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Kent St

Maryborough, QLD 4650


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You are invitied to register your interest in attending the Scratch Coding and Robotics Challenge (Sat 9th only) which is part of the much bigger Fraser Coast Technology Challenge. The competition is open to all persons not just enrolled school students.

You will need to enter your team through official event site.

Scratch Coding & Robotics Challenge

Scratch Coding Challenge: Create an awesome animation or game with Scratch. Maximum 4 minutes judging presentation slot.

Inventors Challenge: Invent an interactive or automated device incorporating some type of micro-controller with sensors or outputs. Any microcontroller platform is acceptable including Arduino, Lego, Sphero, eBot etc. Maximum 4 minutes judging presentation slot

Sumo Plus: Design and construct an autonomous robot to push all three victims (cans) and the mad robot (opponent) out of the ring. Only Sumo plus has divisions being Midget and Monster divisions

Scratch Coding and Inventors Challenge Participant Presentation Guidelines:

  • Maximum duration of 4 minute
  • Project summary (audience and purpose)
  • Algorithm description
  • Demonstration of Animation or Game
  • Key achievements & design improvements

Scratch Coding and Inventors Challenge Judging Criteria:

Project presentations will be awarded a maximum of 30 points based on the following criteria:

  • Planning, problem solving and communication (10 points)
  • Coding accuracy, complexity and efficiency (10 points)
  • Utilisation of hardware and software technology (10 points

Sumo Plus Divisions and Rules:

Midget Division: Robots will be categorised into the Midget division if the robots weigh less than 750 grams.

Monster Division: Monster robots are categorized as weighing larger than 750 grams but less than 1250 grams.

Size Restrictions: 160mm width by 250mm length – no height restrictions

All competitions are combined Primary/Middle/High School and are open to anyone not just School students.

Your team’s mission for the Sumo Plus Competition is to design and construct an autonomous robot to push all three victims (cans) and the mad robot (opponent) out of the ring.

Points are awarded to competitors as per the below table. A 90 second time limit applies to game play.


Robots must begin back to back opposing each other in the center - start location is shown on the sumo mat picture.

Points are attained as indicated in above table.

The referee may call a force restart after 5 seconds of “locked robots” at their discretion.

Robot handlers must not touch their robots unless instructed by the referee.

Rounds will be held on a vinyl mat with a 95cm diameter white circle and 5cm black border (shown right).

All competition printed vinyl mats can be purchased from Steminabox or improvised with black tape on a white surface.


Robots must be controlled autonomously and must be started manually by humans. The use of a remote control of any kind is forbidden.

Competitors may mark or decorate their robots to identify them.

Any robot kit or building blocks may be used, including pre-constructed robots such as Edison. Construction from raw electronic and hardware components is also allowed.

All robots must be able to be placed in some configuration in a box 160mm wide by 250mm long - with no height restriction - without touching the sides.

There are no size restrictions on extendable components in any plane beyond this size limit once the game has started. However extendable components but be fully autonomous and must self-deploy after game play has commenced.

Robots will be divided into two divisions based on weight – Midget and Monster. Robots will be categorized into the Midget division if the robot weighs less than 750g. Monster robots are categorized as weighing larger than 750g but less than 1250g.

Articulating or moving components are allowed as long as they fit the above design rules however the no intentional harm rule applies- this means that flippers and skid plates are fine but deliberately destructive mechanisms such as abrasive spinners or hammers etc are not allowed.


In the sumo ring there are 3 victims to be rescued (pushed out of the ring). These victims will be standard 375ml aluminium cans, wrapped in aluminium foil. Each can will contain rice bringing its total weight to 60grams.

Each of the victims will be placed randomly within the sumo ring.

INSPECTION - The robot must be scrutinised by a panel of referees upon arrival to ensure that the robot meets the robot design constraints listed in ROBOT DESIGN RULES.


At the instruction of the referee, the robot’s handler is to start the program on the robot.

10 points are awarded for each victim (can) your robot pushes out of the ring and 70 points for pushing your opponent out of the ring.

Scoring is the same for all games including the finals.

Competitors are allowed to re-compete a particular mat in a round once all other competitors have finished the round and if time still remains prior to beginning the next round. – A maximum limit of 3 attempts applies.

The overall rankings will be determined by adding the points for each preliminary round. The team with the most points will be ranked first.

During rounds, the referee’s decisions will be final.


The top four ranked teams based on points will be in the 2 finals matches

  • 1st ranked team vs 2nd ranked team
  • 3rd ranked team vs 4th ranked team

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Date and Time



Kent St

Maryborough, QLD 4650


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