Essential Oils Foundations Class - Banyo Library - Oct.

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Banyo Library

284 St Vincents Rd


Brisbane, QLD 4014


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Have you tried a drop of doTERRA essential oil and had an experience that's roused your curiosity?

Whether your tiny sample helped your family with sleep, sniffles, tension, vitality, energy, proper gut function, behaviour, mood, skin support, proper muscle and joint function, emotional support or simply relaxation and a beautiful aroma - genuine, pure and ethically sourced essential oils can support every area of wellness and we're excited to show you how!

(Not experienced a sample yet? Please email with your top health concern and we will hook you up with these drops of magic to try for yourself!)


Your questions answered:

If you're wondering any of the following .... >>>

>>> What are essential oils?
>>> What can I use them for?
>>> Do they really work to support my body's wellness?
>>> How do I use them safely for adults, children, babies and pregnant mamas?
>>> How will I know what to use and when?
>>> How come the doTERRA oils I've tried are so effective compared to previous essential oils I've tried?
>>> Are essential oils ever safe to ingest?

>>>>>>>>>>>>.....then you're in exactly the right place!

Alison Bartolo Leadership doTERRA

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate women advocating for health choices in the home. We are raising awareness in our local community by educating on a simple and effective approach to lower-tox living. Every class we run here at Banyo Library we are donating $50 to the Healing Hands Foundation, supporting communities across the globe. Learn more here:

(Although we take your health VERY seriously, we also know how to have fun!! We like to keep our classes light hearted and relatable - and we also like to nibble delicious nourishing treats while we're at it!) Scroll down to learn more about each of us and how we can support you!

Healthy Munchkins team

Who are you?

Hello! It's lovely to meet you! Here's what we know about you! You deeply, deeply care about the health and wellbeing of your family. With a healthy pinch of skepticism, you have heard on the grapevine about essential oils working for others and are curious as to what they are about. Your previous experience with things labelled 'natural' hasn't always been all that crash-hot and as a busy being, your time is your most precious commodity, so you're wary of unnecessary spending of something you don't have a lot of time to learn about.

But, if you knew they actually worked, you'd love the idea of a more natural and more cost-effective approach to health, you love the idea of having powerful tools available in the home 24/7 and in your gut, there is this inkling and curiosity. Whilst these oils may not be for you, you're open to learning some basic skills.

Who am we kidding? That was each of us!! But if any of the above sounds like you too, then you will fit seamlessly into our growing community of conscious health-seekers. Whether you prefer learning online or face to face, we have stacks of ways to help you keep learning without the overwhelm.

Kids essential oils


Full Price: $11 per person or $12 for 2 people

Early Bird: $5 per person or $6 for 2 people - book by Mon 21st October 2019

***Bring along a friend for free and receive a free aromatherapy lava bead bracelet - each!* Conditions apply***

aromatherapy lava bracelet

Workshop Dates for 2019:

  • Thursday 28th Nov 6:30-8:30pm - Banyo Library - Downstairs Meeting Room

Each month, two of Brisbane's doTERRA Leaders will be facilitating the class. Read more about us below!

More about us:

Hi I'm Alison Bartolo, a Diamond Leader in doTERRA, founder and owner of Healthy Munchkins, a stay-at-home Mum and a passionate advocate for families having CHOICES in their home.

Alison Bartolo

Four years ago, as a family, we had a powerful experience using essential oils in our home. It was a moment that woke myself and my husband up to the power that nature can have. Since that time, we have compounded our experiences and are simply astounded with their impact not only for supporting our body systems but for detoxing our home of toxic chemicals, using in our food and supporting our emotional wellbeing.

We use essential oils in our home in multiple ways every day for ourselves and our three children. We love that doTERRA has given us the freedom to educate other everyday families to do the same. Whether it's help with an ongoing issue in the home or a full lifestyle revamp, we are committed to educating our expanding wellness community.

Hi I'm Heidi James - Silver doTERRA Leader from Heidi James - Enchanting Little Treasures

Heidi James

Heidi has a Bachelor of Nursing with a Post Graduate in Special Care of the Newborn and splits her time between being a Mum to 3 gorgeous children, being a Silver Leader in doTERRA and a Clinical Neonatal Nurse. Heidi brings extensive knowledge of care of neonatal babies, for the past 12 years, and merges this with her passion and in depth understanding of essential oils. Heidi is dedicated to a life of wonder with her enchanting little treasures - the babies on her ward, her own children and these enchanting bottles of magic from doTERRA!

Hi I'm Lisa Duncan, doTERRA Premier Leader, founder of By The Sea Oils

Lisa Duncan

Lisa is a mother of three teenagers. Lisa travels Australia passionately educating on healthy life choices. Lisa is a business coach and owner of 'Focus Business Consulting' specialising in empowering woman to take action in their own lives and embodying the very change they want to see. Lisa's ever-growing doTERRA business beautifully weaves her passions for both low-tox living and women's empowerment.

"There is so much opportunity for all humans to live a chemical free, healthy and empowered life"

Hello!! I’m Meg Bell from Ripple Effect Essential Oils.

Meg Bell

I am a working mumma to three gorgeous and unique little boys who are my inspiration in sharing the incredible ways that essential oils can support you and your family with health and wellness. I was introduced to doTERRA through a trusted friend when I brought my third baby home from hospital. Sleep was a distant memory and my whole family was struggling with the change to our family dynamic. Through the use of these oils I was able to help support myself and my family though emotional and physical challenges and regain our sense of harmony and contentment. I have seen first-hand the positive impact these oils have had on me, my family and in our home. Now, my aim is to share the benefits these oils can bring in the hope that you may experience the same peace, empowerment and joy that I do. I love seeing and hearing from people as they realise how incredibly safe, affordable and effective these gifts from nature are. I am looking forward to supporting you as you welcome essential oils in to your daily life.

Hi I'm Monica Christie, doTERRA Premier Leader, founder of 'Oils with Mon' and 'Essential Bits & Bobs'

Monica Christie

Monica has been sharing her love for essential oils with particular interest in the emotional benefits and fitness tool. With nutrition a foundation for both physical and emotional health, Monica is excited to share how using doTERRA oils and supplements internally has shifted the health of her home and her growing wellness community.

Introducing Sarah Bullimore-Dowling - doTERRA Elite Leader

Sarah Dowling

Sarah enrolled with doterra in May 2017. Her passion for sharing the oils and natural solution products grew when she experienced amazing outcomes for own and her family’s health. She is a wealth of knowledge in respiratory health as a long term asthma sufferer. Sarah runs a successful home hair salon an incorporates her doterra business and aromatherapy supplies business.

Hi I'm Tiffany Magnussen from Oils with Tiffany

Tiffany Magnussen

Tiffany is a special Mum who has used oils for her own health as well as for her gorgeous boys. Her eldest boy suffering from feelings of worry, nervousness, head tension and upset tummy leading to school avoidance, as well as her youngest being diagnosed with ADHD and Tourette's. After many doctors and specialist appointments, Tiffany discovered the magical world of doTERRA essential oils and how they can support her gorgeous boys for their physical and emotional needs, as well as her own. Tiffany is passionate about using these oils every day, in every way possible, to reduce the amount of toxins, chemicals, over the counter drugs and synthetic fragrances that she and her family use. As a result, she has uncovered a much more settled and grounded well as discovered her purpose in helping others.

Hi, I'm Vicki Ryan, also known for The Ryan Tribe - Essential Oils.

Vicki Ryan

I am a Premier Leader with doTERRA, and a busy mum to 3 amazing little people. Almost 2 years ago, I stumbled upon these bottles of joy. My husband Daniel and I couldn't believe the immediate impact they had on our family. I wanted, no, I needed to share these with as many families as possible. I love running oil workshops and sharing the oils, 1 drop, 1 person, 1 household at a time.


"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop! Your delivery style is very relatable, you take time to involve everyone and seek feedback so the experience for everyone is broad and well-rounded. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to make your sessions so enjoyable" - Jo D, Brisbane

"Each time I see Alison present I get more excited about using my oils. You can hear the passion in her voice. She is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and she genuinely cares for your health and how she and these oils can benefit you. And I know if I have any concerns or questions she will be available to me" - Jess H, Brisbane

"Alison’s classes are always very well presented and the materials provided become a valuable resource. Alison and her family are a shining example of the quality of life that can be achieved by using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils" - Mike S, Brisbane

"Alison is a truly engaging, passionate speaker and one of a kind woman. She has such a warm heart and a kind and sensitive nature and takes time to help and nurture everyone. Her events are so worth attending as she speaks with absolute clarity and conviction and shares such a powerful and transformative message with people that is also relatable and easy to understand. As someone that has worked with Alison it is an absolute honour to watch her prosper and grow and extend a hand to others to support them on their journey so they may rise with her. If you get the opportunity to attend a workshop with Alison, see her speak at an event, purchase essential oils from her or take the plunge and build an ethical and sustainable business alongside her it will be the best decision you ever make. Everyone who has contact with Alison has a warmer, richer life experience because of the genuine, compassionate, passionate and powerful person she is. I can’t recommend her highly enough" - Jessie Reimers, Gold Coast

"Ever since your workshop I attended on Thursday, I have been meaning to send you a message to thank you ever so much! I honestly had a fantastic night and feel like I learnt so much that will be a life changer for me and my three gorgeous mini humans. I have been wanting to change to more natural solutions in all facets of our life for such a long time and now armed with the knowledge and wisdom you imparted on Thursday night I finally feel ready to finally get started. Baby steps but steps I have been longing to make for such a long time, steps my soul has been craving, so I just wanted to say a massive thank you! I am also hoping to make it to as many of your amazing workshops as I can in the future. Thank you for sharing your passion so freely. You truly are changing lives for the better. Your passion for these positive life changes is so infectious! Thanks again Alison. I look forward to meeting with you again soon" - Mel M, Brisbane


Are children allowed at events?

We love kids and have designed our business to work around their needs. However, we do find that at these educational sessions, guests are less distracted when children are not in attendance. If possible, we recommend scheduling some 'me time' and getting as much out of the session as possible. If you aren't able to organise someone to look after your little ones, please shoot us a message and we'll problem solve with you! Babies not yet on the move, although distracting due to their cuteness, are welcomed!

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Banyo Library backs on to Banyo rail station with direct links to the city. There is a carpark behind the library

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email and we will do our best to help you!

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, just show us your ticket on your phone on arrival!

What are the conditions for the free lava bracelets?

Bring along a friend who does not have a doTERRA account - at no additional cost, AND receive a free aromatherapy lava bead bracelet - each! This offer is only available to those who do not already have a doTERRA account unless part of the Healthy Munchkins community. Members from alternate teams are very much welcomed at all Healthy Munchkins events, however free gifts cannot be provided. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the address?

Please check your order confirmation for venue details. The venue is located in Banyo, Brisbane, QLD 4014. We can't wait to meet you!

Healthy Munchkins


With love, health, happiness and abundance,

Alison Bartolo & the 'Banyo team'
Healthy Munchkins

Date and Time


Banyo Library

284 St Vincents Rd


Brisbane, QLD 4014


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