by Deborah Lupton



Seminar Room 1

Ann Harding Conference Centre (Building 24)

23 University Drive, University of Canberra

Bruce, ACT 2601


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9.45 am: Arrival, tea and coffee available

10 am — 10.10 am: Deborah Lupton, University of Canberra: Welcome and opening address

10.10 am – 12 noon: Session 1

Morag Kobez, Queensland University of Technology: ‘”Restaurant reviews aren’t what they used to be”: digital disruption and the transformation of the role of the food critic’

Markéta Dolejšová, National University of Singapore: ‘Edible Speculation: unpacking the paradoxes of digital food cultures’

Alana Mann, University of Sydney: ‘Are you local? Digital inclusion in participatory food planning’

Ellen Scott, University of South Australia: ‘The symbolic construction of food on social media by Adelaide vegans’

Pia Rowe, University of Canberra and Ellen Grady, Department of Education: ‘Seeing green: The rise of wellness social media influencers in the post-truth era’

Lunch: 12 noon – 1 pm

1 pm – 2.30: Session 2

Rachael Kent, King’s College London: ‘Social media and representations of the “health self”: “I think ooh this will be a good Instagram picture, I spend so much time moving things around on the plate, by the time I get to eat it it’s cold”’

Virginia Braun and Sophie Carruthers, The University of Auckland: ‘Working at self and wellness: a critical analysis of ‘healthy eating’ vlogs’

Emily A Buddle, Heather J Bray and Rachel A Ankeny, University of Adelaide: ‘Meet my meat! How Australian meat consumers and producers are engaging on social media’

Bhavna Middha, RMIT University: ‘Selfoodie: Food selfies and eating practices’

2.30—2.50 pm: Break

2.50—4.00 pm: Session 3

Stephanie Baker, City, University of London and Michael Walsh, University of Canberra: ‘You are what you Instagram: “clean eating” and the symbolic representation of food’

Alice Wong, University of Melbourne: ‘The pursuit of authenticity in the digital age’

Deborah Lupton: Summing up


Deborah Lupton

Centenary Research Professor, News & Media Research Centre, University of Canberrra. Email: deborah.lupton@canberra.edu.au

Digital Food Cultures at Seminar Room 1

Ann Harding Conference Centre (Building 24) 23 University Drive, University of Canberra, Bruce, ACT 2601, Australia