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Tweed Heads, NSW 2485


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Welcome to The Future of Wealth

Join Jeffrey Slayter, Todd Polke & Rossco Paddison for a day of getting clear on where you are REALLY at financially & where this world is REALLY heading

For the first time these 3 international speakers (& good friends) will share the stage together. This event is a GENUINE collaboration to support awakening decision-makers to create a powerful future. It's definitely NOT your typical multi-speaker pitch-fest!

Jeff, Rossco & Todd will be sharing their insights on wealth, business & success to help you create the lifestyle you want, future-proof your wealth & move into change with confidence! This event promises a no-holds barred conversation about the global future of wealth, economies, investing, property, shares, cryptocurrencies, business, consciousness, where big money is moving behind the scenes & more!

Learn what you can do NOW to secure your future in a changing world!

  • Ever wondered where this world’s heading?
  • Do you see the chaos and change occurring in the world and wonder how you personally (or us as a collective) will ever make it through?
  • Want to be part of a conversation committed to building wealth for ourselves AND for social/collective purposes?
  • Are you ready to step into your power as a true custodian of this world's wealth?

Then this event is for YOU!!

The path of navigating the bridge from the old world to the new is not always easy... Our social, financial & community structures are changing and evolving as new disruptive technologies are emerging... Global pressures become increasingly important in our local economy... It might feel like it's moving

It's time to step into your power.

And with this power... comes a deep acknowledgment that when we build wealth for ourselves, that we are part of a collective... and that the conversation of wealth, purpose & fulfillment is always bigger than any one of us.

If you've seen other events on wealth out there, you’ll know they often follow a standard formula – by bringing in multiple speakers that barely know each other so that can sell you their programs. This is not that.

This is a heartfelt collaboration of 3 close friends sharing with you their own insights, perspectives and strategies to help you move forward into a changing world.

It's time for a serious conversation about who we are and who we are becoming...

Let's dive into the world of wealth, money, business, leadership, our collective future and everything that comes along with that.

This will be a frank discussion about what is CHANGING in the world and what is UNCHANGING. Despite all the turbulence, there remains foundational principles to help you master and manage this domain. How to stay true to your centre, create life-serving systems and navigate a course of abundance, prosperity and harmony is the true gift.

New technologies are emerging. The government, financial systems and the interconnection of nations are changing too - you've got to be quick to keep up and stay on the leading edge of this wave. This course will explore both conversations - how to have your feet firmly planted in a strong solid foundation and retain the flexibility to move in the emergence of a new world.

What's the Future of Wealth About?

It's going to be awesome!!

-> It’ll be a day of getting CLARITY about where you are at

-> A day of EXPLORING different wealth building approaches

-> A day of LEARNING about new technologies, new strategies & the changing economic context

-> And a day of consolidating what has always been FUNDAMENTAL to building wealth!

Hope to see you there!!

Who is this event for?

- Open minded individuals, committed to building a future with more freedom, choice & control

- People who enjoy having different, possibly controversial conversations

- People who are on a path of discovery

- Individuals who don’t mind challenging their beliefs or ideas about reality

- Anyone interested in doing something they haven’t done before

Who is this event not for?

It's for those who know they're ready for something more...

It's for those looking at our current paradigm of wealth and who know there's a new world emerging...

- Close minded individuals

- People who are not interested in respecting other people’s beliefs

- Anyone who is manipulative or dishonest

- Those who are more interested in theories than actual experience

What you will learn..

  • What are you REALLY here to do & how to contribute to the future through wealth, why your vision needs to big enough to truly drive you to create enough wealth to impact the world (we need you to!)

  • Where this world is heading, what's possible with cryptocurrencies & why you need to know about it, how ancient wisdom & evolving consciousness are impacting the core alignment of wealth on this planet. What They Don't Tell You About Wealth

  • What's going on behind the scenes with the big players of this world, insights into the strategies & attitudes of billionaires & multinational companies into how they really engage with wealth

  • Automatic Millionaire Financial Dashboard - how to automate your day to day operational management of money, create success through your daily habits, create security through clear visibility into your financial choices

  • Relationship to Money - how do you relate to money & how is this impacting your wealth, understand how family, social & unconscious patterns limit your choices & capacity to build wealth

  • How Cryptocurrencies Work - the nuts & bolts of cryptocurrencies, how they work, what's so different, what are the challenges & opportunities in this new emerging (& potentially volatile) market, cut through the tech hurdle to get clear on how you can get started

  • Find Your Own Path to Wealth - the 3 phases of wealth, how to build your own rules for wealth & income growth based on who you are & your psychology

  • Strategic Wealth Strategy - get money working for you, understand different asset classes & how they fit into your overall strategy, understanding risk & how diversification support your long-term vision

  • 7 Core Strategies for Wealth - build a fundamental & stable wealth strategy to 'future proof' you for what's emerging, including 7 Income Streams that you can consider to increase your income

  • There will also be a number of Q&A segments where the speakers are sharing the stage & collaborating

About Our Facilitators

Jeffrey Slayter

Jeffrey is one of the world’s leading social forecasters, International Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Philanthropist, Thought Leader and Social Entrepreneur. He's an entrepreneur, a speaker, coach and thought leader who's worked with over 3 million people in Australia and overseas. He's known for his capacity to work with high-performing, awakening entrepreneurs to help them build businesses designed for this world and to get more in touch with what really matters to them.

Rossco Paddison

Rossco owns many businesses including Profit Spaces a home for ambitious entrepreneurs, he founded a crowdfunding startup and is an angel investor in alternative currencies. In the past 9 years Rossco has inspired tens of thousands from stage helping them grow businesses. He has developed a proprietary unique crowdfunding formula. Rossco values innovation and futuristic thinking. For example; he has a desire to invest in and help trees grow in the vacuum of space.

Todd Polke

Todd is a thought leader, author & regular contributor to national media & Australia’s most recognized investment & property magazines. He is also a coach, mentor and the founder of Thrive Property. He has spoken in front of thousands of investors across Australia & internationally about wealth creation & lifestyle design. He has worked with thousands of investors to step onto and accelerate their journey down the path towards financial freedom, with to date guided investors to secure over $1billion in real estate.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

We suggest the content and experience will be most useful for those aged 13 and up.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is free parking near Profit Spaces on Saturdays. The nearest bus stop is a two minute walk out the from of bus stop about 100 metres down the road in front of Tweed Mall Shopping Centre of Wharf St.

What can I bring into the event?

Here are our suggestions:

  • An open mind
  • Any snacks, food or lunch you might want
  • A water bottle
  • A notebook & pen (if you want to take notes)

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can email the Awesome Events team at Or call the team & leave a message at 02 8005 1014.

Yes. Your ticket is transferrable to another person (just email us their details - name, email, phone). Or you can transfer to another date if there is one available (although this may not have the same facilitator or inclusions).


IMPORTANT: This event is not to be missed, tickets are limited so we recommend that you register early to avoid missing out.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Date and Time


Profit Spaces

50a Wharf Street

Tweed Heads, NSW 2485


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