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Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, Sydney

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The Leela Centre

2nd Floor, 113-115 Oxford Street (Cnr Crown Street)



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SYDNEY... It's time for the LIGHT!

Celebrated by ancient cultures worldwide, the Full Moon holds a tremendous amount of powerful energy & is a potent time for creating our dreams into stunning reality.

Full Moon is an auspicious portal to sit in deep ceremony in connection with Pachamama, working with transformational shamanic process to release what no longer serves, lovingly setting our limitations free, expanding into the truth of our most powerful, ecstatic & integrated selves.

This is truly, a time to Remember.

We will unite with the Elixir of the Gods - plant medicine Cacao - to heal, transform and connect to our true nature - our blissful essence - through movement & deep dance, in traditional Ceremony.

I am ecstatic to include a set by international superstar DJ R.I.A RHYTHMS (Ria Rhythms \ Rhythms In Action) & welcome Master of Sound, Sound Healer EMANUEL LIEBERFREUND to our space & as we co-create this powerful portal together. We will be dancing up a blissful storm!

Our powers of MANIFESTATION are accelerated at Moon portals and we will set powerful intentions, supported by Gemini's Full Moon, which calls forth our mastery and our balance.

Miracles occur when we ground our prayers into living form through dance - time and again I have seen magic unfold when we commit to the life of our dreams. NOW IS THE TIME!


- Flower essence grounding ritual
- Andean shamanic Cacao Ceremony with PETRA LANE
- Ecstatic, deep, transformational dance with a set from DJ RIA RHYTHMS
- Gratitude for the lessons of the past & setting strong intentions for our powerful next cycle

- Sacred condor feather healing


DRESS: For movement, comfort & beauty

EXCHANGE: Early bird $39 + bf (25 tickets available) | Late bird $50 + bf (15 tickets available) | Door $60 (unless sold out)

PREPERATION: Have a light meal before arriving, bring a pillow/yoga mat to sit on, your water bottle & anything sacred for the altar. Avoid meat & alcohol from Friday lunchtime.

Cacao has been used for centuries in different cultures as a tool to facilitate a reflective & meditative experience that focuses on the heart-space. Due to the active medicinal properties of Cacao, it is possible to experience a state of heightened awareness, which opens us to deeper-stored emotional densities that are ready to be seen, felt & released.

The euphoria-inducing properties of Cacao help us to connect deeply to the love, & ultimate truth, that sits inside our hearts.

When we sit with Cacao with the intention to open to ourselves & our own vulnerability, Cacao has the potential to create a profound yet gentle inner experience of heart transformation. To help activate this opening, I have sourced the highest Ceremonial-grade Guatemalan Cacao possible.

** For this ceremony, the dose will be a little-more-than-half ceremonial dose.

For those interested in a deeper experience with Cacao, the next 'full-dose' ceremony will be early 2019.

Please call Petra anytime on 0401 107 187 for any questions about the medicine

Known for the wisdom, integrity & authenticity she embodies, Petra creates a safe container for people to explore deep connection & true empowerment, in this moment.

Having studied the Science of Psychology at Uni with a minor in Counselling, Cert III in Psychosomatic Bodywork Therapy, and learned under world-class teachers of embodiment Steve James & Michaela Boehm, she is also an apprentice in the Rainbow Lineage of the Paqo's (shamans) of the Andes.

Committed to methodologies known to facilitate integration on a cellular level, she combines somatic (body-based) process, shamanic methodology, neural re-wiring and practical, heart-centred action as a vehicle for freedom.

Specialising in trauma therapy, empowered interpersonal relationships, and the freedom that comes from taking radical accountability, Petra holds a powerful space for those that join her in Ceremony, individual sessions and the pilgrimages she leads around the world.

"My first Cacao Ceremony! And my first dance for a long time... Petra welcomed me with such a genuine loving embrace and I knew this was going to be magical. I felt completely held, completely loved and witnessed in the vortex that was this dance. I danced for myself. I danced through grief and stiffness. I danced in deep reverence for self - & through the dance, I felt rewilded.
Petra was there every moment - I witnessed how she drummed out the deepest parts of my kindred dancers. Sam held us all in such sacred sound I felt my heart explode in resonance with his voice! This is the medicine the people need to access regularly. Thank you, dear sisters and brother, for your wild presence in our community."

"I had been on the cusp of attending many a Cacao Ceremony over the years and unable due to fear, uncertainty or circumstance - and yet all of a sudden I found myself welcomed with literal open arms from Petra, and throughout the evening found myself unable to contemplate a future without this medicine and movement in my life! Thankyou to everyone involved for creating such a luminous and protective space for us all to unravel into"

** Please note: If you are currently being treated for depression, Cacao may not be the medicine for you. The tryptophan and monoamine oxidase inhibitors of the Cacao are a bad mix with anti-depressant medicine. Can cause severe migraine, or worse. Please get in contact with me to discuss if this is a consideration for you.

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Date and Time


The Leela Centre

2nd Floor, 113-115 Oxford Street (Cnr Crown Street)



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