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Fierce Conversations Workshop Sydney

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Pier 1 Hotel

Walsh Bay, 11 Hickson Rd

Sydney, NSW 2000


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With a passion for conversations, I offer Susan Scott’s, ‘Fierce Conversations’ progressive leadership programs for building the skills for conversations you have every day – inside and outside of your organisation.


We know that conversations are our most powerful resource, impacting all aspects of our personal and professional lives. In the workplace, they determine productivity, engagement, and financial success.

Despite knowing that open communication is an essential part of being a great leader both in business and everyday life, many people fear the real conversations which, when overlooked, can be incredibly costly.

‘Fierce Conversations’ has the potential to transform the culture of your organisation or institution, whether small or large, by growing communication and leadership skills in a way that is transferrable to the job, at any age and at any level.


While there are plenty of professional development courses and workshops out there, the ‘Fierce Conversations’ program helps to create an open culture that identifies and addresses issues truthfully, generating tangible results for the organisation or institution.

Employees at all levels gain skills in effective leadership, collaboration, and partnership, resulting in the ability to engage in effective conversations and resolve tough challenges.

Rather than only developing the leadership skills of those already in leadership positions, the organisation will have staff at any level ready to confront any attitudinal, performance, or behavioural issues in the workplace, and take on potential future leadership roles.


  1. My workshops are highly interactive and draw on real-life scenarios that are put into practice during the program. This creates immediate relevance and actionable items for participants so that when they leave the workshop, they are fully prepared to have ‘Fierce’, authentic, honest, and direct conversations.
  2. Through colour, case studies, real-time conversations and immediate application to current business challenges, you will be engaged from the minute you walk into the room.
  3. The impact of my ‘Fierce Conversations’ workshop extends beyond the people I train and their organisations into their families and communities, creating a ripple of enrichment through better leadership and communication.


The Fierce Conversations workshop is designed to transform the conversations central to a leader's success. It gives you tools, strategies and know how to truly lead and inspire (versus micro-manage), understand how to promote original thinking, and connect with employees and retain customers.

During the workshop participants learn cornerstone conversational skills then apply them directly to the organisation and/or team's most pressing issues. Artificial role-plays are replaced by 'real- play's, where people discuss and work on real solutions and 'get work done' whilst in the program.

The principles and methodology of Fierce Conversations are simple, intuitive and enjoyable. They are not flash-in-the-pan solutions, but are easily applied and sustainable practices that can be used in the business immediately.

As a result, you can immediately experience the benefits of the tools and processes. This improves buy-in and accelerates implementation and application back in the workplace.

During the program we explore '3 Transformational Ideas' and '7 Principles' around which high impact conversations are based, as well as key conversational models to help you coach, delegate, engage others … and, have a potentially difficult conversation.


We start every workshop with an exploration of the fundamental building blocks of direct, honest, intense, passionate and robust conversations. Conversations we call ‘Fierce Conversations’. It is a conversation filled morning that establishes a strong foundation for the conversations models to come.

You’ll explore:

  • 3 transformational ideas that will recharge every conversation — at work and at home
  • The 7 core principles of Fierce Conversations and how to apply them immediately
  • The steep costs of avoiding uncomfortable conversations
  • How to identify and enlarge your perceptional “filters"
  • The dangers of mokitas: things that everyone knows, but no one talks about
  • A surprising new definition for “conversation” and how it will shift your outcomes

Team Conversation (Beach Ball)

This conversational model helps transform a team into a high- functioning internal think-tank. It is most often used when a leader needs to:

  • Make high-stake decisions, resolve recurring problems, design effective strategies, evaluate opportunities
  • Create an environment in which team members interrogate multiple and sometimes competing realities.
  • Get the team on-board and ready to act.

Coaching Conversation (Mineral Rights)

This is a powerful, deep-dive conversation used by coaches globally to effectively get at the heart of an issue. It is a core model in building greater levels of personal accountability in staff. It is designed to:

  • Surface and address issues critical to success and happiness of individuals.
  • Increase clarity, improve accountability and provide impetus for action or change.
  • Develop emerging leaders.

Delegation Conversation (Decision Tree)

During the Fierce Conversations workshop, delegation is used as an approach to ensure that individuals’ development paths are clear and they are on track to accomplish their goals. This model is best applied when a leader needs to:

  • Ensure that individuals know where they have authority to make decisions and act.
  • Provide individuals with a clear upward path for professional development.
  • Create a culture of accountability, so people take responsibility for their actions.

Confrontation Conversation

The confrontation model is designed to enrich relationships while effectively addressing attitudinal, behavioural or performance issues with a colleague, team member or a challenging customer. We encourage you to use this approach to:

  • Confront tough issues with confidence and skill.
  • Overcome barriers to meaningful conversations.
  • Enrich your most challenging relationships.

Workshop agenda

8.45am for 9.00am start

5.00pm finish (depending upon group)

With breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

The structure of the day will consist of a balance of large group interaction, small group discussions and personal reflection … and a lot of conversations!

Application Workshops

Many organisations choose to conduct a post-program application workshop approximately 4 to 6 weeks following the two-day Fierce Conversations workshop. This enables participants to share their experiences of implementing the tools, as well as gain further coaching in their application.

In addition, we go deeper into the skills necessary to most effectively embed the principles and tools of Fierce Conversations.

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Date and Time


Pier 1 Hotel

Walsh Bay, 11 Hickson Rd

Sydney, NSW 2000


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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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