Essential Oils for Beginners - Workshop

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Malak Community Centre (Small Room)

33 Malak Crescent

Malak, NT 0812


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Chances are you’re already using essential oils in your life and haven’t thought too much about it. From the Peppermint in your toothpaste to the Lavender in your wheat bags.

But have you ever sat back and thought to yourself about everything Mother Nature has created and sheer magnitude of it? How every single thing on this planet – from the dirt under your feet to the snow on the top of Mount Everest – when put under the microscope, has its own unique structure and chemical composition? Just like human DNA.

I was very quick to ignore essential oils for nothing more than overrated and overpriced nonsense. Originally my thoughts were “why would I use, let alone switch from, something that already worked”?

Western Medicine certainly has value and will continue to have its place in my life, but it’s through education and a willingness to try something new (that was triggered by having kids, growing older and becoming a lot more chemically conscious), did I realise how wrong I was to discount something so pure and innocent.

Now my go-to is essential oils, and the vast majority of the time, Western Medicine gets to take a backseat.

But like everything in life, not all essential oils are created equally. The essential oils you buy from the drugstore do not have the same chemical composition as the ones that are certified therapeutic grade.

There's a good reason everyone seems to be getting into essential oils lately, and it's not just because they smell amazing. I want to personally invite you to explore with me the wonderful world of essential oils.

Together we’ll go through and talk about:

+ What are essential oils, and where do they come from

+ How essential oils are created, and what to look for when buying them

+ The science of essential oils and how they can be used to trigger new positive behaviours

+ The 3 most effective ways to use essential oils safely from children to adults

+ The top 10 essential oils that every household would benefit in owning

+ Why choose doTERRA essential oils above anything else, and how to save 25% from RRP

You’ll walk away from our time together:

+ Confident in how to pick the right essential oils for your (and your families) specific needs

+ A specific list of oils that you could implement into your life for your current challenges, immediately

+ With a 4 point plan on the exact steps on how to create that new habit, you haven’t yet mastered (examples: working out, eating healthier, cutting down coffee, less emotional snapping at your partner/kids, sleeping better, waking up energised)

+ With a greater understanding (and respect) of how Mother Nature has designed the Earth we live on, and how we can use her help in our lives

+ How you can slowly but surely start to replace your toxic household products, including your skincare range, shampoo and conditioner, supplements, and medical supplies, for natural low-tox alternatives

+ Eyes wide open at the potential impact that essential oils could have in your life

I will be bringing along all of my available oils for you to smell, touch and experience first hand. You’ll also get to taste some oil infused treats and drinks because CPTG oils aren’t limited to only one of our senses.

You’ll also get the opportunity to create your own essential oil sample blend that you can take home and experience immediate results with.

Take time for you on Tuesday evening to positively impact your future through this casual, fun and interactive workshop that will leave you feeling uplifted and clear on your direction.

Whether you bring your friends or come alone, you’ll be in good company, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Phoebe x

*** PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited spacing, this workshop is only open to those who do not yet have a wholesale account with doTERRA. If you are a member of BTU’s Essential Oil Squad, your ticket is free. Please reserve your place with Phoebe through the private FB group. ***

---------- Frequently Asked Questions ----------

// How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

There is a link at the bottom of this text, click on that and I'll get your email :)

// What's the refund policy?

If you are unable to attend, you can refund your ticket up to 1 day before the event. If you wish to send a friend in your place, please send me a quick email to let me know you've given your ticket to someone else, with their name, and I'll make sure they feel welcomed.

// Where exactly do I find the Malak Community Centre? Is there good parking?

The Malak Community Centre is between the Malak Family Centre (daycare) and the Malak Primary School. There's a carpark off Malak Crescent that's lit and right next to the entrance.

// Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

No, if you wish to gift your ticket to a friend as an act of kindness, or because you're unable to make it, please let me know via email so I can replace your name on the door list with theirs.

// Can I bring my children with me?

Our evening classes are set up so the kids can stay at home with your partner, and you can come and enjoy a couple of hours of fun, interactive, and educational conversation. However, if for any reason you can't make it on Tuesday night, I also run workshops on the weekends during the day or offer free 1:1 wellness consultations at a time that suits both of us best. Simply get in touch and together we'll work something out for you.

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Date and Time


Malak Community Centre (Small Room)

33 Malak Crescent

Malak, NT 0812


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