Discover Your Voice  'Authors Self Publishing Packages' 100 Books Delivered to Your Door, SDTV Authors Interview, & Press Release.
$500 – $5,500
Discover Your Voice  'Authors Self Publishing Packages' 100 Books Delivered to Your Door, SDTV Authors Interview, & Press Release.

Discover Your Voice 'Authors Self Publishing Packages' 100 Books Delivered...

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BetterLife Bookstore is a Self Publishing House - using latest technology and PRINT on demand services making it super easy to get published as easy as 1-2-3. Let Kelly Coach your ideas, concepts, cover, pages, size everything then we can arrange a FREE Book Consultation to understand your highest vision and message to the world.

We start with a 3D Mock up Cover of your book, then we help you create the manuscript, we assist with editing, formatting, marketing plan, niche where you belong in the world with your ideas and vision, then we get you published with print on demand. Once you are published we can help you with worldwide distribution with Amazon and interview you on Self DIscovery TV and publish you in Self Discovery Magazine. 

We can customise a special package for you with authors websites, press release and 100 full colour books delivered right to your door. We have a team of professionals globally that work together to make your publishing dream a reality.

Please phone 1300 797 275 or 0410 328 302 Kelly Sayers

Email to BOOK your first Free publishing consultation.

SELF PUBLISHING PACKAGES start from  $5500 (Ebooks Media packages from $1500) 

(Includes Authors Website, TV Interview, Press Release, 100 full colour delivered to your door and more...)

PUBLISH ME NOW BOOK SELF PUBLISHING PACKAGES - This is perfect for coaches, authors, small business professionals who desire to grow their business and implement new innovative ideas and inspiration. We can help you with business mapping, intuitive ideas, Ebook publishing, authors video, helping you FIND your Voice and Share your gifts with the world. I seek total transformation with you as the business professional and cultivating a business plan that inspires you and is results driven. 

Coaching Sytle; Gentle, gentle, gentle, sneaking up and moving you forward without you realizing what the heck just happened. I use the 5Ps Attraction Process to help guide you forward towards the direction of your highest ideals, dreams and aspirations.

Coaching Delivery; Live, Phone, Skype, BetterLife BOOK Coach Accountable Software 

Strengths; I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Self Publishing, Highly Intuitive, Author and Entrepreneur - I can see your life's purpose and receive intuitive ideas from your higher self - I can see what's blocking you and help you get clear on what you really really want and make it easy and possible. I use energy and intention to help you see the BIG VISION for where you're heading - I believe in YOU - Your success is enevitable!

Motto: Coaching is the Most Powerful Force for Change on Earth! People need our help. You are the Source of Your Abundance, You can Be Do and Have everything your heart desires, You just need a little inspiration guidance and support along the way.

Coaching Philosophy; Its about results, and becoming your ideal self feeling empowered everyday!

Coaching since; 2000 

Experience and Background; Kelly Sayers has been helping people realize their full potential and make powerful changes to both their personal and professional life. Inspired to coach people worldwide such as Professional Women in Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Authors, Coaches, Teachers and People who want to Discover Their Life's Purpose and make their highest contribution to the world with the help of the Angels. her latest book, Discovering Your Life's Purpose is a USA Published Book with Balboa Press/Division of HayHouse. She is founder of BetterLife Bookstore including 5Ps Online Coaching Certification, Self Publishing, Events, Self Discovery Network, Self Discovery Magazine, Self Discovery TV.

We can provide a FREE Consultation to help you gain more clarity.

Phone Kelly's Mobile 0410 328 302 or Email 

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