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Don't let crowds or certain people or places get you down. Come and learn more about energies and how to Compassionately Disassociate.

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I love you BUT!!!

This workshop is ideal for anyone who works in close contact with people or feels they have to solve everyone's problems or if you are still attached to events from the past.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, drained and even angry after a visit from a friend, relative or client?

Do you roll your eyes or heavy sigh when you see their call coming through?

Do you get triggered by the past or certain people and places from it?

How often do you hold back your words because you don't want to hurt peoples feelings or it's ethically not correct?

How many times have you tried to help with solutions only to have the same sad conversation next time you meet?

If this sounds like you I hear you and invite you to join me on a 2hr online immersion that will blow your mind and put a new spin on relationships with family, friends, work colleagues, clients, strangers and even thoughts from the past.

This Happy Healing online Workshop Experience will create an inner strength within you that you didn't even know was there.

Kindness is a Strength not a Weakness and letting go of crap that no longer serves you feels amazing.

For whatever reason if you feel drained, exhausted or even moody after seeing someone or thinking about the past Compassionately & Lovingly Detaching & Protecting your energy is the key.

Life is energy and everything around you has it including your past. Triggers emotions or negative feelings promote a range of symptoms from fear, anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Now is the time to detach the energy and heal the space that it leaves.

If you are ready to detach from energies that no longer serve you and protect your energy to create an abundance of love and happiness then join this workshop.

What you will learn:

How to detach compassionately and still provide loving support.

Give guidance that goes beyond the brick wall

Feel, See or Sense different Energies and know whats coming.

Understand your own energies and why they attract the vibrations they do.

Understanding why Cutting Cords doesn't work and learn a technique proven to get results.

Release stress, anxiety and overwhelm when you hear the phone ring or the knock on the door.

When you understand the vibrational fundamentals of certain energies you can protect yourself from them in a powerful yet peaceful way.

Don't let crowds or certain people or places get you down. Come and learn more about energies and how to not let it effect YOU!

About Chrissy Founder of Happy Healing - Australia and author of Crappy vs Happy, Chrissy refers to herself as a Mind - Body - Spirit Coach with keeping it real guidance. Also known as the skeptical psychic, once upon a time Chrissy resisted her innate ability to connect with the spiritual because her mum could ‘see dead people’ and all she wanted was to be ‘normal’. Chrissy has been described as a voice of reason, being down to earth, grounded, inspirational and supportive, with a keeping real style of teaching. Chrissy loves to inspire others and welcomes anyone who wishes to access their own Mind - Body - Spirit connection to join her on the Road Less Travelled and enhance their life becoming their own guide, healer and teacher.

Chrissy uses her own combinations of Psychic Healing, hypnotherapy, NLP & Timeline Therapy to create positive outcomes for all that Dare to Grow, she will walk with you every step of your way empowering you to trust in yourself and the tools you have been given to create alignment and balance of mind body and spirit for all occasions.

'I love what I do and I do what I love and I look forward to sharing my tools and secrets to create a fulfilling life. You don't have to do this on your own, support is here for you. I care about your spiritual health, growth & development as much as your personal growth. Join me and like-minded people walking the road less travelled to a space of peace and comfort. You are in the drivers seat lets do this trip of a lifetime.'

(Want to know more about chrissy visit the happy healing website for her story.)

Believe in yourself

chrissy xo


Virtuous, vivacious and honest are the attributes that were my first impression when I walked into a workshop with Chrissy. She provided a safe and open environment and has assisted in my own self-discovery. Chrissy has a way of making you feel like you are having a cuppa with an old friend but gives real, inspirational and educational strategies on how to deal with our modern busy lives with a spiritual edge. My spiritual growth and ability to look at the world with a more relaxed and positive manner are evident in all areas of my life since starting classes at the Happy Healing meditation centre and attending chrissy's workshops. ~ Lisa S

Chrissy brings calm and clarity to the storm with her insight, spirituality and beautiful, easy-going nature. It feels good to walk in the doors and know you will be greeted with care and enthusiasm. Chrissy is engaging and relates to people from all walks of life. I became a member of Happy Healing as soon as it was an option and am looking forward to returning for more sessions. ~ Krystle R

Thank you, Chrissy, for helping me to open and start the new path towards my healing. Release and reflection … it is in my hands. (Thanks for the nudge, special friend.) ~ Natalie L

Chrissy has given me the tools to live an empowered life, especially when I feel things so deeply. I have got to know Chrissy over the past years from attending workshops and private consults. I feel such a connection to her and love that she is always honest, caring and respectful. If you are looking to change your life – start with Chrissy! ~ Holly B

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