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36 Carrington St

Sydney, NSW 2000


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Are you a software tester or developer wanted to start new career in Test Automation in 2017?

This is a free workshop for anyone to udnerstand what is the scope of the automation and how it all works.Please register to get a free entry worth ($500 value) and learn the tools and resources required.

Selenium is not only the most widely used open-source Web product automatic testing tool in automated testing of Web product application but also a rising star in the field of automatic testing, the Selenium with open-source structure is increasingly chosen companies and professional testers as the best testing tool, especially it is very popular among enterprises from IT test industry and great demand is confirmed in the job market.

Currently, companies require testers having certain development skills, this course is undoubtedly an easy way for the test engineer progresses to the test development engineer. The most happening and trending technology is Selenium Automated Testing. Dont miss this opportunity to know all about selenium - Java .


  • QA & Test professionals who want to start automation testing career

  • QA Automation Professionals to intensify current Test Automation Skills

  • Fresh graduates who want to make a dream career in Test Engineering

  • Manual Software Testers who want to get job in Automation Testing

  • QA Team Leads and Managers wanting to advance their Automation Skills

  • Anyone who has theoretical knowledge who wants to gain Practical Skills

  • QTP Test Analysts wanting to learn Automation and master the skills

  • Freelancers wanting to gain Automation Skills to win more projects

  • Technical testers with background in programming wishing to learn

  • Developers wishing to focus on improving quality of code with Auto Tests


  • Learn what is Test Automation & Why and how to work on it

  • The fastest way to get started with your test automation career
  • Practically able to install all the tools and software for Test Automation

  • Understand how WebDriver is used to prepare robust & reusable Test Cases

  • Gain detailed understanding of all the automation testing jargons

  • Be able to explain, design and implement Structured Automation Framework

  • Understand of Selenium Ecosystem & Web Locators


5 Hours


Unit 1: Test Automation Basics

  • Introduction to Test Automation

  • Why do we need Test Automation

  • When do we need Test Automation

  • Installation of Tools & Software

Unit 2: Environment Set up

  • Understanding basics of Java

  • Installing Java

  • Installing Selenium

  • Installing Eclipse

  • Installing TestNG

  • Installing Maven

  • Installing Firebug and Firepath

Unit 3: Element Locator Techniques

  • What is a locator

  • What are the different element locator techniques

  • How to use locators for Test Automation

Unit 4: Writing Your Selenium Script

  • Writing your first "Hello World" Java Program

  • Making transition from Manual to Automation

  • Writing your first Automation Selenium Script

  • Executing the Selenium Scripts wih Eclipse

  • Selenium Scripts using TestNG

  • Executing Selenium script with Maven Command Line

Unit 5: Understanding the Automation Jargons

  • What is Version Control with GIT – GitHub

  • What is Continuous Integration – with Jenkins CI Tool

  • What is Selenium Grid – (Cross Browser Testing)


Bring a laptop on the workshop days so we can dive straight into it. Also bring your love of learning, desire to improve product quality and questions for our experts.

CONTACT DETAILS or please call us on 1300 075 482

For more details, please visit the Skiva Website.

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Date and Time


36 Carrington St

Sydney, NSW 2000


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