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To create a generational legacy for our great grandchildren.

About this event

Our Mission

To build a community of Members (the choir)- who will get to klt (know, like and trust ) each other over time - those who are passionate about climate action and want to make a difference - with a view to take people who are not in the choir to be inspired to take action - when it comes to to climate.

With hops (small steps), skips (medium steps) and jumps (great projects).

We will meet each other on a regular basis with the view of 5Cs to collaborate, learn and grow together.




Continuously (This is the key - to meet on a regular basis - and we will do this through a forum that has worked really well for us - the #bbgforum)


To create a collaborative community.

Protocols of members - they will agree to the TReAT values:

Team first - They will have their team's back.

Respect - They will come to the relevant forums and respect other members - and listen with intent - they will come to the relevant forums with a spirit of generosity and not a wiifm attitude.

Energy and passion - They will be aligned with the group and be passionate about the ideal customers/constituents and products and services that are provided to them.

Attitude and Action

- They will treat the forum as their own - and invite their contacts that are relevant to the group to the relevant forums.

- They will have a positive attitude to the forum - and if they haven’t - they need to feel safe to call it out and make changes.

- It’s about taking action - we will be a way of there is a desire.

- It’s okay to fail and do wrong things - treat it as a learning.

Trust - This is not negotiable - members need to trust one another - be transparent and open - say what they are going to do - it’s okay to mess up - because a member has trust that the member has their back.

Our Vision

Through our discussions - we will have 3 active streams (initially):

1. Focused on corporates / organisations / government / decision makers - to engage them to take action.

We have a methodology and plan over next 13 months - to do so - 4 forums over the course of the year - with a set framework to create learning collaborating and growth.

2. Focused on media.

We will be discussing ways where we can leverage media - and platforms with a view to share our message to take client action to the world.

We will be collaborating with media organisations, with a view to help them get “bums on seats and eyeballs” by giving them amazing content - that we create or curate.

Plan is to get message out to diverse group of all ages.

What action - That will be determined - and teased out by those who are knowledgeable about climate action - from the various forums and programmes.

This will be fleshed out by the media group.

It was decided to have a forum in November with a diverse group of people to tease out the questions to ask .

We discussed today #climatestory - where we have a forum where First Nation people share their stories relating to looking after the planet - and then in thinktanks - delegates share there stories with each other.

3. Focused of connecting money with entrepreneurs and green tech Climatetech.

We plan to hold 2-3 investor forums per annum.

Showcasing “shark tank” style forums.

Entrepreneur pitches - to a room / forum of 50-200 hni, funds and organisations keen to invest.

With a view to fund innovation.

We are excited to be building our Climate Action Forum - where people feel safe to share their views - and who align to the TREAT values.

Hope to see you there!

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