Earth Heart Healing ~ Free Online Event ~ Nourishing & Activating Hope ~

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You are invited to a free 75 minutes online get together to experience embodied and creative healing, community and connection.

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Earth Heart Healing Free Online

~ Nourishing & Activating Hope ~

  • Friday 3rd April 2020
  • 6.45 pm till 8pm

It is natural to feel a lot in times like these. Whatever you might be facing and feeling at the moment, active hope is something that can be nourished and can support us to stay connected – to our bodies and inner resources, to community and also to a vision for a better future.

You are invited to a FREE 1hr 15 mins online gathering to experience embodied and creative healing, community and connection. You will be safely held by four experienced facilitators weaving a range of modalities such as Yoga, Biodanza, Qigong and Nature Meditation.

Tapping into wisdom from creative healing and earth honouring practices that can put you in touch with your innate inner resources and the capacity of your body to heal, to be connected with others and the earth in a healthy cycle of reciprocity, appreciation and respect.

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Meeting ID: 940 827 049

Your Facilitators

Kate Clement

Kate is a facilitator with energy, passion and a commitment to positive, social change and individual growth with 20 years of experience in South Africa and Australia. She primarily works with Deep Democracy and Biodanza. Kate is a Director of the Biodanza School in Australia, responsible for training facilitators in Australia. She also runs groups in Canberra and workshops around Australia. Biodanza is a new approach towards health and well-being grounded in science and the arts. It is a fusion of music, dance and interaction that encourages self-expression and emotional integration. Biodanza mobilises the capacity to grow, heal and develop, increasing feelings of self-confidence, agency, connectedness, optimism and joy.

Sunny Forsyth

Sunny, a Canberra-based facilitator, speaker, engineer, and teacher who guides people in the realm of change & empowerment, global sustainability, and embodied medical & wisdom practices. His inspiration is to share with people how they can embody timeless wisdom for maximum, wellness, vitality, and personal impact in the modern World. Sunny’s embodiment-driven teaching draws from his own stillness meditation practice and a decade of intensive study and practice with renowned Eastern wisdom masters. Sunny seeks to create a transformational experience for people longing to restore their natural harmony and connection to their life force.

Morgan Jai-Morincome

Morgan is a qualified meditation guide and holistic psychotherapist and counsellor with a background in education, community development and expressive arts. She works with people who want to develop and deepen their connection with their inner wisdom and sense of sacred through facilitating supportive processes and practices that provide a safe passage in which to cultivate awareness, compassion and meaning. Growing up amongst a yogic community, Morgan was immersed in a variety of meditation and sacred sound practices from a young age and continues to be a lifelong learner and practitioner of a variety of practices across different earth honouring wisdom paths.

Nandini Medici

Nandini’s main gift and passion is to support and guide women realigning with their Sacred Feminine Nature. Nandini empowers women who have lost intimate connection with their body, wisdom and femininity to rediscover and celebrate their magnetic female power, live on purpose and create more balance in their life. Nandini is, in her own words, a ‘modern yogini in progress’, she is a sacred feminine awakener & healer, a yoga and meditation teacher, and an entrepreneur. Nandini is the founder of the Empowered Feminine Festival and the Shakti Yoga Temple. She is also the co-manager of InSync Body Mind Life with her husband Kieran O’Callaghan.

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