GC21 + MW21 Cooperative based Contracting - Monday 29 August 2022

GC21 + MW21 Cooperative based Contracting - Monday 29 August 2022

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GC21 (Editions 2 + 1 + MW21) INTEGRATED Editions Training Cooperative based Contracting for the Construction Sector

About this event

GC21 (Editions 2 + 1 + MW21) INTEGRATED Editions Training course (GC21CS) : GC21 Cooperative based Contracting for the Construction Sector

Training delivery is by Live Interactive Video Conference using the ZOOM platform as a Face-to-Face (virtual) course with each booked attendee participating throughout the training day from their own suitable venue: business office, home, conference room/board room, etc either attending separately or as a group together. (The Training course on this date is not provided at a physical venue)

Course Date & Time: based on Sydney, NSW, Australia (AEST)

This course GC21CS : GC21 Cooperative based Contracting for the Construction Sector is CONSTRUCTIVITIY's Standard 1 day GC21 Training course.

NOTE 1: A separate Private Training course 'for the business' on a different date may be arranged exclusively for the Client's nominated people. Enquiries welcome.

NOTE 2: This course (GC21CS ) is at times also available on a different date within a more comprehensive 2 day format: GC21MCM: GC21 Mastering Contract Management & Collaborative Contracting Extension which also includes additional GC21 specific topics, terms and conditions, options, contingencies, interpretations, case studies, scenarios including additional discussion and Q&A time. Please refer EVENTBRITE listing or CONSTRUCTIVITY web site or enquire with CONSTRUCTIVITY directly.

With GC21 Edition 2 remaining predominantly popular and GC21 Edition 1 continuing in use for works typically over $1-2m in combination with MW21 (the Minor Works variant of GC21) for works typically under $1-2m, this unique Integrated Editions training course provides access to unprecedented insight of the distinctions and challenges involved in GC21 & MW21 Contract Management across the broader range of Government Construction work opportunities.

Enhance your professional knowledge and skills in Construction Management, Project Management, Construction Supervision and Contractual skills diversity with Cooperative based Contracting under the GC21 & MW21 General Conditions of Contract. Improve eligibility and access to construction contracts through open and selective tendering with NSW Government, ACT, SA and other States.

Course Level

  • Comprehensive Practitioner Level content and coverage
  • Multi-Party & Stakeholder perspectives: Contractor, PAP, Client centric
  • Contract Management; Contract Administration: detailed presentation, review including requirements and risk allocations not immediately transparent or evident to practitioners referencing the General Conditions of Contract
  • Standard 1 day intensive course (GC21CS)
  • Note: where significant additional understanding of the GC21 Contract is required, please refer to the special 2 day course: GC21 Mastering Contract Management (GC21MCM) which both includes and extends beyond the standard 1 day course.

Training Delivery:

  • Virtual Face-to-Face by Live Video Conference using Zoom platform
  • Full day Intensive training course
  • Participative, Interactive, Supportive
  • Q&A / Discussion: open to participant workplace contract challenges

Appreciate Government, PAP and Contractor perspectives on Contract Management: precautions, contingencies, strategies, opportunities.

  • Rationale behind Cooperative based Contracting
  • Origins and history of GC21 & MW21 including contemporary implications
  • GC21 Vs MW21: Key distinctions, features, comparison explained in parallel throughout the training day
  • Structure of the contract and associated material
  • Strategies for navigation and comprehension of complex contracts
  • Obligations and commitments
  • Responsibilities and stakeholders roles
  • Contract Framework
  • Works life cycle from a Contract management perspective 
  • Design, Construction, Conclusion
  • Time management, Variations, Payment & Claims
  • Standard of work, Defect Free completion
  • Communications and Issue management: workshops, meetings, Expert Determination
  • Contract Risk allocation
  • Operationalisation expectations
  • Relationship & Business development
  • Review and development

Professional development & Learning enhancement

  • Extensive presentation content
  • Case studies
  • Scenarios
  • Examples
  • Process walk-throughs
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Discussion
  • Certificate of attendance forwarded as PDF by email following attendance, participation and completion of training
  • CPD points towards requirements: NSW Fair Trading Builders License; Australian Institute of Architects (AIA); Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM); Project Management Institute (PMI)

Suitable for a broad range of Project stakeholders, for example:

  • Project Managers, Construction Managers, Contracts Manager, Project Engineer, Project Architects
  • Project teams, Site Supervisors, Management system specialists (WHS, QMS, EMS)
  • Business owners, Senior Executive, Senior Managers, Financial Managers, Business Development Managers
  • Tendering team, Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Valuers
  • Project Client, PAP, CAP, Subcontractors, Key Stakeholders, Consultants

Unique features & additional services:

  • Construction specific: construction sector focus, context, relevance
  • Trainer experience: 30+ Years Government Construction Sector experience
  • Training scalability: flexibility to cater for large, small or individual group size delivery
  • Training delivery: Public external courses or In-house business office; Metropolitan or Regional, NSW or Interstate

Sol Voron has been working with the Construction sector for over 30 years providing consultation, assessment facilitation and training services associated with NSW, ACT, SA Government, Local Council (LGA) and private sector construction initiatives. This includes the facilitation of Cooperative contracting based GC21 project start up workshops, conducting GC21 project evaluation and monitoring meetings, facilitating value management studies and risk management workshops for school, hospital, community centre, civil works and dam safety upgrade projects. Sol has delivered across a range of audience sizes involving Construction Forums ranging from 20 to 200 attendees, Project workshops between 8 and 80 attendees and customised small group training in Business planning, Strategy development, Workplace wellbeing development, Conflict resolution, Alternative dispute resolution, GC21 & MW21 Cooperative based Contracting. Qualifications: M.Ed. Adult Ed; M. Mgt Community Mgt; G.Dip Voc Workplace Learning; TAA40104 Cert IV TAA; BSB51504 Dip. PM; BSB51607 Dip. QA; B.E.

Essential Requirements for Clients and their Attendees during the Training (Additional Terms and Conditions Agreement): 

  • ACCESS NOTIFICATION by Email: Bookings are to include the provision of each separate individual attendee's email address to which Training access, preparation guidelines will be provided prior to training and to which notifications may be sent during the training. Access Notifications may typically be provided within 2 days or more prior to the training day. Important: Check SPAM & JUNK Mail filter arrangements regularly to ensure ability to receive email advice and to allow access to the training course.
  • ARRIVE ON TIME BY 8.45am **IMPORTANT**: this is essential for Registration online and preparation for an early start. Please connect in 10 minutes early. Late arrivals may not be noticed, may not be able to access the training, may not be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance and may need to re-book their training for another date. *IMPORTANT*: Arrange and Test everything, well in advance to avoid delay and potential inability to arrive on time and access the training course - refer below for further details.
  • Duration: A course may typically require 1 full day (e.g. 8.45am – 5.30pm).
  • Mode: Delivery is by Live Video Conference Face-to-Face Online as a PUBLIC Training course.
  • PUBLIC: The course may include attendees from other organisations.
  • Venue: Arrange to provide your own quiet and uninterrupted space suitable for attending a Live participatory Video Conference training course.
  • COVID-19 & WHS: Identify and implement all necessary and mandatory requirements within your venue.
  • ITC: Availability of a fully functioning pre-tested PC / Mac with video, audio, broadband internet, including pre-familiarisation in accessing and operating ZOOM video Conferencing (Ref: www.zoom.us) as well as any installation and pre-testing needs. Downloading the Zoom Client (from RESOURCES menu) is strongly recommended.
  • FULL SIZE HD monitor / screen is essential: A mobile phone or other small screen device will be insufficient and/or unsuitable to enable adequate understanding and/or participation in the training due to: detail in the presentation information; face-to-face involvement required; other potential technical and operational limitations. A full size HD screen is essential. e.g. 12 inch or larger, 15inch+ is recommended.
  • Shared Video Conferencing Room / System: each attendee sharing the same system must also have access to an additional individual separate web enabled device to be able to respond to training activities individually and confidentially at the same time e.g. Notebook PC, Tablet, Smartphone etc.
  • Connection: Continuity of attendee's fully functioning Video & Audio throughout the training is essential.
  • No electronic recordings: Electronic recordings (incl. audio, video, images) by clients, attendees or their agents is not permissible.
  • Identity displayed: Enter Full Name of user (when requested by Zoom before entering the Video Conference).
  • Confidentiality: respecting and not divulging sensitive or commercial information discussed by other attendees, speakers or parties.
  • Training records: Data including your submitted information, audio visual and other related content from the live training course may be used by the training provider for quality management; continuous improvement purposes and as evidence and record of individual training attendance. Data may be used to substantiate actual attendance including where reasonably requested by an appropriate Third party to whom a Certificate or related statement has been provided by or on behalf of a party stating to have attended training.
  • Continuity Contingency Planning: Where technical problems, outage, disconnection or other issues arise, seek to restore your own connection promptly using your own appropriate inhouse or other technical advice. Consider powering down / disconnection and reconnection. Monitor for potential emails from Training provider. Be aware of potential for other parties to also be affected. A delay may be incurred which may extend the completion time for the course. Rescheduling to another date may be necessary.
  • Certificate of Attendance eligibility: The attendee’s Video and Audio connection must be of good quality; remain continuous and stable when needed, throughout the training day. Certificate is provided as PDF by email to eligible attendees following full attendance, participation and completion of training including meeting the agreed terms and conditions. Certificates may typically be sent within 3 business days of course completion.
  • Training: access, availability, benefit in whole or in part is specifically for booked attendees only (with substitution available by prior notice); does not include access, availability benefit whether formally or informally, directly or indirectly or in any other, similar or related manner to others who are not booked to attend; does not constitute, include or infer any permission, right, authority or licence to record or copy the training or to transfer or deliver the training to others or to any media or to use Intellectual Property or Copyright material or to practice in a professional capacity; requires the attendee to make and be fully responsible for their own professional interpretations, deductions, conclusions and actions; may include opinions, interpretations and deductions subject to change; does not constitute legal, contractual, financial, business, project or other related professional advice.
  • Training Integrity and additional requirements: may be advised to Clients and Attendees at any time where considered beneficial towards enhancing the effectiveness, security and integrity of the training delivery and arrangements.

Please select carefully as refund is not available once this event has been booked. The nominated attendee may be substituted - advanced notice is required by email please to sol.voron@constructivity.com.au

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