GeoRabble Tas #7
GeoRabble Tas #7

GeoRabble Tas #7

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Republic Bar

299 Elizabeth St, North Hobart TAS 7000


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GeoRabble Tas #7

We need a theme... someone think of a theme. What about the geo-net of things?!

Presenter Details:

Richard Mount

Complex spatial design challenges for ecosystem accounting production systems

The dog's breakfast challenge, the winds-of-change challenge and the associated rubbish bin challenge, the invisibility challenge, the tyranny of multi-dimensionality, the bounded rationality challenge and others...

Eloise "Ducky" Macdonald-Meyer

Title: Arrgh, Not so real monsters!

Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more accessible to a wide range of users, and while this is often used as a gimmick, there are still many very valid uses for it across industries. AR at its most basic allows us to project game objects into the real world but can do so much more than just flooding your house with Zubats.

This talk will briefly introduce Augmented Reality and its current state, before comparing some of the development kits available and how to get started using them. Throughout, It will also discuss some of the ways AR can be implemented more meaningfully without becoming just a gimmick, as well as it’s future!

Hamish Horvath

Streamlining data collection

From mapping the Eloba outbreak in West Africa, monitoring the Cheetah population in Iran, to rehabilitating mine sites in Australia’s north-west, Mappt is democratising data collection and viewing in a revolutionary way.
Join Hamish Horvath for an insight into Mappt and learn more about the innovative way they collect field information.

Iain Clarke

GPS in aviation sports - using the N in GNSS

Sports aviators, such as paraglider and hang glider pilots use GPS in a number of
applications: navigation and airspace compliance, competition, flight verification and outright bragging.
This presentation looks at the hardware used in the cockpit, and the tools used to process and visualise
the data.

Date: Thursday 10th November, 2016
TimeDoors open 5:00pm, Presentations from 5.20 pm
Location: Republic Bar in Hobart

Standard Georabble Format: A handful speakers, 10 mins each, usual rules.

Registration: Attendance is free, but for catering purposes we need you to register!  

What is GeoRabble? 

GeoRabble is about celebrating the everyday challenges and triumphs of working with location. Everything from the mundane to the glamorous, unfiltered by professional bodies, government and private company agendas and industry politics.

Who is GeoRabble for? 

Anyone who has anything to do with GeoHipsters, GeoTech, GeoDev, GeoBusiness, GeoTrends, GeoFutures, GeoPasts – you name it, as long as you’re passionate and want to share your challenges, triumphs, frustrations and pride in the work that you do.

Please contact us if you'd like to be a part of sponsoring a future event.

The Small Print follows:  GeoRabble Rules

1.     Celebrate each others’ triumphs
2.     Respect each others’ choice – no technology bigotry
3.     No sales pitches – this includes services, software, data etc.
4.     No company logos or ‘about us’ slides
5.     Keep it short

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We can't hold these events without the help of the greater Geocommunity!

And a shoutout to the sponsor of this event, Mappt. Thanks folks!

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Date and Time

Republic Bar

299 Elizabeth St, North Hobart TAS 7000


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