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Belair Park Country Club

Upper Sturt Road

Belair, SA 5052


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Little Lessons Australia is proud to offer a seminar with Kate Mason.

Kate Mason is an International Key Note Speaker, MBTI, Temperament and Love Language Presenter and Coach, Business Owner, Teacher. Based in Adelaide, Kate has worked as a teacher, a coach and has 30 years in business development including training staff in leadership and relationship skills. Kate is also trained in personality profiling and is highly experienced in the understanding of personality and performance. Kate currently assists school and business workplaces and individuals in discovering the impact that innate personality type plays in their relationships and roles within their work.


'Discover the Personality Chemistry in your Classroom to address learning preferences amongst your students'

Audience: An event for Teachers

Date: Tuesday, 12th September 2017

About this session:

Key learning objectives:

  • Further understanding that everyone has a preferred type of teaching and learning
  • Understand how to distinguish these types and use this to differentiate your teaching to individual learning styles of each type
  • Your preferred style of classroom organisation
  • Ways to differentiate your lesson presentations and assessment to suit the variety of needs of the students within your classroom
  • An understanding of how to address learning preferences among your students

This event offers teachers the opportunity to build:

  • a framework for differentiating the curriculum
  • opportunities for developing strategies that honor differences in the classroom
  • more relaxed classrooms as learners engage with the lessons
  • more productive environments as learners manage their energy and behaviour

Further information about this session:

What is type?

A person’s psychological type is a profile of his or her preferred way of being.

According to the founder of type, Carl Jung, we are born with a predisposition to favor one profile over other potential profiles. When we use our preferences, tasks feel easier and more natural and we are at ease with opportunities to engage in tasks that play to our skills. Using the work of Jung, Isabelle Myers and Katherine Briggs created the Psychological Personality profiling instrument called the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The MBTI is used worldwide and applies to a multiple of areas (families, education, business, workplaces and more).

It is often referred to as the most widely used instrument for normal personality development. Personality type is about energy that is innate. It does not predict behaviour. According to MBTI theory people can change their behaviour but they can’t change the source of energy that comes from their innate type preferences. Behaviour is a choice. The source of energy is not! The preferences are as follows

  • Extraversion/Introversion
  • Sensing/Intuition
  • Thinking/Feeling
  • Judging/Perceiving

The individual’s choices of these preferences create 16 profiles and give individuals a new awareness about themselves and others.

Awareness of Type encourages people to…

  • better understand themselves
  • better understand others
  • manage energy and talents
  • value the talents of others even if they are different

Type awareness in the Educational setting can help teachers in the following ways...

  • Learn the simple but powerful four key dimensions of type based learning
  • Understand that children take in and process information in different ways: and how to use language that has meaning to them
  • Teach tolerance and understanding of people’s personality differences
  • Understand their own teaching style and the impact that it has on students
  • Improve their classroom climate
  • Help team building among teachers
  • Encourage individual responsibility for learning
  • Provide framework for lesson design that accommodates all learning approaches
  • Provide a framework for designing assessment methods that account for differences

Supporting students…

Students need to think and feel that that the classroom is a place that honors their various styles.

Providing for differences means that greater numbers of students will be able to succeed in the classroom environment.

Why do we need to know about it?

There are many models that describe the differences in learning styles of students and teachers look at these in order to discover the best ways to meet the needs of their students. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is one of the most complete. This model identifies normal differences in the ways information is processed and the ways people make decisions, as well as their styles of interacting with the world. Using type concepts with your students will enrich your instructional levels of understanding and facilitate the learning levels of the students you teach.

Kate will show you how type can be constructively used to enhance educational opportunities for students and how understanding your teaching style can help you bring a unique approach to learning for the students in your care.

Reference to: Murphy, E, (2008) ‘The Chemistry of Personality – A guide to Teacher-Student interaction in the classroom’


Bookings are taken online. If you require an invoice for your school for payment, please email admin@littlelessonsaustralia.com.au or Tel. 0438 752 877 to request.

Event Program

8.45 am Registration

8.55 am Formalities commence

9.00 am - 3.00pm Presentation by Kate Mason

* Includes morning tea and lunch


To find Belair Park Country Club using a GPS, we suggest that you enter in a nearby street - Woodlark Grove, Glenalta. The entrance to the Belair Park Country Club is almost opposite to this. A map can be seen at https://belairparkcountryclub.com.au/location/


Please email admin@littlelessonsaustralia.com.au or Tel. 0438 752 877

Please note, minimum numbers are required for this event to proceed. Certificates of attendance will be available for collection at the conclusion of the event.

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Date and Time


Belair Park Country Club

Upper Sturt Road

Belair, SA 5052


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