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Empower & Awaken Chakra Course For Women

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Elk Wellbeing

282a Queens Parade

Fitzroy North, VIC 3068


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Hello beautiful Sisters!

It’s time to rise, it’s time to shine!

Thank you for taking the first step in hearing the call to this life changing potent body of work; the Empower and Awaken Chakra course for Women. There is no accident that you are here reading this!

This course has been shared with many women since 2009 & was originally birthed by creatix Sarah K Jones.

What exactly is the Empower and Awaken Chakra Course For Women?

This is an alchemical sacred journey through the 7 major Chakra's. This is a journey of self discovery, allowing you to EMPOWER and AWAKEN your true self through deep sacred work.

It's an 8 month journey that we take together with an intimate group of like minded sisters. We meet monthly on a Sunday to gather in sacred circle in which we activate the energy of each chakra through embodiment processes, meditation, sacred rituals and more!

We then spend the month immersed in this energy, exploring, discovering. You will be amazed at the obvious teachings and learnings that will be presented to you each month. I whole heartedly can say this body of work has a certain magic which can not be put into words. If you make the commitment to delving in with every aspect of this course it WILL change you in a beautiful way.

I have to be honest in saying this work is deep and takes a strength of commitment to YOU. At times you may find this confronting with shadows being presented to you, this is to learn and evolve. You will shift old beliefs patterns that no longer serve you or perhaps were never yours to begin with.....
You will uncover parts of yourself that you perhaps never knew existed......

This course will allow you to become 'in tune' with yourself, giving you easy and practical tools to bring balance to your chakras and therefore your life.


• Monthly sacred circle gathering to activate and explore the energy of each chakra, including an intergration month

• Activation Kit for each chakra

• Learn easy and practical ways to balance each chakra

• Online support group

• Half way check in emails with excercises to deepen your experience

• Access to special priced 1 : 1 support session with myself

• The opportunity to EMPOWER & AWAKEN your true beautiful self.


• This body of work calls to Sisters from all walks, ages and stages of life!

• You are at a place in your life where you want more

• You feel something in the depths of your soul stirring

• You are ready to release old ways of being, thinking and living

• You are ready to step up and claim your truth, to unlock the POWERFUL GODDESS within

• You are ready to work with an amazing group of soul sisters creating lasting bonds

• You are ready to make a COMMITMENT to change


We begin on Sunday 29th April, the day will run from 11am-4pm, this will be the regular meeting time for each activation sacred circle.

Venue is the the stunning Elk Wellbeing Centre in Clifton Hill, a beautiful light filled space.
All day parking available and close to public transport.

/ COST /

/ STANDARD / Enrolment fee of $144 & then monthly payment of $144 which will be due 48 hours prior to each sacred circle gathering, beginning with the Base Chakra. Payments will be paid by direct transfer.

/ VIP PACKAGE / The VIP package is for those of you wanting to really deepen your experience. This package includes a monthly 90minute 1 : 1 session ($130 value) with me in which we will delve deeper into what's happening for you within the energy of each Chakra. Enrolment fee of $144 and them monthly payment of $222

( please note that if you are unable to make one of the gatherings you will still be liable to make payment. I will then provide you with the opportunity to do the session one on one with myself or via distance )

SISTER, can you feel something in the depths of your soul calling you to this work? It's time to RISE and answer this call, to step up and make shifts in your life, to unlock more of your beautiful self.

Spaces are very limited to ensure absolute intimacy, sacredness and connection.

To claim your place contact me; bek@khrysalissoulhealing.com.au

It's an 8 month journey that we take together with an intimate group of like minded sisters. We meet monthly on a Sunday to gather in sacred circle in which we activate the energy of each chakra through embodiment processes, meditation, sacred exercises and more!

' It was incredible and enlightening. I felt like I had 'come home' to myself and reconnected to parts of myself I hadn't connected to for a long time. It was a very authentic experience and allowed for it to be very personal for each of the participants.
Realising that I didn't spend enough time really connecting to my true self and that I'm a lot more intuitive than I wanted to admit!
I feel more connected to my body, feelings, health, desires, goals, successes and my true self. The process has made me feel complete and a lot more at peace with myself.
I would describe this as a deeply personal transformative experience that allows you to connect to what is real for you and what is needed to become more at peace. It is a way of getting to know yourself really well in an very authentic process. It was a process that I looked forward to each month and the revelations in between.
Bek was an amazing facilitator and what I would call the 'real thing'. She is deeply committed to the process and has the rare ability to be able to connect personally with each of the participants and hold the space for them without losing any integrity of a group process. Bek is knowledgeable, and lives what she teaches. She is very special person and this shines through in all that she does from the moment you meet her all the way through the 8 months of the course. Bek's approach definitely met my expectations and more and I very grateful for this whole experience. '
Georgina - Empowered Sister 2017
Owner & Director of Elk Wellbeing, Wellbeing for Kids & Peaceful Kids

' Looking back on my original intention, I feel that they were good priorities when I set them, and the course has greatly helped me with the intentions I set. The journey to the end was very different to what I thought it might be – however, the growth I made during this course was enormous. I have gone a long way to bringing this desire into my life. This year has been an amazing journey of growth, and I am so very grateful that I was doing this course as it is helped immensely with the many challenges I faced.
Overall my experience with this body of work was so enlightening – I learnt a lot and feel it really helped me get through this year. This year has been a big one, and one that has torn down every belief I had, everything I had used as a crutch to get through life, has been stripped from me. A massive destruction, however, now I can build up myself and my life again to be better.
The biggest “aha” moments came during my greatest pain when I had to really look at my belief systems, and especially how I always give and give, but rarely to myself. BIG CHANGE!!!!
Definitely feel I have a deeper understanding of myself now, also more accepting of myself, challenges and all!
I would describe this body of work as a brilliant course for better understanding of self and the energy points (chakras) in the body. Also an excellent course for looking at all aspects of ourselves, and seeing where we never go or spend time e.g. inner child or your sexuality etc.
As a facilitator Bek you did an excellent job. You held the space beautifully for everyone. Loved the energy you created in the setting and also the beautiful “alters” you set up each session. Even though you also had big issues during the course, you kept us all on track. You shared enough of yourself and your life to get us all to open up, but never too much. '
Angelika - Empowered Sister 2017
Healer, Astorologer, Tarot Reader @ Ambriel Healing Therapies

' It has totally transformed my life. I went in unsure of what to expect or what I would get out of the course content. It is such a powerful body of work, getting down and dirty with each chakra for a month, delving, diving, exploring, learning and sharing with what was an amazing group of women who were courageous in their exploration of themselves and sharing that each month in our sacred safe space.
Biggest breakthrough "aha" moment: feeling safe enough to be me, the real me that has been hidden for so long. Being accepted as me, I didn't have to hide who I am, not any part of me, not feel ashamed or not good enough. This was a space where I was accepted and celebrated as being me.
I have found my voice in more ways than one.
During the Crown Chakra month I followed guidance to a shop where I had the most amazing conversation with a stranger, it was during this conversation that changing the work trust to believe came about, so now I "BELIEVE".
There is an awareness now that I didn't have before, a confidence, a belief, self worth, I like me now, I acknowledged that I am different to other people and that is ok, it is not a competition, we each have our own paths, and need to celebrate each others abilities as we are individuals.
Bek.... I cannot speak highly enough of you as our fearless facilitator. the fact that you shared this with us, open, honest, raw made it easier for me to be open honest and raw. you held the most amazing sacred, safe space for us all to just be us, no judgement, just this aura/feeling of being held and supported throughout. When I struggled to understand or were blocked, with what was going on or didn't know how it was all connected, you led me to connect the dots so I could understand. You led the way with an open heart and a willingness to share this amazing journey with us all. You made sure we all got the most out of it. '
Kelly - Empowered Chakra Sister 2017

' l certainly feel more loving and open and have now had the opportunity to work with a few clients which has given me more confidence in my ability. The “truly at peace” part of my intention is a work in progress.
I loved it, I really enjoyed the diversity of each month. The dancing, the sound sessions, the meditations, working in pairs with others. It kept it interesting and engaging. I also really appreciated how much care went into the table setting each month. The energy was beautiful!
Biggest 'aha' moment; How important it is to push through doubt and fear and embrace who we really are.
It certainly opened my heart and l think everyone else had the same experience. At times it was challenging to expose our deepest feelings and put ourselves out there but l felt very supported by you and the girls. This journey is well worth taking.
Your heart is so open Bek and the space you created was beautiful. I was thrilled to see you grow and find your own voice and confidence while facilitating this course. You were born to do this. '
Cheryl - Empowered Sister 2017
Reiki Master, Oracle & Tarot Reader

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Elk Wellbeing

282a Queens Parade

Fitzroy North, VIC 3068


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