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Eve Olution Womens Initiation 2013

Thrive By Design

Friday, October 18, 2013 at 1:00 PM - Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 4:00 PM (ACDT)

Eve Olution Womens Initiation 2013

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Event Details

Eve – Olution = A Women's Initiation - 18th to the 20th of October 2013

clasped hands

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What is it - A way of unlocking the Grace, Beauty and Power that is at the core of your existence while shedding the stories that have bound and contained you all the days of your life! A spiritual and meditation  retreat for women.

How does it work - By tapping you into and awakening within you the Sacred Divine Feminine reality that is your blueprint and birthright utilising ritual, myth and healing techniques based in transpersonal, art therapy, sound healing, chakra healing and shamanic energies leading to spiritual well being, growth, healing and gifts unfolding.

When is it - 18th to 20th October with a weeks preparation before arrival

How much does it Cost - $525

What will I gain from it - Peace, Freedom - letting go of the old ways of being and placing your feet on a path of possibilities you were born with [not the ones your parents, school and society prescribed for you] and thus becoming your authentic self - a light for the world!


This year is different!

This year we will engage the sacred power of the rising feminine who is coming home after an absence of aeons - and who is ready to make some serious changes - in all of us!

There exists, hundreds of thousands of years of rich tradition of the wise woman. she who feels the currents of embodiment in nature and communion and celebrates it, with healing rituals and knowing ways of connecting.

She holds a wisdom - one that does not worship merely the sun and its shining brightness but finds in the depths of the organic dark and the moon - ways of being linked in relationship. A deep and personal psychology for empowering women unfolds in these spiritual gifts.

A wisdom that puts care above power, nurturance above self righteousness, that re-weaves the fragments with concern and midwives the unsung connectedness that sustains us all.

This whole century ahead of us is about reclaiming the sacred feminine and we have been so far removed from it for so long we are not even aware that it is hidden from us.

How does a woman in the modern world become herself in this busy, mad world, where so much depends upon her ability to shoulder the burden of family and tribe?

Picture 135 prayer ties lyn andi

Why would anyone do this?
It is a legitimate question to ask.
Here we all are, busy and accomplished women, mothers, grandmothers, business operators, volunteers and helpers in our schools, communities, hospitals and with our extended families!!

Who has time and why would I?
When you make a decision to come to an event like Eve-Olution - a Women's Initiation - something profound occurs simply in making the decision.

feminie kundalini
All that you are – and it is vast – that rarely gets to see the light of day, beyond the masks we wear for our partners, children, parents, employers and friends – is suddenly made aware that you are ready!

And it is suddenly very excited!!

It is becoming sooooooo apparent that what is rising - is the power of the feminine in both women and men.

It is quite disturbing to some people – both to those to whom it is happening and those who are the friends and family of those to whom it is happening.

What I see in people is a new kind of truth and an increasing inability to tolerate the old ways of playing dormouse or what ever else has been needed to be, in order to stay safe. A pranic healing begins as the kundalini arises.

There is a strange kind of detachment that goes with this – in other words it does not matter what other people think about it [and they are thinking some very dark things I can assure you lol] this is who I am and take it or leave it – that is just how it is now.

There is also a weird kind of body awareness that is coming with this as well, a deep and personal awareness of the physiotherapy for the body needed for release,  a new level of sensitivity to the environment, a new awareness of sensuality and emotional reality, and an awareness of oceans of grief and spiritual rage at what has been done to women for countless thousands of generations.

It is very powerful and is motivating women to move in different ways.

018 first pond

The Eve-Olution – a Women’s Initiation – to be held this year from 18th to 20th of October – will focus very powerfully on this. Even though the journey will, as always, be into the deep aspects of self for awakening and restoration – we will be working powerfully this year to awaken this new aspect of the feminine rising and accessing the gifts she brings – so we may return them to the world where they belong.

For an age now the emphasis has been on power and subjugation of nature rather than having a relationship with it and the return of the Sacred Feminine – with all of its mysteries – is now returning to consciousness.

The power and numinosity of the Divine Feminine is emerging to provide a new vision for the new future – wholeness and balance are what is on offer and a movement away from the concept of a human born flawed and sinful, separate from divine consciousness - to a recognition that we are the divine in human form – with all the grace and radiance imbued in that.

goddess and serpent

Remember that the serpent, snake or dragon – long symbols of the primal feminine – is the traditional guardian of the ‘treasure’ – the mysteries of the ‘all knowing’.

The journey of the serpent goddess – the Kundalini – from the base of the spine to the radiant expansion at the crown – symbolizes powerfully the transformation of the life energy from unconsciousness to the connection with the divine essence that illuminates all.

It is the restoration of the feminine within, that we look to in this new aquarian age with hope and longing as the symbols of the last masculine age crumble and fall around us.
The difference is profound for in the old world there is a god head that rules the world with commandments and eternal cruelty and damnation for failing, whereas in the new world the Goddess and the divine feminine does not rule the world – She is the world!!

women bonding
And so at the Eve-Olution – a Women’s Initiation this year – we seek to recognize the goddess in all – as the salvation of what we have sunk to.
In this reality the divine feminine is nature and fertility – responsible for both the creation and destruction of life.

She who is immanent in nature - acknowledging the sacredness of all living things and in which the model that acknowledges the wheel of her turning - from birth, life, death, transformation and rebirth – can truly be seen as an acknowledgement of its ecology – a flourishing for all things within nature.

when women wake - mountains move

At this weekend we invoke the Goddess of the divine feminine and to do this is to awaken the Goddess within – to truly become that which we invoke – for the healing of all, the awakening of the feeling mind and thinking heart, the merging of spirit with the soul within and the raising of the planetary consciousness!
To become “the Woman cloaked with the Sun, with the Moon under her feet and the crown of 12 stars on her head”…as spoken of in revelation.
With this return of the power of the feminine so shall we see many things returned to the natural reflection in nature – the natural time of the cycles of the seasonal 13 moon calendar as apposed to the 12 month erratic Gregorian calendar based on time equals money.

from a seed we all grow

This is the period of incubation, of the seed murmuring under the soil and at this years Women’s weekend we shall bring it forth into life!
There is an early bird registration for this event in the Coming Up section below and if you book before Sept 14th you will get this life changing weekend along with all the prep beforehand – for only $450. So do come and play – discover yourself – and awaken to the new energies unfolding for you and the planet.

initiation two 032

A Shamanic Journey of Transformation and Renewal
This shamanic journey into womanhood is a celebration of life and transition, which draws upon thousands of years of feminine wisdom, taking place in both community and solitude, in the Adelaide hills.

prue drumming full shot
This is the ritual that allows us to leave the things of childhood behind, a ritual that allows us to stand fully in the power of that which we truly are.
Utilising myth, ritual and ceremony, writing, art and clay work,sound and movement, nature in all its beauty and connection to that which is greater than our selves, this face to face gathering of mutual concern, love, understanding, fellowship and sisterhood facilitates a deep personal connection with the power within all women
– the Goddess.

This year we are at the halfway point of massive change and in the next 18 years the seeds we sew will change our lives and the lives of all - here is a powerful opportunity to sew those seeds well.

walking myth tree 2011

“the most incredible and life changing event I have experienced….”, “I am a different person now…”, “ I will be thankful for this gift my entire life…..”,” One of the most rewarding and valuable experiences of my life…”,” Inestimable worth…”,” My initiation was the beginning of a new life.. filled with love and compassion…”,” My life has not been the same since…”,”I will be forever grateful to have done this weekend of ritual and ceremony…”,”Highly recommend this life embracing event to everyone…”,”Life changing..extraordinary…”,” Your life is not the same after this!...”,” the fog of my life is lifted…”,”this should be a rite of passage for all women…”,’thank you from the bottom of my heart…”,”The best thing I have ever done…”,” In one weekend I feel like I have made sense of the trauma and difficulties that have bugged me for a life time..”,” I feel different in my skin as a result of this…” etc.

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