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Lakes Resort Hotel

141 Brebner Drive

West Lakes, SA 5021


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If you have been experiencing frustration, disappointment in life, in a breakup, or getting your self down about things and don’t know why; then keep reading.

* This event is about Relationships..

* It is about the relationships you have in your life..

* It is about the relationships you don’t have in your life..

* And lastly and most importantly it’s about what the relationship you have with yourself is creating…

What people are saying about this event:

"Great seminar- well worth it. Look forward to understanding more'.

"Tonight I went to see and listen to Michael talk about relationships. I highly recommend going to see his talks they are very informative and given me lots to think about".

"Thank you Micheal. I came away with a better understanding of the dynamic in relationships and some great tools to use in my life. You have a wonderfully sincere energy".

"'Thank you so much for presenting this evening's session, not only was it informative, it also resonated within me. I left feeling inspired and wanting to see you one on one in order to make a difference

"I want to thank you. I feel my life has changed already since the seminar. My line of thinking has changed already. I hvnt woken up with depression since I spoke with you and feel I'm already heading on the right path. Thank you".

"Thank you so much Michael for your amazing workshop on relationships the other night. You helped me understand why and how people loose their identity and about our perception and how we all see things differently. I actually learned alot about myself in just that short time. You have a beautiful presence and your passion in helping others shines through. I am grateful the universe drew me to you and I look forward to the next workshop" xxx.

We have one mission in this world and it is to live a life of growth with balance and harmony.

Along the way our missions can get clouded and distorted by beliefs, misconceptions, unresolved emotions and comparisons, which can end up ruling your life.

There have been countless studies and interviews of people leaving this world claiming that their 3 biggest regrets have been either:

1. Doing the things they would of loved to do the most

2. Living a more happy and positive life

3. Experiencing more love and passion

It all begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

We are blessed from day one to be in this world. The odds of you being born here in the world are 1 in 400,000,000,000 so you are a miracle from day dot. Growing up we are not educated of this magnificent fact but instead we are pressured to be right and fit in to the reality we live in which can limit us and can also down play our existence.

Everything we experience in life right now is a really well rehearsed script of our past emotions and we tend to leave so many parts of us behind, living up to other people’s expectations which becomes very unfulfilling.

What we perceive in our reality to be so bad is usually so far from the truth.

I want to share a couple of stories about one of my recent clients…

I have had many people come see me and been so sick of their job and even found themselves being mistreated at work and want a new job and as soon as they let go of their emotions and see life from a clearer lenses they full in love with their job again and the conflict changes, I have experienced time and time again with peoples relationships and others creating relationships.

Everything in your life is being created from a deep unconscious level and when you go in deep and understand this - your outer reality changes! Everything you desire is already here for you and when you understand how you are blocking it or not seeing it change happens.

What you will learn in this event:

✅ You will learn an ancient process used for thousands of years to open up your self-awareness and get into a higher state of consciousness which will clear away negative thinking.

✅ If you have ever lost your identity in a relationship in this event you will learn how it happens and be given tools and strategies to remain empowered.

✅ You will learn how your behaviour presents and repeats from the neurological and quantum perspective and then shown some tools to alter your actions to get a different result.

✅ You will learn some of the universal laws that govern our everyday actives and how to align yourself to them so life in working for you not against you.

✅ You will learn how to build, attract and maintain empowering relationships by knowing a specific cycle that not many are aware of.

✅ You will receive a manual with all the content discussed to take home with you and reflect on it later.

✅ You will leave this event with a huge amount of inspiration and information to implement in your current life.

Come along and understand why you do the things you do and how to make the changes you desire.

Limited seats for this event - so be sure to get in quick to confirm your place!

Here are all the details you need…

WHEN: Tuesday the 24th of April 2018 @ 7:00 pm, registration is at 6:45pm

WHERE: The Lakes Resort Hotel

141 Brebner Drive West Lakes SA 5021

Love and Live


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Date and Time


Lakes Resort Hotel

141 Brebner Drive

West Lakes, SA 5021


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