Emotional Hygiene and Business Success!

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Greenwood Hotel

36 Blue St

North Sydney, NSW 2060


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Emotional Hygiene & Business Success!

When you hear about Success or Business Growth, you would usually think “Business Plans, Financial Plans, Marketing & Social Media Strategies…”

While these all have their importance, there needs to be a strong emphasis on your Emotional Hygiene to become a successful Business Owner!

What are your daily routines, habits, tasks you fulfil? Are you on path & constructive or rather easily distracted? And most importantly, what is your relationship with Money and Success? Let’s talk about your personal Mount Everest and see how high your glass ceiling is…

Walk away with some amazing tools that you can use immediately to grow your Self to grow your Business!

Once we take care of our Emotional Hygiene just as much as we take care of our body daily, Success is a given!


  1. Imprint Phase
    Why do some people seem to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth & others seem to struggle no matter how hard they try?

  2. Money makes the world go around!
    Are you even open to receiving money? Are your doors open in Business at all? Are you charging enough?

  3. Self-Sabotage
    How to recognize it and overcome it! How to deal with limitations in your mind.

  4. Emotional Hygiene
    What does gratitude have to do with growth? And how can I use it to boost my business…

  5. Success starts in your Mind!
    Your Reason Why, a little bit about your “surroundings” & how to show up as that person you want to be.
    Create an Abundance Mindset!

  6. Bonus: Surrender – the art of letting go!

What you will walk away with:

  • Experience how easy change and growth can be – once you see it, you can’t “un-see” it!

  • Learn to apply it in your Business

  • How an unhappy event in our life can catapult you to success rather than stopping you

  • Create a new relationship with money

  • A few pointers on how to avoid self-sabotage & look after your emotional state at any time – be the best version you can be in Business!

  • Tools and tips to boost your Business

  • Leave with your Mindset focused on Growth!!

Who is Marie:

Marie Alessi is an International Coach and very passionate Mentor who believes that Personal Growth is a must for Business Success. Her strongest asset is bringing Awareness to the game – she will make you see things you can’t see.

Marie was convinced her whole life she’d never start her own Business. After 10 years in Advertising and leading teams with 20+ staff, she decided to leave the Corporate World.

And then one minor shift caused a huge outcome. Marie started her own Business journey back in 2011 and has since been teaching others powerful tools to impact your mind and create Success!

Marie offers strong guidance through your Personal & Business Growth, but let’s you keep the reigns throughout the process. You will break through your own limitations and will start seeing challenges from a whole new perspective!

Gratitude will boost your growth. Marie delivers a very unique approach in Business Coaching. Be prepared to be(come) the most amazing version of your Self and step into your true Genius!

Playing small is not an option.

Can't wait to meet you guys..

Kshama (Kay)

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Date and Time


Greenwood Hotel

36 Blue St

North Sydney, NSW 2060


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