Empowering Boundaries - Guided Live Stream Healing Meditation

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Do you have unexplained moments where your body feels drained or you feel emotionally exhausted? Do you wait to experience burnout before you practice self care or do find it difficult to say ‘No’ leaving you to carry responsibility for that which is not yours to carry?

Collectively, we are being encouraged to be more ‘open’ whilst demands and expectations on our time and energy are increasing. This can create us to experience anxiety, hypersensitivity and exhaustion from feeling overextended and overwhelmed if we don’t have healthy boundaries in place to support us.

Creating healthy boundaries has been a great source of learning for me, particularly in the work that I do. My old programs as a ‘rescuer’ coupled with my deep desire to serve created difficulty for me in feeling empowered to express my boundaries without feeling guilty or worrying about how my decision to say ‘NO’ might be perceived by others.

During this guided healing meditation, we will explore the connection between self worth and boundaries and shift unconscious Ancestral patterns, Soul programs and learnt behaviour that no longer serves us in relation to asserting healthy boundaries. You will be supported to develop a deeper understanding of why it is important for our growth and how we can create them.

It brings me great joy to support others with this process to see the profound positive change that this can create in your life, your relationships and your energy.

If you would like to feel safer in your vulnerability, explore more meaningful connection in your relationships and have more balance and energy for creating a life that you love, I would love you to join me.

This guided Healing Meditation can be attended online and / or by listening to the recording... Simply purchase your ticket here for AUD$27 plus GST plus the eventbrite booking fee via this page.

Or, Please note this event is free to attend by all Heart Hub Members who have an active subscription for all monthly events which is *Only AUD$18 plus GST per month. For full details about My Heart Hub, please visit www.nicolerigato.com


Empowering Your Inner Child – “Hello to all my friends in Australia and America, may I suggest Nicole Rigato as a wonderful guide on your journey of self transformation. I recently listened to an amazing recording of one of her group healings and feel led to share how amazing a facilitator she is. Check her life’s work out today!” Erin S., Perth

Accessing the Deeper Dimensions of the Heart – “Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for offering this service – I have never experienced anything as powerful as last night whilst being in the safety of my own home. I just wanted to tell you that as the energy from my head moved to my heart I thought my ears would explode – just like when a plane comes down for landing :)- it was very intense but brief then my whole upper body was flooded with the most beautiful light and I felt peace. Certainly a very powerful experience hard to put it into words really but was a huge release of energy stored. A lot of trust involved with this process but overall a great start. I feel as though it is the first time in a long time I have truly let go….sure was needed at this point in time. Looking forward to the next live stream. Many blessings to you dear beautiful soul…what an amazing experience…Thank you”, P.M. – South Australia

Deepen Your Connection to Love & Intimacy – “Thank you for an extraordinary experience with your online meditation. The synchronicity of the event couldn’t have been more accurate for me. After the blissfully relaxing, deepest meditation ever, where so much of my baggage and fear had been released, an intense situation in my life that had me feeling totally helpless and powerless completely vanished with a total reversal in outcome. I have no doubt that major shifts have begun! Looking forward to more wonderful surprises as your series continues. Much love and gratitude,” N. D. – Melbourne

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