our IP here and as such we reserve the right to restrict access to this day's course.

Hang on -- Who should attend this?
Anyone looking to take control of the tags on their website. This could be marketing professionals who want to make sure their campaign is being tracked correctly, user experience designers who want to track how visitors are using the site or developers who want to understand how Google Tag Manager works with their code.

Key Need-To-Knows

What's included?

Training courses run from 09:00 - 16:30, ish. They're catered, and we're shouting you the best catering that our training venues can put together. If you require vegan food, please contact us via before booking.

Who should attend?

We've taken everything we know, and split it across three days. We hope that you'll want to join us for the whole ride, but you're most welcome to pick and choose the day or days that resonates most with where you're at.

Take a look at the full breakdown or get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Who are the trainers?

Our trainers work day-in, day-out with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and have put custom tracking implementations together for clients all over Australia and New Zealand since 2012. They're do'ers as well as trainers, and shoot from the hip (whatever that means) with a straight-up and unflowery style.

Data Runs Deep is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and authorised GA360 reseller.

What Are Your Terms & Conditions?

Great question. Let's not list them here though. You can find our T's & C's (all of which begin with C) on our website.

Date and Time


Monash University Conference Centre (CBD)

Level 7, 30 Collins Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000


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