Feed Your Mind: Challenging leadership Conversations

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Join our Director Peter James from CLT on our Feed your Mind Event: Challenging leadership Conversations

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Challenging leadership Conversations

The greatest barrier to personal and organisational growth resides in ineffective communication & interactions

Our ability to communicate well is a significant determinate of our success or failure. Most of us wander through our lives communicating ‘adequately’ but when the conversation becomes difficult or challenging, we shy away or avoid it completely. This is when communication is most important, and how we handle the situation at that point determines our success or failure for that endeavour.

There are clear and specific moments in our interpersonal relations that can define us and shape the future of that relationship. The potential for conversations to deteriorate is highly likely when they become challenging interactions. Challenging leadership conversations could be anything from performance feedback, adjusting expectations, clarifying misunderstandings, to addressing a peer’s intent. We all have triggers that can be pushed, we may or may not appreciate that, but we rarely understand how we’re pushing the triggers of others, and this combination is when things can go off the rails.

Challenging conversations are as much about you as a person, as well as the person you’re interacting with, and we face these difficult conversations in all aspects of our lives; home, socially and professionally. On the flip side, managing difficult conversations well will have a positive impact on our interpersonal relationships. Learn how to positively engage in challenging leadership conversation to better shape your life and relationships.

Create a safe environment for conversation

✓ Recognising those ‘moments of truth’

✓ Get your point across

✓ Techniques for managing your emotions

✓ Learning how to handle other’s emotions

✓ Approaches and methods for acing those challenging conversations

High quality dialogue and conversations are the cornerstone of great lives and leadership.

This session includes:

• Engaging, relevant & valuable materials in an interactive format.

• Post-session contacts for further support.

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