Embody Your Full Power as a Man - Auckland with Rani

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Blue Lotus Sanctuary

16 Como Street

Auckland, Auckland 0622

New Zealand

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This is a special one evening event for the men of Auckland to explore connecting to their authentic power as a man.

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Society places tremendous pressure on men to have their shit together. Be ‘The Man’, be tough, be the alfa male, make the big bucks!

Have you experienced this?

You might have felt like it wasn’t ok to freely express yourself sexually. Maybe you learned how a man needs to ‘act’ in the bedroom. And if you're living in a male body, you’ve probably had your emotions shamed at one point or another.

Men get told to “be yourselves” and then “but not like that!”.

The price we pay for fitting in often results in a disconnection from what we truly feel. This can result in confusion about our sexuality and a diminishment of our sense of self worth. We start wearing a mask because we want to hide our shame and insecurities. The payout being of this being we will always feel like a fraud.

Speaking to hundreds of men I have learnt this:

Men want to FEEL!

Men want to feel pleasure in there bodies.

Men want to get out of their heads and feel the aliveness within, they want the full gamut of life moving through them.

Men also want mastery of their bodies and sexuality, but you can’t logic your body to do what it’s told. By connecting with your body and learning to listen and understand yourself you can discover your own mastery.

True confidence comes from self-love. This is accessible to anyone, any man…irrespective of competence or so called ‘success’.

Confidence that comes from inside you shines out. People may not be able to put their finger on exactly what it is about you, but they notice. It’s refreshing and calls forth their trust. It’s attractive. It’s liberating and it shines a light for others to do the same, oh, and it’s sexy as hell!

Feeling whole in yourself means you don’t cling to others for approval. You don’t stress over what other people think of you. You don’t sacrifice your core needs to prove anything.

If you’re ready to step into your true confidence and the fullness of your power, open to your sexual potential and aliveness then this event is for you!

During the evening we will be exploring how to:

- Unapologetically express and embody your sexuality

- Unlock, release and express your emotions freely and safely

- Step into your true confidence and power as a man


6:30pm - 9:30pm Tuesday 15th October 2019

Blue Lotus Sanctuary

16 Como street


* This event is for men only. *


This event is a gift to the men of Melbourne!

Registration is free and places are limited so sign up today to secure your spot as this will book out.



Rani is a yoga, dance and embodiment facilitator. She is a conscious sexuality and intimacy guide, a Dancing Eros facilitator and the creatress of Embodied Bliss.

Rani Believes the body is a deep well of wisdom and through learning to listen we access our inner potency, our authentic truth and the ability to create depth and richness in our connection to self and other.

Exploring conscious sexuality has offered Rani powerful healing and transformation and this ignited her passion to support others through their journey into their own authenticity and sexual empowerment.

She believes this work is a vital part of creating positive change, and is passionate about the embodied re-education around sexuality, intimacy and relating.

She leads transformational journeys with authenticity, integrity and a grounded heart connection. Rani encourages a safe yet powerful exploration of wholeness and authentic expression

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Date and Time


Blue Lotus Sanctuary

16 Como Street

Auckland, Auckland 0622

New Zealand

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