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Calling all ladies who want more sexy, saucy, sensual energy flowing through your body and into your lives!!!

Your body is built for pleasure! Your life experience designed in a way that that very pleasure, that sexual energy when harnessed can see you "call in" with your very attraction capacities, the life you desire. By being moved and taking action through desire you will experience more joy, peace and you guessed it.. pleasure!

I have personally gone through this transformation myself over recent years and I have to say the change in how I experience life is nothing short of mind blowing!

From a self proclaimed prude who loved my life but couldn't put my finger on (mind the pun) what was missing. Opening up to my sexual energy and allowing it to guide me has seen me experience pleasure I didn't even know possible, in the bedroom, yes... and more mind blowing, in my life!

Our ability to experience pleasure in our lives is directly linked to how much pleasure we feel in our bodies!!!

But why is this so hard for women?

Life is inherently imbued with heart ache, loss, change, suppression, and shame. All of these emotive states and experiences culminate to see us as women, slowly shutting down out expression, voicing our desire or wants, our boundaries. It sees us closing down our hearts to other people and ourselves. The very real experience of not trusting ourselves to make good decisions or to trust the right people.

This along with the fact that we embrace so many different roles these days that we drop some of the most fundamental parts of ourselves while trying to juggle societies expectations of what it means to be a woman.

No wonder we end up dried up, literally, and disconnected to the very part of ourselves that holds the answers.. our yonis!

This Getting Sexy Back is a 6 week ONLINE program for women who have too long experienced themselves shut down sexually. Turned off to the pleasure this life holds, not just in sexual experiences with others but within their sexual nature and with that of the world around them.

Your sensuality is experienced within you. You have the ability to be turned on and juiced up in any given moment. And this course will show you how.

Join an intimate group of women as we journey this path of awakening. You don't have to be a beaded up hippy or a tantra loving sex witch to join, although definitely welcome ;) This course is designed for everyday women. If you want to re-open to your true sexual nature, then this course is for you.

Not matter the reason for your closing, be it children, trauma, abusive relationship, masculine driven work environments or neglect this course is for you!

What to expect ;

6 weekly ONLINE group calls. It is imperative you be present and ONLINE for each of these sessions.

Week One - Deepen intimacy with yourself and others.
Be guided through breath and intention to open yourself up to truely feeling your nature.

Week Two - Inner union part one - Your feminine nature. Heal the wounds of the past and open communication and flow using the archetypes of your soul.

Week Three - Inner Union part two - Your masculine nature. Thats right, we all have an inner man and many women have rejected and shun this part of ourselves, letting immature inner boys run the show. This week we will be helping our inner masculine mature.

Week four - Communication and consent. Your genitals and throat have a direct connection. This week we will be practicing clear communication of desires, boundaries and conscious consent practices.

Week five - Time to embody your sensual self. The focus for week five is to become the embodiment of your desire. This week is a heap of fun as we start playing with how it feels to be desire.

Week six - Celebrate! Special secret fun to be had.. shhhhh I love surprises! :)

Private FB group
Throughout the 6 weeks you can also expect a tonne of support through our private facebook group. Here you will share your experiences, completion of any tasks given and enjoy all the bonus material I have install. This is a safe space where you can continue to express and share with the beautiful women you will be journeying with. And of course I will be available for you through this platform also.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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