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Beaumaris, VIC 3193

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Welcome! We are so glad you are here!

Come join in on an afternoon of wellness and fun with Alice Nichols Natural Health Educator and qualified Nutritionist for the essential oil company doTERRA joined by Tanya de Haan, qualified Kinesiologist Practioner and Bowen Therapist at See For Shore.

This workshop is truly empowering. Tanya and Alice will show you how you can get to the source of your inner wisdom and true nature with essential oils.

Essential oils contain volatile aromatic compounds – which is a fancy way of saying: tiny organic molecules that serve a variety of protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes, they can assits you in improve wellbeing mental, physically, nutritionally and spiritually, which is our true balance.

What you might may not be aware of, is that:

  • Peppermint oil aids digestion, calms the tummy, increases athletic performance, soothes sunburn and eases headaches
  • Lemon oil kills airborne pathogens, increases focus, cleanses the liver & improves the health of the lymphatic system
  • Frankincense oil calms inflammation, increases immunity, combats free-radical damage and acts as an anti-ageing compound (yes ladies!)
  • Lavender oil supports adrenal health, calms the nervous system, promotes restful sleep and even acts to reduce wrinkles and age-spots.

Learn how you can simply and effectively:

  • Support the Cardiovascular / Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Lymphatic / Immune, muscular skeletal + Nervous systems with essential oils.
  • How to reduce toxins in your home
  • Support healthier, stronger bodies
  • Help protect yourself and your family from seasonal illness
  • Support your emotional wellbeing (Calm kids, chilled Mamma, Happy Family!)

Join us for this introductory 2 hour class where you'll learn the answers to these questions:

  • What are essential oils?
  • How do I use them?
  • What can I use them for?
  • How am I creating a better world for all by integrating them into my life?

doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest & purest essential oils available today and you will get to experience them in a relaxed calm environment.

Feel free to bring along a friend but please make sure you book through this link so we can make enough treats for everyone. :)

Come along to discover how essential oils can support you in leading a natural and holistic life.

About Alice

Alice Nicholls, is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Health Coach and Life Coach. Who specialize in the topic of functional healing and nutrition. This is because a nourishing lifestyle - including the food we eat for health and energy, the self-care practices we utilise and our mindset work that will be the foundation of life that we love is built on.

She believes that women deserve to feel empowered in their health and wellbeing. Alice knows that when women feel healthy and empowered, the world will shift for the better.

You will find her hanging about her at The Whole Daily, where she will help you feel better in your physical body, stronger in your emotional body and inspiring you with essential oils.

About Tanya

Tanya practices Kinesiology and Bowen therapy who truly loves authentic relationships, health and wellbeing. She is here to empowering and inspirie you, so that you can thrive in life.

Her wish is to help others and practice for herself living, wholeheartedly and more joyfully, in this really fast paced, sometimes stressful and overwhelming world. She has taught and educated hundreds of clients and is ever so passionate in assisting others to embrace a life they really desire, so they can lead and live their true potential.

It all starts with nourishment and finding balance in your life.

Alice and Tanya


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Date and Time



Address given, when booking is made

Beaumaris, VIC 3193

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